Trisha & Ethan Do Oddly Satisfying Trends - Frenemies # 30


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  • jecayla deskin
    jecayla deskin10 minutter siden

    Me being in love with Danielle Bregoli since I was a minor too. Me being 18 before her. Me excited she turned 18 so I can start being in love with her again.

  • elle clark
    elle clark20 minutter siden

    Hey. I'm liking this show a lot, but Trisha is being anti semetic. It's disturbing to see her do that when she is marrying a Jewish person. She's normalizing sawing Jew, she didn't like Kyle Mooney because he's Jewish. That means she is actively seeking out that information about people and then disliking them for it. If she thinks it's cute it's not. I'm not "offended", I disturbed about the repercussions if this doesn't stop.

  • Kathryn Goy
    Kathryn Goy27 minutter siden

    "I hope we have more to offer the world then eating and being fat" hahahahaha same

  • Alejandra Miranda
    Alejandra Miranda33 minutter siden

    Candle sticks hole 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Eliot L Nguyen
    Eliot L Nguyen38 minutter siden

    Man...some episodes Trisha's passive-aggressiveness and her ego is ANNOYING as fudge. You can tell Ethan's just trying to babysit the emotions every single time Trisha takes a small jab at Ethan lol. She kinda gaslights him sometimes too when she asks him a question, he answers honestly, and then she makes fun of what?

  • dora explorer
    dora explorer42 minutter siden

    Trisha! Check out show and tell by Melanie Martinez! Feel like you’d relate ❤️

  • Junie Cardo
    Junie CardoTime siden

    Anyone else feel like Trisha was being a huge BITCH on this episode? Ethan is right, he definitely is a better friend to her then she is to him. It’s sad, tighten up Trish da Bish

  • Sophia Gutierrez
    Sophia GutierrezTime siden

    ethan: “everybody relax, relax, everybody zen...zen” 5 seconds later.. ad: “take a second and close your eyes and calm the mind” (calm app add)

  • Scarlett Lozano
    Scarlett LozanoTime siden

    I wish both Hila and Trisha get pregnant at the same time that’d be so cool

  • Faiza A
    Faiza ATime siden

    Trisha used to defend Shane so hard and can’t even keep half the same energy for Ethan. Idk that doesn’t feel right.

  • Ashley
    AshleyTime siden

    Someone please give me the time stamp of when they talk about fat rami malek, I’ve been slowly skipping through the podcast and can’t find it anywhere

  • c'est la vie

    c'est la vie

    Time siden


  • abcd efg
    abcd efg2 timer siden

    im not hundred percent sure but i think the billionaire was peter thiel

  • Alexandra Benson
    Alexandra Benson2 timer siden

    Instead of shishters/trishters. 10/10, you’re welcome. (Yes, I edited for spelling)

  • Netasha Wells
    Netasha Wells2 timer siden

    OMG ETHAN STOP INTERRUPTING. For like the last hour of the podcast Trisha couldn’t even get a word out. I was getting so frustrated! With peace and love Let her speak, you’re the one always going off the rails. 🙁

  • lana gaga
    lana gaga2 timer siden

    if yall gonna do satisfying video please dan zoom. zoom to the stuff.

  • annabelle fowler
    annabelle fowler2 timer siden

    Trisha literally says she watches Pewdiepie and says he hasn't said he hasn't said anything about James Charles when Pewdiepie has made several comments on it lol okay Trisha

  • Clem Guerra
    Clem Guerra2 timer siden

    Trisha: “you may have an eating disorder” Ethan: “I doooooMhhhhm” me

  • MrJennmad10
    MrJennmad102 timer siden

    Trisha vibe is off...feels like she is baiting him a few time and he caught it and avoided it (the comment about the lunch able and infertility)

  • Kerrie- Mac Lyttle
    Kerrie- Mac Lyttle2 timer siden

    Ethan was slightly scared when she reacted and hit him with the slim .. LMFAOOO he’s like wait you have a knife beside you . Let’s stop this right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • shauna estes
    shauna estes2 timer siden

    can someone translate trisha’s “korean” 😭

  • Sarah Luk

    Sarah Luk

    54 minutter siden

    she was just saying numbers HAHHA

  • Dyani Touchstone
    Dyani Touchstone2 timer siden

    ethan cutting the mirror off was kinda satisfying

  • domdom
    domdom2 timer siden

    omg wait id actually buy a frenemies anti anxiety notebook

  • PianoPhantom
    PianoPhantom2 timer siden

    I am not Japanese but I do live in Japan and yes I am watching 'x' (but telling people to stop eating fish is a stretch in Japan given that it's an island and it's one of the main sources of food). I think rather than not eating seafood, then people should just be more humane with how they conduct fishing to start with. Half the issues of eating and not eating something is in the methodology by which it was derived ):

  • Suzy Dominguez
    Suzy Dominguez2 timer siden

    Ethan’s an army???! omggg 💜💜💜

  • zamzam


    Time siden

    He was joking 😕

  • MrJennmad10
    MrJennmad103 timer siden

    "On the brown side of the table" ummmmmi thought it was black the whole time?

  • Xanick
    Xanick3 timer siden

    Trisha couldn’t even take care of a puppy, yet thinks she could handle a kid. she had the dog for like a week and got rid of it. That should tell you something.

  • Spencer Martin
    Spencer Martin3 timer siden

    Is anybody else finding them eating the cake like they did, anything but satisfying. It as gross af to be honest 🤷🏻‍♀️. Trisha isn't that bad, but Ethan is on a whole other level of gross 🤢

  • Venice Castrolli
    Venice Castrolli3 timer siden

    love how trisha is like “if u know u know ;)” and ethan is like “TELLLLLL MEEEEEEEE” it’s like kindergarteners i love these two

  • MrJennmad10
    MrJennmad103 timer siden

    Trish come on the wiki feet was funny and true. Everyone who watched the sip and saw Ryland confused on his rating knew what it was low. FOOT SOLDIERS

  • NeccoWecco
    NeccoWecco4 timer siden

    Trish: Isn't that ableist? 5 mins later Trish: You're like an idiot savant

  • Celine ASMR
    Celine ASMR4 timer siden

    This was the best episode ever lol

  • Ana Aviles
    Ana Aviles4 timer siden

    21:10 🤣

  • LaZzy Fox
    LaZzy Fox4 timer siden

    Y'all should hit up Jesse Lee FG to make the animations for your ads

  • dog dog
    dog dog4 timer siden

    the cake turd was so rancid

  • Amrita Nair
    Amrita Nair4 timer siden

    Ask trisha to react to Jake paul assault allegations

  • Yvettee2413
    Yvettee24134 timer siden

    Wish Trisha would be as good of a friend as Ethan is to her.

  • Celicia Kinlow
    Celicia Kinlow4 timer siden

    I love the anxiety notebook

  • Celicia Kinlow
    Celicia Kinlow4 timer siden

    Every now and then Trisha sounds like Lola from Big Mouth, and its so satisfying for some reason

  • Sydney Palenik
    Sydney Palenik4 timer siden

    Trish is so supportive with food and i love her for it

  • Magnificent MakeupDesigns
    Magnificent MakeupDesigns4 timer siden

    It’s so ugly when she tried to shame parenting skills to a Ethan and Hila . Sounds like Shane to me subtle shaming .

  • Lauren Cuellar-Mayoral
    Lauren Cuellar-Mayoral4 timer siden

    Trish’s drink....oh maaaaaannn

  • intrntgrl
    intrntgrl4 timer siden

    -let me hit this 🎂

  • Emanuel Salas
    Emanuel Salas4 timer siden

    I eat when watching fremenies!! Love it and trisha should be ride or die for Ethan!! I am glad she brought up Bhad Bhabie.

  • Lyric Murray
    Lyric Murray4 timer siden

    Omg he has a dog name Alfredo and I have a cat name Fredo I love it

  • Oscar Valladares
    Oscar Valladares4 timer siden

    When she said she knew korean why did I know she was gonna count to ten in korean

  • Kaitlin McComb
    Kaitlin McComb4 timer siden

    As a person with too many issues I would love to see Trish make an anxiety book.

  • vienna may
    vienna may5 timer siden

    i pray this never ends

  • Austin
    Austin5 timer siden

    The curtains and the table line up so well

  • Jesse E
    Jesse E5 timer siden

    Everybody ZEN

  • Lady Thumper
    Lady Thumper5 timer siden

    Much love to you both and your family's ❤💜❤💜❤💜❤

  • Aquatic Dragon
    Aquatic Dragon5 timer siden

    Would buy the notebook. Would buy.

  • juniper bloom
    juniper bloom5 timer siden

    my favorite episode

  • Bobby Irick
    Bobby Irick5 timer siden

    Shot At , Held Hostage Assaulted , But candle stick was only thing traumatic that happen to you.

  • Bobby Irick
    Bobby Irick5 timer siden

    You say you took David Dorbrik behaviours seriously now your laughing when behaviours mainstreamed Trisha not Manic . pm's , be feeling self and being cocky.

  • Gianna Boccuzzi
    Gianna Boccuzzi5 timer siden

    i love this duo. they laugh so much it makes me happy

  • star draws
    star draws5 timer siden

    Love the ep u guys but yall should smoke a joint on the next podcast or something like that

    BBG VENUS5 timer siden

    Watching from my bed, eating m&ms and wanting pizza, this podcast gives meh life

  • Cassidy Sage
    Cassidy Sage6 timer siden

    Really random but I have those exact same pink and black cups and the only two knives I own are those exact green and purple knives, just thought that was a strange coincidence! Love the show :)

  • Mad Madi
    Mad Madi6 timer siden

    I didn’t really like this episode. I’ve been trying to watch it for days. The vibes are off between these two today :/

  • Jimena Hernandez
    Jimena Hernandez6 timer siden

    pls when ethan hit trish in the head 😭😭 I CANT

  • Jade Prince
    Jade Prince6 timer siden

    this is probably the only reason i'm still alive. i love them so much

  • Mollie Kilcoyne
    Mollie Kilcoyne6 timer siden

    I feel like Ethan was in a bad mood this episode

  • Penguinsal 1
    Penguinsal 16 timer siden

    Queen queen

  • abcdew05
    abcdew056 timer siden

    Trisha sure seems bitter in this ep

  • Brandy Harbin
    Brandy Harbin6 timer siden

    Trisha talking about the anti anxiety notebooks is so sweet I’d 100% buy one if they actually made one

  • Kenny Gorehound
    Kenny Gorehound6 timer siden

    Bts stan because I like when NTC 135 or whatever when guys sing to me lol adopted and my ipod is full of singing girls for some reason. I regret posting this comment.

  • Clayton Phillips
    Clayton Phillips6 timer siden

    “Once people started identifying Jews it wasn’t good.” Deceased. I am passed away.

  • Wen1515
    Wen15156 timer siden

    “These are my rails!” -Trisha and Every Working Woman Ever Through the History of Time

  • Bobby Irick
    Bobby Irick6 timer siden

    Why are you being so mean. Triggering about impulsive. Tourette's you know he's explained his kind. Fertility issue insensitive this is podcast with two not just Trisha.

  • Bobby Irick
    Bobby Irick6 timer siden

    As traumatized victim triggers me you keep saying David even thou he was enabler DOM committed the R. Also that you don't keep reminding people that you were tht night and did nothing and did a vlog that night like you didnt know it was sit up for 3 way even saying girls were your Fans.

  • Blake Lenae
    Blake Lenae6 timer siden

    I’m a ride or die girl, love you trish🥰

  • vienna may
    vienna may6 timer siden

    frenemies x dr drew anti anxiety notebook!

  • Eastern Hill Bliss
    Eastern Hill Bliss6 timer siden

    I’ve never seen Trish look more maternal than when she was holding this dog :)

  • Bobby Irick
    Bobby Irick6 timer siden

    Shot at, Held Hostage ,. school assaults , but candle stick was the only traumatic thing that happen to you. Chris D Elia you say knew predator but you ask to go on his podcast said you was one his babies that you had changed He unblocked 2019.

  • massi
    massi6 timer siden

    damn she hates dwight schrute

  • Codaze
    Codaze7 timer siden

    "mmm daddy"s: 1:39:04 1:42:35 help me update the list

  • Dakota Tingz
    Dakota Tingz7 timer siden

    Did anyone feel dead inside after the sound of the knife on the paper LOL

  • Bobby Irick
    Bobby Irick7 timer siden

    She has been pregnant before Michael Anthony Hall why she always says never has been.Said in video had been.Hipocrital that say that 18 when had only fans last with 23 year old

  • WannaBeLoved14
    WannaBeLoved147 timer siden

    Poor Trisha gets bombarded when she’s out in public. All I would wanna do is say hi. 🥲

  • Honey Love
    Honey Love7 timer siden

    I have bpd. My identity changes. I totally get it trish..

  • piercethevictard
    piercethevictard7 timer siden

    Moises is the mexican name of moses

  • Spencer Martin
    Spencer Martin8 timer siden

    I used to think Ethan was funny, but I'm starting to feel like he just tries way too hard and that makes him cringe, not funny. Like him he thinking he was so funny about adding too much of everything in... I just found it dumb and annoying honestly. Quit trying so hard to be funny Ethan, it's backfiring.

  • Robyn Holliday
    Robyn Holliday8 timer siden

    Murder dogs lmao

  • the pink one so terrify
    the pink one so terrify8 timer siden

    1:42:46 AWWWWW

  • Kaylee Oneida
    Kaylee Oneida8 timer siden

    now its time to do eating asmr

  • englishrain
    englishrain8 timer siden

    Ethan and Trisha smashing the cake and then eating it was all kinds of amazing.

  • Shannon Rene
    Shannon Rene8 timer siden


  • michelle valentin
    michelle valentin8 timer siden

    The tart environment classically decorate because buzzard probably unlock mid a secret bit. confused, malicious coin

  • spark ಠ_ಠ
    spark ಠ_ಠ8 timer siden

    Hey, Owen is listening to the views podcast right now. Thanks for your time!

  • ziel rodriguez
    ziel rodriguez8 timer siden


  • Clem Guerra
    Clem Guerra9 timer siden

    Please do not take a bath of floral foam Ethan it’s made with formaldehyde

  • Brandi's Life
    Brandi's Life9 timer siden

    I watch the whole thing

  • trishajp
    trishajp9 timer siden

    trisha is so bae.

  • Micheal JOHNSON
    Micheal JOHNSON9 timer siden

    I swear Trish had a intrusive thought when she picked up that knife..... I felt that. Trigger.

  • hambs
    hambs9 timer siden

    i laughed so hard at this episode i watched the whole thing twice i can't even lie

  • Mon
    Mon9 timer siden

    trisha is still making situation stressfull and makes Ethan walk on eggshells. She is sucha judgemental hypocrite who plays a card of being PC and woke. stay away from this kind of people. One thing said wrong and she will snap and try to destroy you :/

  • Skyna Mina
    Skyna Mina9 timer siden

    Trisha speaks too fast for my boyfriend to follow xD it's funny! you guys are the best

  • Kayla Streeter
    Kayla Streeter9 timer siden

    Trish how do i email you i would be an amazing PA lmk @kayystreeter on all socials

  • englishrain
    englishrain9 timer siden

    Pewdiepie unfollowed James on Instagram after he posted the apology video. Pewds also shaded James with Ken in one of their videos.

  • Kathryn Lamb
    Kathryn Lamb10 timer siden

    trish was rly argumentative 2day