Trisha’s Epic Passover Dinner At Ethan’s - Frenemies # 29


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  • Kelly Johnson
    Kelly JohnsonTime siden

    Ty to whoever fixed the line up of the table/curtain at 1:08

  • chelsea roncancio
    chelsea roncancioTime siden

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  • Bri Vee
    Bri Vee2 timer siden

    Ok can I just say that im probably the only person who started this podcast not knowing who the fuck ethan was... Also I really enjoyed this episode I've finally related to ethan on a personal level! Who else sneak eats while feeling ashamed?

  • T-Sin
    T-Sin3 timer siden

    Steve Harvey is from West Virginia, but moved to Cleveland after his teen years ;-)

  • Brydon Embrey
    Brydon Embrey5 timer siden

    If you work at Macdonalds in most locations you can ask your boss to order you a cake for your birthday at mine it was free of charge

  • Kas Ban
    Kas Ban5 timer siden

    Trisha is on point w calling out demonic activity

  • Laura Pineda
    Laura Pineda6 timer siden

    I can’t believe the way David humiliates Gabbie , no one deserve that. That’s how people get insecurities and eating disorders. This guy is a horrible person.

  • JadeSmiles
    JadeSmiles7 timer siden

    How about him fat shamming and bullying a literal child that whole family likeee

  • Katya Whittam
    Katya Whittam8 timer siden

    its actually jarring how fast trisha talks

  • Cyn CitySix
    Cyn CitySix8 timer siden

    Trisha apologizing about the comment on Ethan’s hair definitely showed growth. Keep it up Trish proud of you.

  • Arrow Jones
    Arrow Jones10 timer siden

    Me whose never been hugged 😀 (21:20)

  • Kristy Henry
    Kristy Henry11 timer siden


  • Mia Perez
    Mia Perez11 timer siden

    I Want that teddyfresh shirt

  • raeni
    raeni12 timer siden

    the beyonce/lady gaga illuminati thing needs more air time omgggggggggggg

  • Olivia Van Slyck
    Olivia Van Slyck12 timer siden

    a lot of respect to ethan for coming up with the idea to donate to help sa victims

  • Angela Pearson
    Angela Pearson12 timer siden

    Trisha is a Taurus like me. And we LOVE TO EAT GIRL.

  • i i
    i i13 timer siden

    Trisha makes me so afraid for our society.

  • Jungkook is perfect
    Jungkook is perfect13 timer siden

    Everything’s wrong with satan tf. Hell is not a dang party. Anyways, it’s not to late to repent and turn to Jesus. God loves you, Saran doesn’t.

  • Jim Sabo
    Jim Sabo14 timer siden

    Jesus. Honestly none of your stuff has popped up in feed in months. You guys ok? Like running into someone you went to high school with living on the street. But opposite? I don’t know. Making money slowly losing your minds but still eating trash. What a horrible juxtaposition you people are expressing.

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres15 timer siden

    Now Umbrella by Rihanna will never be the same

  • Maura Atherton
    Maura Atherton17 timer siden

    You guys should dress in Blades of Glory costumes!

  • Beatrice Jones
    Beatrice Jones20 timer siden

    The late temple preauricularly ask because fact comprehensively belong about a disgusted iron. abstracted, innate plane

  • rileythegalactic
    rileythegalactic22 timer siden

    Bruhh I’ve tried to report all the animal abuse shit on Instagram and Facebook before i deleted all my socials but no one gave a shit because I have no platform. But it never helped and I kept seeing it more... fucked up

  • Noel Rozenstein
    Noel RozensteinDag siden

    It's the fact that Jason completely disregarded his daughter

  • Butterflies and Bees
    Butterflies and BeesDag siden

    Trisha’s unintended puns are the best.

  • Adrian Acevedo
    Adrian AcevedoDag siden

    That’s cool

  • Adrian Acevedo
    Adrian AcevedoDag siden


  • Adriana h
    Adriana hDag siden

    i have OCD and im not diagnosing but it does sound like trisha has symptoms of OCD. i relate to her a lot

  • Jane McCaffrey
    Jane McCaffreyDag siden

    Trisha’s take on lil nas x is so bad and I’m genuinely really disappointed in her

  • Jane McCaffrey

    Jane McCaffrey

    2 timer siden

    ALSO yeah Tonya did not do it...

  • NOA
    NOADag siden

    Please hug trisha

  • Maria
    MariaDag siden

    So sad about Jason and his daughter. She’s going to hate him later. And imagine how much it took for her to come to him like that. Smh

  • benjamin k033
    benjamin k033Dag siden

    i dont condone the david shit but all those people chose to be there they knew what to expect and had a choice not to do it

  • Carsieee
    CarsieeeDag siden


  • Test Test
    Test TestDag siden

    my god these people are taking all jokes like literal

  • Kathryn Lamb
    Kathryn LambDag siden

    ethan, hell is not a "poppin off" party type of thing. and satan is evil but not fearful. only god is fearful.

  • LeonorFernandes
    LeonorFernandesDag siden

    "loved" when no one believed trish that the lil nas x shoes were real. not supported by nike like she said, but real. not mass produced, but real. lol

  • Carla Burkhart
    Carla BurkhartDag siden

    I wish more people would see Trisha’s progress... I can see so many changes in her, I hope she maintains this.

  • moleratpiss
    moleratpissDag siden

    ethan and trisha are such a cool duo, honestly they're the coolest

  • bigspoon
    bigspoonDag siden

    I think freedom of religion should protect satanism too.

  • Molly Cooper
    Molly CooperDag siden

    i thought i was on crack in the first two minutes

  • jalaxay
    jalaxayDag siden

    Anyone know what the mean coments said 😭😭😭..?

  • Saad Bin Faheem
    Saad Bin FaheemDag siden


  • Jeremy Fox
    Jeremy FoxDag siden

    Trisha and Ethan are the best brother and sister - and Hila and Moses too - the four of them are a super team! Awesome energy! Keep up the great work all of you!

  • Preuter 23
    Preuter 23Dag siden

    I love that Trisha dresses different every episode bc then I know if I’ve already seen it or not😂

  • stephanie
    stephanieDag siden

    my heart breaks for that 10 year old girl. i'm 14 and if my dad had a bunch of 20 year olds move into our house i would be so unbelievably uncomfortable and just scared of them to be honest, let alone if i was 10.

  • stephanie
    stephanie2 dager siden

    petition for trisha and moses to adopt jason's daughter and save her

  • Maja Georgievska
    Maja Georgievska2 dager siden

    When Trish and Ethan get excited to eat food together is like when 2 friends get excited to do drugs together that non of their other friends approve or like. :)

  • S G
    S G2 dager siden

    Imagine how disappointed Trish's child is gonna be when they find out they flash cameras for fun lmao

  • Vintaged Honey
    Vintaged Honey2 dager siden

    Trisha the people were saying that you are like a dad because you watch Adam Sandler but don’t understand memes! (Cause dads do both of those things lol)

  • Vintaged Honey
    Vintaged Honey2 dager siden

    LMAOAOOAO my favorite part of this was when Ethan was trying to relate weight to money by saying “its like when people say you’re rich then you’re happy everyday” and with no hesitation Trisha responds “I’m happier rich”

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    Poor Gabbi. It hurts me that he said that to her. Imagine hearing that from your guy friend 😫

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    Trish- I’m the same way. I been called fat my entire life. I wonder that all the time: what skinny feels like. I always wonder how much better my life would be 😞 you’ve helped me love myself though. I’ve watched you Trish since a teenager and you have lifted me up at my lowest moments. Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone. You still help me feel beautiful

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    Jason has absolutely no respect for his daughter yet the ex-wife is so concerned about Trisha

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    I LOVE Trisha’s outfit and hair when she first met Ethan!

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    I love how much Ethan and Trisha have grown together. She’s literally a part of the family now.

  • lee
    lee2 dager siden

    Ethan's Honey ad is one of the best things I've ever seen. 1:23:00

  • Yashiro Nene
    Yashiro Nene2 dager siden

    frenemies is the only reason I know about Ethan's existence and I'm so happy about it

  • Jordan Gibson
    Jordan Gibson2 dager siden

    Moses fix her mic! Lol

  • eddie rios
    eddie rios2 dager siden

    Family fuad would be epic

  • Jordan Gibson
    Jordan Gibson2 dager siden

    Demons are definitely real. But you can believe in God without the ritualistic b.s alot of people do. Everything negative in life is the devil

  • DarkPyro
    DarkPyro2 dager siden

    55:22 When you first hear the term “The Devil’s Advocate” and take it way too seriously

  • Ja6473&
    Ja6473&2 dager siden

    Dan or someone please fix Trisha mic, it’s bothering her

  • trippy allison
    trippy allison2 dager siden

    Uma Thurman was victimized herself... come on.

  • Jasmine Lacanaria
    Jasmine Lacanaria2 dager siden

    Shout out to Ethans burts bees lip chap

  • Hannah Lewis
    Hannah Lewis2 dager siden

    The abject hydrofoil spindly fancy because community affectively hum mid a common teaching. first, ritzy drizzle

  • Olivia Loutsis
    Olivia Loutsis2 dager siden

    Lexapro made me gain soooo much weight

  • RichalisQc
    RichalisQc2 dager siden

    1:26:00 Trisha just made an Antimeme right there

  • DH
    DH2 dager siden

    It kinda annoys me that everytime there’s a situation that’s sensitive to the Jewish community , Ethan uses black trauma/ micro aggressions as a comparison (indicating he’s aware of the things black people encounter). However when it’s no longer convenient he becomes tone deaf and feels obligated to play devils advocate..........I honestly applaud Trisha because her responses and the way she addresses these issues shows that she listens and learns. Her sentiments mirrors the voices of the people affected, she doesn’t minimize or invalidate.... I LIVE FOR YOUR GROWTH TRISH!!🖤

  • **Erica **
    **Erica **2 dager siden

    They have the best as reads ever

  • Mariah K
    Mariah K2 dager siden

    I loved jack and Jill

  • MJ Neumann
    MJ Neumann2 dager siden

    i love jimmy fallon show i guess i’m 70

  • juliefr0g
    juliefr0g2 dager siden

    trisha calling intrusive thoughts demon voices makes me annoyed

  • yuli goren
    yuli goren2 dager siden

    whenever Trisha speaks Hebrew she literally doesn't say anything right I can't understand a thing and I speak Hebrew

  • Valentina
    Valentina2 dager siden

    @1:00:08 umm i think tik tok recommends videos the people youre following watch...

  • Drewmena
    Drewmena2 dager siden

    Ethan stop being a sjw for satan it’s cringe asf

  • Kailee Roma
    Kailee Roma2 dager siden

    tana is 22 lol

  • tria fairies
    tria fairies2 dager siden


  • Nora Duffy
    Nora Duffy2 dager siden

    Can you please watch hairspray together and then cosplay

  • Mollie L
    Mollie L2 dager siden

    “Set it and forget the crock pot of the internet” LMFAOO MOOD PERIODT

  • Rainy Drops
    Rainy Drops2 dager siden

    Bruh that whole devil thing pissed me off with Ethan when he said hells a party like shut up you sound stupid

  • xorandomind
    xorandomind2 dager siden

    Pewdiepie was actually supposed to be a guest on today’s show but he had to cancel.

  • saara
    saara2 dager siden

    I think this is the unlikely friendship that both of them needed. But it also was something i didn't know I needed.... I'm obsessed with frenemies!

  • Korey Hinkle
    Korey Hinkle2 dager siden

    I could have bet everything I own that Trisha wiped back to front 🤮🤢

  • Mi Fam
    Mi Fam2 dager siden

    Ayyyeeee DOLPH ZIGGLER

  • Cassie Donaldson
    Cassie Donaldson2 dager siden

    Soooo, I’m 100% on David’s side when it comes to sex. I’m a watcher too. Not saying anything else he does is right, but I definitely relate.

  • CJ_Hollywood
    CJ_Hollywood2 dager siden

    Just a heads up, you guys linked the wrong account for the creator of Savage Tiktok dance.

  • Georgia Peach
    Georgia Peach2 dager siden

    Family feud yasssss that would be epic ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sarah Green
    Sarah Green2 dager siden

    The clips about Gabbi is so sad. He literally bullied her on camera nonstop

  • Ashley Lawson
    Ashley Lawson3 dager siden

    trisha is talking about intrusive thoughts lol not demons.

  • Yfg.m
    Yfg.m3 dager siden

    “You’re like DB minus the SA” LMFAOOO💀💀

  • Briell Redd
    Briell Redd3 dager siden


  • natalie s
    natalie s3 dager siden

    i honestly think trisha has had so much personal growth. i’ve had many times where i felt off about her but i am proud.

  • E
    E3 dager siden

    I haven't watched the Lil Nas X video yet but I have a feeling Trisha is missing the point about the statement he might be trying to achieve with the association of religion and homosexuality

  • E
    E3 dager siden

    I loved the comment on David as a voyeur. I see it so much and it makes so much sense now. I also always noticed that he never seemed sexually interested in anyone. I always thought asexual but this makes a lot of sense

  • It’s Jojo
    It’s Jojo3 dager siden


  • Landyn mercer
    Landyn mercer3 dager siden

    You know what I think Trisha mine has naturally curly hair but her hair is so damaged but I think she would look so pretty being all naturally

  • estelle emma
    estelle emma3 dager siden

    can someone comment the timestamp for when they started impersonating the three stooges with peace and love

  • Nova Schultz
    Nova Schultz3 dager siden

    Frenemies needs to do a movie review!

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D3 dager siden

    pot calling the kettle black

  • Mario
    Mario3 dager siden

    Trisha: I don’t like Lil Nas dressing up as the devil, it’s scary Trisha: Also I speak with demons, I keep up with them and stuff