We Made A High Fashion Runway Collection - H3 Podcast #237


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  • Michele Rogers
    Michele Rogers6 timer siden

    The trash bag look has been done by 3/4 of all drag queens. It’s tired.

  • olivia hingley
    olivia hingley10 timer siden

    When she said he looked less bigley 🥺power couple of the podcast world

  • Jess Zorn
    Jess Zorn14 timer siden

    Keto is horrible WTF

  • Eryn Um
    Eryn UmDag siden

    “vet-uh-mehnts” hurt my soul

  • Jessica White
    Jessica White2 dager siden

    I appreciate how open they are about infertility, it’s not talked about very openly but is very common. Based on what they have shared it sounds like they are doing IUI, for anyone wondering

  • Grace Whitene
    Grace Whitene2 dager siden


  • Krispy Kreme
    Krispy Kreme3 dager siden

    A fatberg is actually a huge glomp of grease created by fat containing foods and waste that are flushed down the drain! Please Google to clarify, there are also some great videos about it here on YT. It is way more horrifying than what you’re talking about here. For sewer workers, a baby wipe glomp, pictured in the video, is just referred to as a large blockage.

  • Bassie
    Bassie3 dager siden


  • bobbykatie0123
    bobbykatie01236 dager siden

    That is why I stay away from numbers

  • Moses Embrey
    Moses Embrey8 dager siden

    Rolly wit da color block colors??

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith9 dager siden

    "Shar Pei ass pants" and no one laughed LMAO I laughed, Dan. I laughed.

  • Angela Pantano
    Angela Pantano15 dager siden


  • John Fisher
    John Fisher15 dager siden

    The Gerd, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Nano Nano
    Nano Nano16 dager siden

    Everyone slayed the fashion show. Truly iconic

  • Daniella Thom
    Daniella Thom18 dager siden

    You gain a ton of water weight after drinking and eating. Always weigh before eating or drinking anything that day !!!

  • Phung Ngoc Quynh
    Phung Ngoc Quynh19 dager siden

    The naughty size electronically perform because skate technologically place beneath a abrasive pvc. harmonious, obscene passbook

  • brown
    brown19 dager siden

    Watch haute le mode

  • Konnah Bowen
    Konnah Bowen19 dager siden

    i love how you think $500 jeans are accessible

  • S. Grimes
    S. Grimes21 dag siden

    33:23 bruh i thought my hearing went out

  • Indy RAWR
    Indy RAWR22 dager siden

    Your scale is kind of an a$$hole, literally saying "THINNER" on it.

  • bunterbleili
    bunterbleili23 dager siden

    Holyy shit the fashion runway was crazy good, i am blown away seriously. Ian absolutely crushing it as always and dan working the diamond wtf i cannot believe it. I loveeed it!!!

  • Edward
    Edward26 dager siden


  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama27 dager siden

    The fashion show was pretty sick, not gonna lie

  • I Did An Oopsie
    I Did An Oopsie27 dager siden

    ABs looks like one of those guys from spy kids

  • Samantha Petri
    Samantha Petri28 dager siden

    My husband works at DHL I told him I’m getting all his shirts when he’s done.

  • Paige Davis
    Paige Davis29 dager siden

    I wish I knew where hila got that necklace!

  • A pp
    A ppMåned siden

    I think they picked the campy fashion and they are supposed to look ridiculous

  • Poopy Pants123
    Poopy Pants123Måned siden

    I did a 30 min plank once

  • Tessa Smith
    Tessa SmithMåned siden

    I haven’t watched for long, but hila and Ethan having a baby!!!! Or PLANNING TO.... makes me so happy. Not even gonna lie, so happy for people I don’t even know. Good for the both of them honestly.

  • Lil' WaffleIron

    Lil' WaffleIron

    Måned siden

    Yeah! They have a son already, and they're trying for another one :)

  • Tessa Smith
    Tessa SmithMåned siden

    I love how shredder is the smallest animal too. Like 🥺

  • César Novoa
    César NovoaMåned siden

    I just love the h3 Fashion show! Dan outfit was so funny

  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica MessicaMåned siden

    Don’t weigh yourself, Ethan. They are so triggering and toxic for certain people. Get a pair of jeans that don’t stretch much and periodically try them on to see if they fit looser. It bothers me much less.

  • Aaron Esquivel
    Aaron EsquivelMåned siden

    1:19:10 When a bunch of dudes with $5 worth of trash create looks that legit could be on a high fashion runway 😂👌🏼💯

  • Rachael
    RachaelMåned siden

    dan is so hhot

  • SSstormwalker1
    SSstormwalker1Måned siden

    The mic Ethan used for the scale is better than the one he uses normally

  • OprahsKankles
    OprahsKanklesMåned siden

    The hard hub philosophically trot because network wessely bury apud a racial tomato. crazy, talented chalk

  • Hannah B.
    Hannah B.Måned siden

    Being a week behind on H3 means I have 12 hours of content to catch up on. Better get to it!

  • Lir Vanderhump Umpumpump
    Lir Vanderhump UmpumpumpMåned siden

    I’m sure a lot of people have said this... but, you can’t weigh yourself on carpet.. idk but it kinda looked like carpet to me lol

  • tclbmx
    tclbmxMåned siden

    Man, hila is literally half of ethan weight

  • Tokio Lotus
    Tokio LotusMåned siden

    In the future when you guys do a huge charity stream I vote for people to buy Teddy Fresh Couture, and there are new designs every year

  • Twister
    TwisterMåned siden

    33:22 what was that 😂I thought the mic malfunctioned but it was ethan swearing?

  • Sarah M
    Sarah MMåned siden

    The H3 fashion show killed me omfg, I was dying of laughter. Your guys' costumes were on point omg. Pure perfection. Great episode guys.

  • trash wych of the north
    trash wych of the northMåned siden

    i love the knits

  • Lloyd
    LloydMåned siden

    Why does AB look like a 3D render

  • Lloyd
    LloydMåned siden

    AB looked like something from serious sam

  • Ally M
    Ally MMåned siden

    Does Ethan always do the podcasts in his pajamas with no shoes on?

  • Jdb 27
    Jdb 27Måned siden

    Never weigh yourself after you've eaten it's not your true weight and it's depressing

  • Shredder91
    Shredder91Måned siden

    Please dont ever bleep anything again, that sound was worse than gurd(?) gang

  • B _sss
    B _sssMåned siden

    Hell yeah Queen hila not letting ethan speak over you and just carrying on with your sentence

  • Kendall Traylor
    Kendall TraylorMåned siden


  • OprahsKankles
    OprahsKanklesMåned siden

    The sick wilderness importantly exercise because ink intuitively confess amongst a gleaming visitor. alluring, finicky fly

  • Not Me
    Not MeMåned siden

    Lol Dan thinking electric cars would be lighter....

  • Kendall Traylor
    Kendall TraylorMåned siden

    Forever 21 has a collab with usps and the tags were lil plastic envelopes

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMåned siden


  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMåned siden


  • Munjee
    MunjeeMåned siden

    57:10 It's the real slim shady

  • Logic Leo
    Logic LeoMåned siden

    1:06:33 hila: it looks like among us ethan: a manga, like a character? hila: yea

  • Felix Maqzuen
    Felix MaqzuenMåned siden

    That triangle thing was so beautiful that silhouette actually mesmerized me

  • Evie Blythe
    Evie BlytheMåned siden

    You guys are from the US so I can understand that you didn’t know, but the boomerang is significant to Australia’s First Nation people. Their art and culture has long been subject to knock offs and fakes. Chanel obviously did not research the boomerang’s origin and the fact that this item made it onto the shop floor shows how superficial they are when it comes to their ‘inspirations’. I’d recommend anyone interested to read up on Australia’s dark history.

  • madisoneabbott
    madisoneabbottMåned siden

    Ethan, Everyone is going to weigh less in the morning. 1. When you weigh yourself after you first get up, you aren’t carrying the extra weight of meals/beverages yet. 2. You’ll also weigh more if you haven’t used the bathroom (#2) My weight fluctuates daily up, occasionally up/down 5+ pounds. It’s normal! Don’t be down on yourself.

  • Rebecca Jordan
    Rebecca JordanMåned siden

    I love how happy and excited Hila is about the H3 Runway!

  • Cody Hedges
    Cody HedgesMåned siden

    Wasn't that trash dress literally the joke fashion line in Zoolander?

  • Alice Colomiers
    Alice ColomiersMåned siden

    Teddy Fresh should make a sweater (the same shape as the I have crippling anxiety shirt) but with the heads of Ian’s costume on the sleeves and am shugime pyramid on the front

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMåned siden

    Proud of you guys keep it up!!!

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMåned siden


  • Aleia Ouellet
    Aleia OuelletMåned siden

    hila lowkey is supporting your ed

  • Iris Connolly
    Iris ConnollyMåned siden

    I could see the shunghai appearing on teddy fresh as a boxy poncho and a hat. Call it the galaxy brain poncho

  • Khrystina Bradley
    Khrystina BradleyMåned siden

    Ethan: stands up only wearing a shirt and underwear. Also Ethan: I’m wearing a lot of clothes for this weigh in... 😂

  • Blake1720
    Blake1720Måned siden

    This must have felt like a school project to them.

  • MR F
    MR FMåned siden

    im so mad that he's doing fucking keto

  • Alex Savage
    Alex SavageMåned siden


  • Kayla Lee
    Kayla LeeMåned siden

    Looks like the scale was on carpet. That definitely messes it up and makes it inaccurate.

  • Missy Marie
    Missy MarieMåned siden

    Ethan’s wife acts like she’s dead inside ...

  • Keira R
    Keira RMåned siden

    That was awesome!

  • sophia enriquez
    sophia enriquezMåned siden

    i went keto for a while and i didnt see results until about a week and a half in but once i started i dropped weight faster and faster as the time went in

  • Madalyn Lynd
    Madalyn LyndMåned siden

    I would like to point out that the backwards backpack lady is holding hands with the model.

  • Isaac Cortez
    Isaac CortezMåned siden

    16:45 😂 im hurting over here!

  • AdmiringObserverR
    AdmiringObserverRMåned siden

    I can't with Ethan's slurping

  • Carlie Flowers
    Carlie FlowersMåned siden

    Oh dude I stopped looking at the weight when my OB would weigh me and I was pregnant and I stepped on one the other day at my mom's... Let's just say I'm definitely not 155 anymore... And I hate scales

  • Captain Kaput
    Captain KaputMåned siden

    Just tried the plank for the 1sr time after looking up propper stance. 2min no problem. Im 6,3 and weigh 92kg. Yall are seriously out of shape, i dont work out at all XD Lay off the take-aways!

  • Velvet Aeon
    Velvet AeonMåned siden

    Zoolander ' Dereliqt ' vibes And Oscar wants his hat back... ... he's being a bit of a grouch about it.

  • Alejandra Mata
    Alejandra MataMåned siden

    I listened to this on Spotify I was not expecting the outfits to look like this 😂😂😂

  • ThePuneShlanker
    ThePuneShlankerMåned siden

    I miss reaction videos

  • skip slick
    skip slickMåned siden

    Wait I'd a high fashion brand trying to make a stand for or against capitalism? Isn't every single thing they make a months worth of a fast food employees paychecks?

  • TheKingOfRooks
    TheKingOfRooksMåned siden

    1:34:28 AB!!

  • Nicole Wardin
    Nicole WardinMåned siden

    Ok Dan as the forehead diamond 💎 I lost it 🤣🤣 hand to God his face...omg I almost peed my pants laughing

  • lana grant
    lana grantMåned siden


  • lana grant

    lana grant

    Måned siden


    MONIELOKZMåned siden

    I fuckin love Hila and Ethan together! So fuckin cute

  • andri 1
    andri 1Måned siden

    They actually killed it not to be a fanboy or anything, coming from the heart.

  • Theo Albert
    Theo AlbertMåned siden


  • wlaba272
    wlaba272Måned siden


  • CatTV
    CatTVMåned siden

    Not many talking about the fashion show 😭 Dan: best model Ian: most fashion forward Zach: most wearable AB: nightmare fuel Luv: 👁👄👁

  • Bambi Lambi
    Bambi LambiMåned siden

    Seeing how lit they get to see handmade creations from their friends makes me so excited to see how lit they are over things Theodore brings home or does growing up. 🥰

  • Bambi Lambi

    Bambi Lambi

    Måned siden

    1:25:20 when Theo brings home his first macaroni picture

  • Lord of Melon
    Lord of MelonMåned siden

    the way hila reacts to these artists really makes me view her cloths in a different light. like shes just rich af and wanted to do something cool but really has no idea about anything related to art. disappointed.

  • Baker McBrad
    Baker McBradMåned siden

    Wtf there isnt a single indigenous person of Australia that cares or even knows that channel boomerang exists 😂 does the emoji hummuliate them also🪃

  • Mar mar
    Mar marMåned siden

    i agree w hila, i’ve always thought ethans grey hair was cool

  • Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion
    Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ FashionMåned siden

    3,000 miles is amazing!!!

  • Madeline O
    Madeline OMåned siden

    Don't use an analog scale! I find that they show different numbers from one moment to the next. Find a super-accurate digital scale. also, weigh on a hard surface, not carpet.

  • Double Vision
    Double VisionMåned siden

    The podcast just wouldn't be the same without Dan laughing at the sound bytes in the background

  • Bubbijs
    BubbijsMåned siden

    Hila looks amazing she’s glowing!!!! It’s important to exfoliate and moisturize!