We Got Scammed Out of $500K Buying Pokémon Cards - H3 Podcast #236


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  • Shanna Hill
    Shanna Hill2 dager siden

    I am CRYING! When I saw the Robinhood cards, I literally died. LOL

  • Shanna Hill
    Shanna Hill2 dager siden

    "I love eating. It is the only thing I have in life...."..... sitting next to his wife and the mother of his child. LOL

  • Shanna Hill
    Shanna Hill2 dager siden

    Ethan. The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat. Period. I had weight loss surgery in 2017 because I could not lose weight on my own or keep it off. Honestly, that is the best and easiest way to do it. Start each week with a different deficit. The first week, cut yourself down by 250 calories. The second week, 500. The third, 750 and then just maintain from there. Say you normally eat 3000 calories. Just get down to 2000 over the course of a month and you will see a change. 90% of weight loss comes from the kitchen.

  • Shanna Hill
    Shanna Hill2 dager siden

    Ethan is like a grandma talking to her grand kids about pop culture. "Did you see that Justin Timberland fellow take the brazier off of Janice Jackson at the world series?" LOL.

  • Lucas Camargo
    Lucas Camargo2 dager siden

    Ian is a force that can stopped (nor should he).

  • badfish5447link
    badfish5447link5 dager siden

    man the way Ethan looks at the camera is so funny when he is holding up the Nurtisystem food you can just see the sadness in his eyes. I feel for him though, I hope he finds something that works better for him. I know what it is like not eating enough each day

  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac5 dager siden

    Ethan get ahold of yourself it's easy to be a fat slob it's difficult to be nice and healthy for a reason swear dude just wants healthy weight handed to him

  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac5 dager siden

    I'm glad lindsey clapped back at that little b*tch boy letterman to some extent at least tbh letterman was cowardly in that interview

  • Jay Garcia
    Jay Garcia5 dager siden

    Gay lol

  • kill4awesome
    kill4awesome10 dager siden

    That George bush card is $80 on ebay.

  • Geoff Alpert
    Geoff Alpert10 dager siden

    Pokémon cards with out maxmoefoe

  • Kaylin Phannavong
    Kaylin Phannavong12 dager siden

    Weight doesn’t show during the beginning of weight loss journeys because when the body loses fat it fills fat cells with WATER FIRST so that weight is still holding in your body and in order to rid the WATER weight you have to stay hydrated to make sure your body doesn’t hold it and don’t eat too much salt

  • Linda Vela
    Linda Vela13 dager siden

    We need another content court!

  • Andre Spaz
    Andre Spaz15 dager siden

    Ians hilarious trolling the collectible guru when he tried to scam the dumb money guys, walking around acting like hes on the phone with the seller

  • Noctambulo
    Noctambulo16 dager siden

    I love the podcast... I hate the retarded effects sounds that they are playing in the background... they are so fucking annoying specially the " stooop" sound... I want to slap the person who is producing it to make it realize about how is ruining the podcast.... haha Like if you agree BRohhhh.

  • Matt Perez
    Matt Perez16 dager siden

    What a shame, the way he treated Lindsay Lohan. Literally trying to embarrass her for views.. She tried to hold it together and he comes back with DO YOU HAVE ADDICTION PROBLEMS? Fuck him!!! Wow.. He goes on to harass Janet Jackson even after she specifically says multiple times that she doesn't want to relive it.. DISGUSTING

  • Sophia Garcia
    Sophia Garcia17 dager siden

    1:35:15 the forceful shaking LMAO

  • Francis OfFilth
    Francis OfFilth19 dager siden

    Wtf happened to this channel

  • Lana Freeman
    Lana Freeman19 dager siden

    MTG Black Lotus is around 40k, imagine, 40k for one playing card

  • moe key
    moe key20 dager siden

    if a dudes nip slipped then nobody would’ve even noticed. this is awful

  • Will Wallace
    Will Wallace21 dag siden

    I came here for the Pokemon card opening what is this

  • Alex
    Alex22 dager siden

    That Jack Nicholson/Diane Keaton movie is called “Something’s Gotta Give” (btw)

  • Alex
    Alex22 dager siden

    but I would love to see Zebras in the highlands too⛰ 🦓 🏔

  • Jam5bam
    Jam5bam23 dager siden

    Ethan wife looks pretty today

  • Annalisa Webby
    Annalisa Webby23 dager siden

    As long as your eating in a calories deficit to the calories you're burning you will shift the weight healthy. It is unsafe and counterproductive to eat less than 1,200 calories a day - your body will inevitably store fat because it isn't receiving enough food/nutrients/healthy fats to function. In my opinion the best way to improve your health is to eat healthy and sustaining meals and exercise as much as you're comfortable with. Good luck and stay safe if you're trying to improve your health ✌🏼

  • Rezic
    Rezic23 dager siden

    Quick edit: I'm a few more episodes in and just wanted to say that if you've found a diet that seems to work, great! Stick with it and just bear in mind that at some point you're going to have to transition to maintaining your weight. The reason I always recommend calorie counting is because it's very simple to follow, doesn't require a sudden and extreme change in diet, and the transition towards maintenance is made easier because you already have some knowledge about he food you're eating beyond it being low carb, lean meat etc. Keep it up! I'm lagging behind on the podcast episodes, but I wanted to chime in on the whole 1000 calorie a day diet thing either way. And I just want to preface this saying I'm speaking from experience.. so there's that. With peace and love, losing weight when you already have an unhealthy relationship with food is a matter of lifestyle change. If you want to see long term results you need to adjust the way you think about food, there's just no other way. Going on a diet is a temporary solution, and you are likely to gain it back once you're off the diet because your mindset is purely set on the weight loss, not making a change for the better. I'm not saying keeping the weight off after a diet is impossible, but in the end it's not a good strategy if you're in the situation Ethan seems to be in, and I used to be in. Counting calories can be time consuming, especially in the beginning, but it pays off. Here's what I suggest: 1. Download a calorie tracker, MyFitnessPal is a great option. 2. Eat as you normally would for a week, but count every single calorie you put in your mouth. Use a kitchen scale, don't just estimate the weight because chances are your estimates will be way off. Use the nutritional information on the packaging whenever possible. 3. Google TDEE Calculator and find your maintenance calories, this is how many calories you need to eat per day to maintain your current weight. Any less and you start losing weight, any more and you gain weight. To lose 1 pound a week, cut 500-1000 calories from that estimate. I suggested MyFitnessPal earlier because it also lets you input your weight and how much you want to lose per week. It'll then figure out the calorie deficit for you. 4. After a week, review the past week of meals and figure out what you can do to cut calories. There's a decision to be made here, do you want to eat healthier or do you just want to be skinnier? Take that into consideration when you decide what your options for cutting calories are, if all you want to do is to lose those pounds, then see if you can get away with cutting portion sizes or get rid of some late night snacks. If you also want to eat healthier, start replacing meals with healthier alternatives, still taking calories into account. 5. Keep counting and weigh yourself once a week before you eat breakfast to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed. This approach is a step towards a more healthy relationship with food. By monitoring what you put in your mouth you become more aware of exactly what you eat. You now have to take a second to weigh every single meal, which will help you make better decisions because you get to stop and think. "Should I really be eating this right now?" "Am I really hungry?" Eventually you'll get to the point where you can reasonably tell how many calories your meals are going to contain, especially if you have a somewhat regular set of meals that you like to eat. When that happens you can start relying less on the kitchen scale and the calorie tracker, but it's important to make sure you're still losing weight by weighing yourself once a week. If you start gaining, go back to counting. When you eventually transition from the "loosing weight" to the "maintaining weight" stage it can also be helpful to bring the scale back for a while. Also, don't overdo the calorie deficit, no one should live on 1000 calories a day. Try to at least stay above 1500 a day. I hope this can help someone, good luck! The hardest step is taking the decision to make a change in the first place.

  • Maura Davis-Wall
    Maura Davis-Wall23 dager siden

    Not gonna lie. At the beginning of the Pokemon card opening meme I thought it was a bit cringe, but it turned out to be fucking hilarious. Peace and love team

  • Gemma_dancer
    Gemma_dancer23 dager siden

    why does it say streamed yesterday but this was posted a month ago?

  • louie ramirez
    louie ramirez25 dager siden

    Dan had crazy energy this podcast

  • Soraz, Master of Doom
    Soraz, Master of Doom26 dager siden

    This will probably never reach Ethan's ears, but here's my take after years of struggling with weight and eating, and trying many approaches. 1. Look to either The Nordic Diet (explained in the book The Nordic Way) or Mediterranean Diet as a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet. 2. Eat at a 20% calorie deficit from your Base Metabolic Rate. 3. Strength train to build lean muscle mass and aid in body recomposition as you lose weight. I recommend Stronglifts 5x5 to get started. Do that for a year or until you are at less than 15% body fat and your weight has stabilized. That's it. Go to Overeater's Anonymous if you are struggling with food addiction.

  • ifax 21
    ifax 2126 dager siden

    I feel bad for Ian. His face when Ethan opens those boxes of fakes is just genuine. I get it, that's a lot of money to get scammed out of I'd be pretty pissed too, it just made me feel bad for him. It sucks that there's people who will do this to you not giving a damn as long as they "got the bag".

  • Bill Bond
    Bill Bond27 dager siden

    Janet Jackson’s Titty Sculpted the very future itself. It’ll take both of them to destroy it.

  • dirtychaiwithoatmilk
    dirtychaiwithoatmilk27 dager siden

    coming back here to say ethan needs to go on an anabolic diet its life changing

  • Trippy Dolphin
    Trippy Dolphin27 dager siden

    I think I figured out why Ethan is so concerned about his weight.... she's sitting by his side.

  • Coby
    Coby27 dager siden

    1:26:19 has to seriously be one of the best moments on the internet. The small gasp, Dan’s screaming, mlg horn, it’s perfect.

  • Mikkel O
    Mikkel O27 dager siden

    The muffin part was the most beautiful segway to the addiction talk with Janet Jackson. Couldnt be more clear.

  • Subjective Inteligence
    Subjective Inteligence28 dager siden

    Congrats to Hila on the being the new face of Head and Shoulders!!

  • Jackson Ueland
    Jackson Ueland28 dager siden

    The commander in chief reaction killed me 😂

  • Gerardo Contreras
    Gerardo Contreras28 dager siden

    This episode is a classic. I think it's the 4th time I've watched it. F'n hilarious

  • MegzToyReviewz
    MegzToyReviewz28 dager siden

    As soon as I saw the box I died inside for you guys, Omg I'm so sorry

  • lioness
    lioness29 dager siden

    i actually really respect how openly he talks about his relationship/struggles with food. def something i can identify with, although i dont have a weight issue, i still have body issues. also i love how hila responds.. she's so supportive. when he said he feels like all he has is food, she didn't seem that bothered by it (obv idk but thats how it seems) and she suggests therapy ethan-everyone should go to therapy. there are lots of diff types of therapy. no real harm in at least trying it.

  • ANGIE Rockbandlastname
    ANGIE Rockbandlastname29 dager siden

    Ah what’s the matter , you can’t handle the truth? Stop putting bounties on the head of white woman just cause your mad that your grandpa was turned into a lampshade.

  • Nibsti
    NibstiMåned siden


  • Ben Everitt
    Ben EverittMåned siden

    It's a shame this channel is dying

  • sawa R

    sawa R

    8 dager siden

    U think so??

  • Destiny Cervantes
    Destiny CervantesMåned siden

    From the sound of it with peace and love trisha should have told hila shes fat phobic instead of ethan hes scared of being and staying fat because hila said it makes her sad seeing jack fat and what happens to people who eat fast food.

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike HonchoMåned siden

    Funny bit with the cards, but those are actually worth quite a bit lmao, which is still hilarious as well

  • TheGuy960
    TheGuy960Måned siden

    This makes me mad I can’t stand this guys annoying voice and demeanor and yes obviously It’s jealousy on my part but I don’t like him. Just came here to say this cuz they decided to disrespect Pokémon cards fans I won’t stand for this injustice from someone so annoying

  • Xander Llewellin
    Xander LlewellinMåned siden

    omg, all this keto talk :( Ethan don't listen, the only way to sustainably lose weight is to eat a calorie deficit! track what you eat every day... then drop your average calories. use the maintenance calorie calculator so you know how many cals you should eat to maintain weight then start dropping it by 50 every so often when you feel comfortable. literally, eat less. but not too less as you can then cause yourself to binge

  • Marije van Maaren
    Marije van MaarenMåned siden

    The “hold on let’s see if we got any foils” has me wheezing😂

  • acvieluf
    acvielufMåned siden

    Norm Macdonald summed up Letterman the best. On Dave's show, the guest WAS the joke, male or female. They may have been there for a promo, but his questioning was always to make the guest the joke. The only exceptions were people he had respect for, and those that were good enough to play along. (Norm Macdonald was excellent at this)

  • Some Random Dude
    Some Random DudeMåned siden

    Love Hila and Ethan. So dope

  • The God Emperor of Mankind
    The God Emperor of MankindMåned siden

    Ethan, actually try KETO, it works, I lost 20kg doing it and weirdest shit I felt pretty energized while on it. Stopped later cause work and had no time to prepare food but eating normally for over a year later I've remained stationary. EDIT: HE did, let's see how long that lasts

  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica MessicaMåned siden

    Hila looks so sexy today 💋 Ethan, too!

  • SzanTo1234
    SzanTo1234Måned siden

    Hila is starting to look at You with pity, how long you're gonna pretend that You dont see it and lie to yourself?:D Think about it that way: Would You get a boner looking at a chick that is as fat as You? Im one of your subscribers , so its not a hate.

  • George Giannoulis
    George GiannoulisMåned siden

    wanna lose weight and keep it off? excercise daily. There is no other way. Bodybuilders eat like pigs yet here they are. We all know the answer, you just have to take action.. Dont listen to those hippies saying they love running. The permanent way to kepe the weight off is gaining muscle, so lift weights only at home or gym. Just lift weights, u do not have to run at all. And if a new hippie sais something about cardio, u can do cardio with weights as well.... edit: But hey, who am i kidding, he aint gonna see my message among 8000 others. Typical life, the truth is always hidden.

  • SzanTo1234
    SzanTo1234Måned siden

    Ethan , get yourself in fucking grip, you became such a pussy lately.

  • Tiffany R
    Tiffany RMåned siden

    is anyone else just over talk show hosts? covid has shown they aren't funny without audience laughter anyway. every time i see one on my recommended feed, i think "okay maybe i'll give them another shot" and they're always cringey and give me the weirdest vibes.

  • The Brockwell Broadcast Network
    The Brockwell Broadcast NetworkMåned siden

    I've made a decision. Anytime you make a thumbnail with your mouths open, I won't watch the episode. You shouldn't have to rely on tricks.

  • OWL
    OWLMåned siden

    How could you like Letterman. The guy is a total POS and when he's not acting like a total creep towards his female guests then he's berating them. And he acts like a bully by getting the support of his audience to pressure the guests.

  • FallenGrey
    FallenGreyMåned siden

    Lol Ethan has never ever even mentioned Pokemon now he jumps in the bandwagon. This podcast just seems like recycled drama reaction videos so sad to see a guy who used to do fun reaction videos to u sub cultures in YT to this boring empty drama reaction channel. This is coming from a guy who doesn't even have an audience.

  • Megan Griffis

    Megan Griffis

    Måned siden


  • Aj Anderson
    Aj AndersonMåned siden

    Hila still serving up looks ✨

  • BigBoss3254
    BigBoss3254Måned siden

    I didn't think Dan popped off so fucking hard over calling getting George Sr. I laughed so fucking hard

  • Kaden
    KadenMåned siden

    he couldve bought 2 lambo urus's and still have 70-80k left over but he decided to waste them on "pokemon" cards

  • TruthHoplee
    TruthHopleeMåned siden

    If we are going to look back and judge how the interviewers treated these people who were being presented as adults with adult life styles and life issues. All of it is inappropriate but you can not really blame the interviewers that was what society taught them was acceptable and they knew that society wanted to hear about these things and loved for the "tea" how the fuck sick isnsocoety that they enjoy watching the worlds youth kill themselves with drug sex humiliation people Young enough to the viewers child in a lot of cases. We need to get rid of Child and teen entertainers and actors. Suicide runs rampant amongst Men who were in the business early due to all the abuse and drugs they were exposed to no one talks about that. In a better world a person shouldn't be able to be in the business till they are 25 and even then they'll be vulnerable, immature, prone to drug abuse making them vulnerable to abuse from others and the other side of coin of fame where it creates empowers abusers/predators and they use their fame and money to get underage partners, use their power over others, influence others.

  • Ryan Renteria
    Ryan RenteriaMåned siden

    DUDE i had those desert storm cards as a kid in the 90's

  • G R
    G RMåned siden

    Basically he tried to pull her shirt off and expose her bra... but went wrong

  • brontide AM
    brontide AMMåned siden


  • TheSparrowsJourney
    TheSparrowsJourneyMåned siden

    No disrespect to Zac but he’s giving the worst possible advice regarding weight loss. I’m not an expert either so I won’t try to preach, but please look up Jordan Syatt, he’s a known fitness adviser and he explains the fundamentals of weight loss and how less of a struggle it can become if you do a few adjustments.

  • Olivia Walters
    Olivia WaltersMåned siden

    looking for a pokemon x TF collab on trading cards

  • Hell_Pike
    Hell_PikeMåned siden

    The whole Brittany thing is so weird and bizarre. She is basically a slave... and I have a conspiracy theory that she actually doesn't even know she has money, is not allowed a cell phone or access to internet. Brainwashed and controlled daily by a team of doctors lawyers and actors

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason VoorheesMåned siden

    I shit you not I just looked through my dads card collection and found all of the desert storm set

  • Zaqariah Lowell
    Zaqariah LowellMåned siden

    Dude has some lush hair

  • Tova Daitchman
    Tova DaitchmanMåned siden

    Another crazy letterman one was Paris Hilton.

  • Aracy Ile
    Aracy IleMåned siden

    Limited H3 cards collectables?

  • Stagtite
    StagtiteMåned siden

    This episode was really hard to get through... So drawn out

  • AaronMichael
    AaronMichaelMåned siden

    I heard idubz is making a Ethan Klein content cop

  • Gideon Avery
    Gideon AveryMåned siden

    They’re confusing their movies, as good as it gets is not a rom com

  • J Ram
    J RamMåned siden

    It's so much better to see her here vs ms piggy

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMåned siden


  • Katelynn Sperling
    Katelynn SperlingMåned siden

    that talk show host needs a content court

  • Ali J
    Ali JMåned siden

    Hila is such a nasty fatshamer. Let ethan eat and dont do that. Its so disgusting. Hes happy eating and you she depresses him by putting him on bs diets which when they dont work he gets depressed.

  • Mediocritrex
    MediocritrexMåned siden

    When zach drop the godfather sound bite i lost my shit dan was like here we go again

  • Raina Holmes
    Raina HolmesMåned siden

    Some stores are limiting the Pokémon happy meals

  • canudiggg
    canudigggMåned siden

    I think regarding the Janet and Justin dance, they were only supposed to rip off the black part and leaving the red bra showing.

  • Patrik Marcan
    Patrik MarcanMåned siden

    Ian: "I think that's Pikatchu" got me deadddddddd hahahahha 1:16:36

  • Tonto
    TontoMåned siden

    Im upset this is click bait. Scammed out half a mil my arse😞

  • Tonto


    Måned siden

    @Rich Mattson still tho

  • Rich Mattson

    Rich Mattson

    Måned siden

    It's a reference to a Logan Paul video.

    LAURA SANTOSMåned siden

    is it just me or does young marlon brando look like jacob elordi

  • Bill Morrison
    Bill MorrisonMåned siden

    Can Ethan and hila sign all those trading cards and sell them for merch Thumbs up if you agree

  • traindodge_
    traindodge_Måned siden

    Damn Hila, Jack Nicholson is 80 years old and lived an awesome life as a brilliant actor... let him have a fucking burger.

  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica BrownMåned siden

    Ethan I totally feel you when you say that the only joy you find is in good. I totally feel that way too. I’m doing keto right now and have before also. I can totally help you with meal plan.

  • Fergus Nelson
    Fergus NelsonMåned siden

    bitch hilas the one with the eating disorder. ethen just loves food. that's normal

  • Jak Kidd
    Jak KiddMåned siden

    Exactly what u deserve lol

  • hot pink
    hot pinkMåned siden

    nutrisystem's food plan comprises the us school system's' meals lol

  • 박성진
    박성진Måned siden

    i hope youre okay ethan.

  • Tessa Knapp
    Tessa KnappMåned siden


  • Rich Mattson

    Rich Mattson

    Måned siden

    @Tessa Knapp you're welcome.

  • Tessa Knapp

    Tessa Knapp

    Måned siden

    @Rich Mattson thank you i was thinking that but i kept seeing both in the comments so i had to ask

  • Rich Mattson

    Rich Mattson

    Måned siden

    @Tessa Knapp it's a bit.

  • Tessa Knapp

    Tessa Knapp

    Måned siden

    @Tom Glenn down with pokepimp i guess!

  • Tessa Knapp

    Tessa Knapp

    Måned siden

    @Tom Glenn hell yeah man!

  • Mech0p
    Mech0pMåned siden

    WTF yall have more than enough money to hire a nutritionist and a trainer. Like zac said though i cut out carbs and sugar and my weight went from 220 to 170

  • KenSura
    KenSuraMåned siden

    Man, I wish I could just be a temporary live-in trainer and cook to set him on the right path to drop weight and get healthier.

  • ria lawrd
    ria lawrdMåned siden

    "You come into my house and you call me fat" That part had me DYINGG

  • Amanda Walsh
    Amanda WalshMåned siden

    Bruh wtf. Letterman fkn suuuuuucks, whadddaaa douche !!!!!

  • Holly Roxy
    Holly RoxyMåned siden

    The Britney documentary was trash. It didn’t even talk about Lou Taylor, who is the main problem along with her father. Also it spent way too much time on Timberlake who has nothing to do with the conservatorship, that shit happened a long time ago, Britney doesn’t give af about him anymore. She cares about finally being free from all these blood sucking parasites leeching off of her.