Tom Cruise Calls In - H3 After Dark #27


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  • noartblock noartblock
    noartblock noartblockDag siden

    Im sure that pastor will be in one of the episodes of the boondocks😅😂💯

  • sixty syxti
    sixty syxtiDag siden

    I like Zach’s hair

  • Kaitlin Pepin
    Kaitlin Pepin2 dager siden

    That drink was raw milk 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Bonnie Buckner
    Bonnie Buckner2 dager siden


  • s
    s2 dager siden

    hila looks so pretty in the ep

  • Dest
    Dest3 dager siden

    I kinda understand what Zach was saying. It's like when people say "no offence" before saying something very offensive. I can see how that would wear someone out

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez4 dager siden

    Ethan treated the nft guest poorly

  • KinG
    KinG4 dager siden

    With peace and love, i had sone ramen today

  • Stagtite
    Stagtite5 dager siden

    These shitty "call-in" bits are the worst

  • Lilianna Ryne
    Lilianna Ryne6 dager siden

    With peace and love, I simp for Zach. 🥲

  • Cian Parker
    Cian Parker7 dager siden

    with peace and love = modern day 'no offence but..."

  • First Name: Katy
    First Name: Katy7 dager siden

    Hila looks like Jonathan Brandis with a wig on😱

  • y yg
    y yg7 dager siden

    Hila's style be adorbz AF

  • y yg
    y yg7 dager siden

    I haven't seen the show in a while and Hila is thrivingggg she seems very confident and happy. So happy for yallz

  • BruhSoup
    BruhSoup8 dager siden

    Jay Z did a song for the intro??

  • Alyssa Mossa
    Alyssa Mossa8 dager siden

    Ooooh so did ethan know about the insider article before it came out? would make sense why he completely brushed off Doms first video which many other people were praising

  • Miranda Vaughan
    Miranda Vaughan9 dager siden

    Love you guys !!💜💜💜

  • Anikka C. Ojala
    Anikka C. Ojala9 dager siden

    Ok but how does he think men can produce that much fluid to bottle it and sell it as milk or add it to things. Also it tastes awful like the most bitter taste. Milk from the "mammary glands" is sweet ir neutral tasting.

  • Michelle Gallardo
    Michelle Gallardo9 dager siden

    With peace and love, fuck Zach

  • DreamySteezy
    DreamySteezy10 dager siden

    With peace and love I dont agree with Zach.

  • A Bathroom
    A Bathroom10 dager siden

    thank you for ringing up nFTs thats all i need to hear , but did you know that abbreviation is the exact formula for a certain number of impulses or momenta...?

  • A Bathroom

    A Bathroom

    10 dager siden

    with peace and love of course

  • Johnny P
    Johnny P10 dager siden

    70 are you gona do w it??

  • Manny Cortez
    Manny Cortez10 dager siden

    With peace and love, don't get rid of peace and love.

  • aleese green
    aleese green10 dager siden

    i do the peace and love thing now lmfao

  • Allyson Hengst
    Allyson Hengst10 dager siden

    your wife is absolutely gorgeous

  • sprout
    sprout11 dager siden

    u guys look like u enjoy water sports

  • Tammy Natal
    Tammy Natal11 dager siden

    With peace and love I'll do what I want

  • Nephilim
    Nephilim11 dager siden

    Please stop overusing sound effects it takes away from the show.

  • rosie r
    rosie r12 dager siden

    3:10 did y’all peep this “blacked” joke? lol I chuckled

  • cdtbiohazard
    cdtbiohazard12 dager siden

    California Tom Cruise gives off mad DrDisrespect vibes.

  • Chance Powers
    Chance Powers12 dager siden

    I had to subject myself to the aquaphile community (which is basically the wet clothes and underwater breath holding) and they are insane. Literally have a video with about 80k views just for them. Also had to bow down to the WAM community, did a video with my first college roommate with pies in the face, and we used a combo of mini pies and whip cream plates. I hated it. I hate it all.

  • Chance Powers

    Chance Powers

    12 dager siden

    And now I just have an onlyfans for feet lol

  • Chance Powers

    Chance Powers

    12 dager siden

    They're all still up on my channel too 😂

  • オルソンフィリップ
    オルソンフィリップ12 dager siden

    I hate you guys with peace and love

    HANAH SHAW12 dager siden

    with peace and love we need more toner in the hair

  • Gina B
    Gina B13 dager siden

    can i please speak on this subject i always thought if you were drunk it was always only your fault

  • MsBlueWatermelon
    MsBlueWatermelon13 dager siden

    Now when you search “Ethan’s net worth” it’s PAPA JOHN.. papa bless!

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher15 dager siden

    The Gerd, the Bad, and the Ugly

    DYFEA16 dager siden

    With peace and love, yall need some toner bad

  • m p
    m p16 dager siden

    Here for Tom cruise

  • Pham Ba Loc
    Pham Ba Loc16 dager siden

    The laughable jumbo importantly close because radish transmurally wriggle amid a thinkable shoe. grubby gruesome, oval children

  • Patorikku
    Patorikku16 dager siden

    Ethan is a boomer now. Confirmed 😂

  • Sofia Ruiz
    Sofia Ruiz17 dager siden


  • Bobbii
    Bobbii17 dager siden

    The tell is the tooth. The real Tom C has one of his front teeth perfectly centered

  • Munjee


    15 dager siden

    Tooth specifically, everyone has there teeth centered he has a single tooth in middle of his face

  • Bobbii
    Bobbii17 dager siden

    People are over here thirsting over AB and I over here thirsting over Zac

  • Hyphiereactions
    Hyphiereactions18 dager siden

    I love Ian so much so funny

  • memebean


    17 dager siden


  • Sarymar Perez Carrero
    Sarymar Perez Carrero18 dager siden

    Lol when people get salty

  • memebean


    17 dager siden


  • Hellohello
    Hellohello18 dager siden

    Peace and love is my favorite part

  • memebean


    17 dager siden


  • tinyscrams
    tinyscrams18 dager siden

    someone create the ethan & hila wiki pages plz

  • Beth Boyle
    Beth Boyle18 dager siden

    Ughh stop interupting your guests! We can't hear them

  • Nora Muldowney
    Nora Muldowney18 dager siden

    Pure love friendship and harmony between you too 💜💙💚💛🧡❤💯

  • Jordan Lawson
    Jordan Lawson19 dager siden

    The earthy parsnip univariably heal because east analytically support since a tender tense firewall. possible, new pocket

  • Jasper Law
    Jasper Law19 dager siden

    ethan *please* can you stop calling NFTs coins 😭😭

  • Beth Boyle
    Beth Boyle19 dager siden

    I hate how the sound cuts out during the video calls

  • Igor Vuk
    Igor Vuk19 dager siden


  • Blastoyse Bulk
    Blastoyse Bulk19 dager siden

    With peace and love Zach, we will continue to use peace and love"

  • Mike Mathews
    Mike Mathews19 dager siden

    The soundbites have gotten out of control.

  • Bailey Brooke
    Bailey Brooke20 dager siden

    hahahahahah the bottle in the suit soaking is a spray tan applicator! 5 years of competitive cheer has taught me something 🤣🤣

  • George Washington
    George Washington20 dager siden

    Bitcoin is supposed to replace the banking system, imagine how much energy is used by banks, renting offices, millions of daily commutes, powering offices, ATMs, transporting cash, etc.

  • Jennifer Mommy
    Jennifer Mommy20 dager siden

    With peace and love Zach 💘

  • Roxxi C
    Roxxi C20 dager siden

    Would like to know what the hell is wrong with the people that watch that dumb girl beat up the fighting prop. Now if that was a real person it wouldn't be that easy for her. Her tictok is a JOKE!.

  • Janordan U
    Janordan U20 dager siden

    The NFTs are gonna be big for years to come. And it will be because they are going to be flipping them. People waste money on digital bullcrap all the time.

  • Wrandi Davis
    Wrandi Davis20 dager siden

    Please tag the impersonators you have on the podcast in the description!

  • Aisla walker-Hylton
    Aisla walker-Hylton20 dager siden

    I love “with peace and love”

  • Matthew Gower
    Matthew Gower20 dager siden

    There are rich motherfuckers out there throwing away 70 million with the click of a button

  • Julian Dorow
    Julian Dorow20 dager siden

    Since you seem to be interested in beeples work: There's a video of him explaining what NFT is on the Corridor Crew Channel

  • WritingWithINC
    WritingWithINC20 dager siden

    The guy said it was whole milk in a container lol

  • Branchy
    Branchy21 dag siden

    Bro is she an alt girl now💀

  • Brandon Mudd
    Brandon Mudd21 dag siden

    With peace and love you all need to tone your hair.

  • Squaid Ink Arts
    Squaid Ink Arts21 dag siden

    I have been taking a break from watching this channel for a year... but I got to know, what has happened to their hair? is this a gimmick or the future of H3?

  • Roslyn Kackman

    Roslyn Kackman

    20 dager siden

    Hila has been dying her hair recently and Ethan died his hair for frenemies with Trisha for a costume bit. AB and Zach died their hair in solidarity with Ethan.

  • Nic Connor
    Nic Connor21 dag siden

    I miss leafy

  • Panthersprung
    Panthersprung21 dag siden


  • Magic Plants
    Magic Plants21 dag siden

    a brick is where you miss completely, if you hit the rim that would be a near miss

  • Matthew Gower
    Matthew Gower21 dag siden

    High key Idk who dom is but when AB said he was looking at his pants I thought this “mf gay”. Now either I’m right or everyone already knows he’s gay

  • Matthew Gower
    Matthew Gower21 dag siden

    I know Hila is probably ten years older than me but she cute as hell

  • Tiffany you know
    Tiffany you know21 dag siden

    Hey guys we need some women’s plus size in all Teddy Fresh clothing, and lots and lots and lots more care bear stuff!!! PLEASE!!

  • Tiffany you know

    Tiffany you know

    15 dager siden

    Well I’m a fatty and would love to rock her stuff! It’s AMAZING!!

  • Sarcofaygo


    15 dager siden

    Hila hates plus sizes and also hates restocking so good luck

  • Benton
    Benton21 dag siden

    People buying art for $70mil is a symptom of a broken society.

  • Debbie Jares
    Debbie Jares21 dag siden

    Sorry for the tough week guys. Hila I can’t see you in an all black office. I love all the new Teddy Fresh products. Not a Tom Cruise fan at all mostly because of him being in Scientology cult and he’s darn near the top right there with David Miscaviage.

  • Stephanie Green
    Stephanie Green21 dag siden

    “Peace & love” is the modern equivalent of “no offense” and gives me the exact same middle-school-insult feels. Also it’s just being overused. ...with peace & love you can see hila is secretly begging for toning. If Hila can be gorgeous and funny, why can’t Ethan?

  • Jose Falcon
    Jose Falcon21 dag siden

    Ethan. Your wife i8s gonna leave you.

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson21 dag siden

    with peace and love zach should simmer down

  • Dianna Abdala
    Dianna Abdala22 dager siden

    What designer brand are Hila’s glasses please? I love them.

  • uchiha bomber
    uchiha bomber22 dager siden

    An all impersonator podcast sounds so genius and would be amazing

  • Twister
    Twister22 dager siden

    2:11:02 Hila silently telling dan to 'wake up' killed me 💀 joeee biden, nine eleven

  • Vyvyan Cole
    Vyvyan Cole22 dager siden

    That zombies dude is on fucking salvia 😂😂

  • Nofear DayZ
    Nofear DayZ22 dager siden

    That wet suit fetish is unsettling afffff

  • P B
    P B22 dager siden

    Eating raw meat is perfectly normal here, we often eat raw pork for breakfast in germany. Food standards are so much higher here, and the meat has such strict guidelines to follow it is not a problem

  • Le Potato
    Le Potato22 dager siden

    With peace and love I love Zach and I love his hair.

  • Gaurav Amatya
    Gaurav Amatya22 dager siden

    Nobody thought of commenting the timestamp? Real smooth guys.

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones22 dager siden

    What the hell happened to H3H3? Where's the vape guy gone :(?

  • oink oink
    oink oink22 dager siden

    1:13:01 YIKES

  • xoJmeLynnxo
    xoJmeLynnxo23 dager siden

    With peace and loved, I completely disagree with Zach on the peace and love.....✌🏻☮️❤️

  • Ano Ni Muse?
    Ano Ni Muse?23 dager siden

    With peace and love, tone your hair guys

  • Monica R
    Monica R23 dager siden

    Ethans hair legit does not look funny, it looks kinda good

  • Monica R
    Monica R23 dager siden

    I like Zachs hair w chaos and rancor

  • I27T I84
    I27T I8423 dager siden

    with peace and love

  • Mobfe O
    Mobfe O23 dager siden

    2:42:20 LMAO out of context that is some James Charles shit

  • kelz a
    kelz a23 dager siden

    2:06:31 📮

  • Katrina Elizabeth
    Katrina Elizabeth23 dager siden

    I always love Dan’s laugh in the background

  • Alex Suarez
    Alex Suarez23 dager siden

    I could live 5 life times with 60 mill

  • Brittany Agard
    Brittany Agard23 dager siden

    I coulda done without the wet suit porn lol

  • Sarah Aranha
    Sarah Aranha23 dager siden

    Can someone please tell me if that was really Tom Cruise... I still don't know...

  • superfluous saxicole

    superfluous saxicole

    23 dager siden

    No, professional impersonator