The Vlog Squad Responds - H3 After Dark #26


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  • Jessica White
    Jessica WhiteDag siden

    Rewatching old H3s and just have to say Dan is right, JLO uses other peoples voices on her songs

  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac2 dager siden

    Hearing ethan talk about food is low-key disgusting get a hold of yourself ,dude complains like a child at the first sight of resistance

  • Ugly Trash
    Ugly Trash2 dager siden

    To Dan’s point, Marshmello doesnt actually even show up to some of his concerts, he just had someone else put on the mask

  • badfish5447link
    badfish5447link2 dager siden

    Doesn’t Ethan need consent to make fun of the guy for peeing in his basement? It is kind of bullying making fun of a bad marriage

  • lastlegs
    lastlegs2 dager siden

    yeah its disheartening that these douchelords attach themselves to BLM given how much they exploit people they say they are helping .. they make people do such humiliating stuff and throw money at problems

  • caitlyn coolahan
    caitlyn coolahan3 dager siden

    at the beginning of scottys video, he says they don't respond to "lies", isn't this him responding to said "lies"?

  • Emma Henry
    Emma Henry3 dager siden

    ethan is the ally SA survivors never knew they needed thank you for listening to and supporting their voices

  • Ginger May
    Ginger May5 dager siden

    Scotty really said - “source: trust me bro”

  • LauraLye
    LauraLye5 dager siden

    Serious question. No shade. What is happening with Ethan's wrist?

  • nepherdwen
    nepherdwen8 dager siden

    I love H3 but Ethan just goes in on something stars blabbing nonesense (lottery odds...) and the you have Hila and the other trying to subtly say “dude, you don’t get it and are overreacting” he does that sometimes, not down for that cause it kinda dicredits him, i dunno, i rubs me wrong

  • Slytherin Girl
    Slytherin Girl10 dager siden

    omg hila, ur hair is fucking awesome - it suits you so well ur such a VIBE

  • ArabellaDoll
    ArabellaDoll11 dager siden

    What people don't understand is when they make a claim, it is on them to provide the proof, no one else. So with his statements denying everything, it's on him to provide the proof of that, not whoever maybe come across his bs video.

  • Dan Nichole
    Dan Nichole12 dager siden

    Hila has the most beautiful features oh my god. Her cheekbones, eyes, jawline? Save some for the rest of us

  • Cat T
    Cat T13 dager siden

    I like how they say " his friends " not his other friends or our friends ... Just shows they were never really his friend

  • BoomPerson
    BoomPerson13 dager siden

    It seems like something bad happened to a bad person

  • Jayne
    Jayne14 dager siden

    I’m a SA survivor and scottys video is SO triggering

  • bella xox
    bella xox14 dager siden

    he asked to be pranked for the 3rd time so he wanted it.

  • Dianne Shwab
    Dianne Shwab15 dager siden

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  • Alemankiara
    Alemankiara16 dager siden

    what I don't understand is how the millions of people who saw these videos a few years ago, are NOW saying how wrong all of this is.

  • G G
    G G16 dager siden

    It’s like Scotty is on trial to defend David’s character on the stand lmao

  • Buttercupditto
    Buttercupditto16 dager siden

    I think it's time to stop with the "scotty" and go by "Scott".... You're a grown ass man.

  • Isabella Brown
    Isabella Brown16 dager siden

    Why is Scott involved when its nothing to do with him? They definitely look to David as a cult leader

  • Biz Griff
    Biz Griff17 dager siden

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  • shame on you
    shame on you17 dager siden

    Dan is right tbh lmao. I don't think it's super common anymore but I know j.lo had other ppl singing most of her songs and idk how she got away with it. There r probably others too who we just didn't figure out yet bc their ghost singers didn't end up famous loool. Also even without explicit ghost singers a lot of vocalists will use other's vocals in their songs as "patches" to make them sound better without crediting them and again ppl never figure it out bc those ppl don't also gain fame so nobody finds out.

  • Freya Blight
    Freya Blight17 dager siden

    Multi pass

  • Hali Burke
    Hali Burke17 dager siden

    Did we all just completely forget that Jake Paul also did this “kissing prank”where he had multiple friends and his DAD kiss a young girl? Let’s stop the sexual pranks please..... it’s really F***ed up.

  • Bâbak
    Bâbak17 dager siden

    The vlog squad guys are a classic case of people who’ve gotten away with everything their entire lives, coasting along and becoming stupid and mediocre, appealing to mass audience of people looking for shallow entertainment, then they are way way out of their depth when dealing with any kind of accountability... because they’ve never had to take any. They are incredibly stupid ...all of them.. the only person dumber than Scottie is Jeff. It’s stunning to watch how their shallow stupidity / bubble of arrogance undeserved privilege and unearned status in a media eco system that rewards shallow doofuses collides against reality they can’t gaslight and obfuscate their way out of it and it’s incredible to watch

  • Braden Shaw
    Braden Shaw17 dager siden

    Ya I'm sure yall blaming Seth would totally be cool with that happening to them yeah? Yall would be cool thinking youre kissing a girl you probably like, then having some 40 year old fucking man start slipping you tongue? Nasty, Jason needs therapy or something.

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo17 dager siden

    been a fan of ethan for a while now but just like they’re talking down on scotty for getting involved with something he shouldn’t, they literally do this for a living. this has literally nothing to do with them and they’re filming hours on talking about it. annoying.

  • Aly Smith
    Aly Smith18 dager siden

    Ethan with peace and love, please let me tone that gold/yellow out of your hair.

  • Heather
    Heather18 dager siden

    Scotty lost all respect...

  • Lemon Pulp
    Lemon Pulp18 dager siden

    Incredibly eerie how the starting music to Scotty’s video that Ethan had to quickly mute has the lyrics ‘some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be used by you’ ...

  • Bunny Gunner101
    Bunny Gunner10118 dager siden

    All these “lies” are video recorded and posted to the internet 😂 like what the fuck we literally have the facts

  • Ashley Luevano
    Ashley Luevano19 dager siden

    hila is literally stunning 😌

    ashPTERODACTYL19 dager siden

    Hila giving perspective on abuse victims with such a level head is everything the world needs.

  • river Peasley
    river Peasley19 dager siden

    Source: Trust me bro

  • PsychoticPichu
    PsychoticPichu20 dager siden

    Abusers come across as "nice" because they have charisma. Without charisma they won't get away with what they do. It's obvious David has really good charisma, add that charisma to his influence and he holds WAY too much power over the people in his "friend" group. The joke in their group is often that they're only putting up with him for fame but honestly I'm sure some of them are either brainwashed or scared (or are also assholes like David)

  • CayMACC
    CayMACC20 dager siden

    this is insane I see the whole vlog squad COMPLETELY differently, the way yall responded to these situations is disgusting

  • Jeff Taylor
    Jeff Taylor20 dager siden

    I’m just wondering, does the grimy, chubby guy with the weird facial movements, and body movements have Tourette’s or something? I’m just wondering if he was having uncontrollable body ticks ( not his fault obviously), or was he trying to take a homosexual shot , by making the limp wrist movement? Does anyone know that?

  • Jeff Taylor

    Jeff Taylor

    20 dager siden

    @ooo it's the wizard okay, thanks for the information. I still don’t like him. He’s pretty much the epitome of someone who nobody likes in any level of school, and so now he can sit in front of a computer and snipe at people who are actually living a life.

  • ooo it's the wizard

    ooo it's the wizard

    20 dager siden

    Yeah he has tourette's

  • Lily Miller
    Lily Miller20 dager siden

    It’s like if a girl consented to having relations with someone else then when all is done the lights are turned on and it’s a different person. You’re telling me you wouldn’t feel violated in any way?

  • Pixel Bitbit
    Pixel Bitbit20 dager siden

    I knew!! Haha the deaf guy!!

  • Trinity O
    Trinity O21 dag siden

    i like this video and the explanations but omg the guy that talks is so slow it’s irritating

  • James Cabebe
    James Cabebe21 dag siden

    He is only invested 5k nothing crazy scotty has his own money and his own business he doesn't need david he's just a loyal friend standing up for each other

  • Tim Mac
    Tim Mac22 dager siden

    Why do they look like meth heads now... pffft this podcast is corny as

  • Lucky Penny
    Lucky Penny22 dager siden

    another thing i see a lot on tiktok is 'the one thing you thought you would never have to explain to an adult"

  • And Yes
    And Yes22 dager siden

    The countdown is stupid

  • Mobeek
    Mobeek22 dager siden

    I swear I fucking hate Ethan... how the fuck did he became "that.

  • Sydney Sayers
    Sydney Sayers22 dager siden

    Every time there’s a brief pause, I expect to hear “with peace and love”.

  • Vidal Martinez
    Vidal Martinez22 dager siden

    In the movie called Ma the bullies pull the same type of prank on her .. which is fucked up

  • Dixie Normus
    Dixie Normus23 dager siden


  • Emily Lowry
    Emily Lowry23 dager siden

    Also did they want you to fact check in the middle of a livestream?

  • Josh Majana
    Josh Majana23 dager siden

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  • Jadyn mcadams
    Jadyn mcadams23 dager siden

    why do they fail to realize anything other than YES is not consent. being silent isn't consent, saying "how can i consent to something that idk what you're gonna do to me" isn't consent. it's more complex than just a yes or no. come on vlog squad we learned this in 5th grade.

  • laur
    laur23 dager siden

    hmmm? funny how this 'hi' video is now deleted? what happened to defending your innocent friends scotty?

  • OprahsKankles
    OprahsKankles23 dager siden

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  • Kohai
    Kohai24 dager siden

    I will never get tired of them dragging David Nodick through the mud. The fact that he’s still evading this without a care is disturbing.

  • node head
    node head24 dager siden

    scooty should face legal recuperation for the lies he spread and for the protection he provided to sexual assulters.

  • Savannah Sarah Paige
    Savannah Sarah Paige24 dager siden

    “David’s a good guy” .... did they not say the same shit about Bundy. Basically the point I’m making is that manipulators portray themselves this way to get what they want, this Scotty dude is brainwashed

  • Ruth Rattner
    Ruth Rattner25 dager siden

    Love Hila's heart of the ocean necklace

  • Francesca Ferrara
    Francesca Ferrara25 dager siden

    The thing no one realizes is the entire squads all too old now with no Education or life skills they know their nothing wo him. They’re quite literally going to ride his dick till the end for him. Period point blank their is absolutely nothing we can do or say to make them come fwd against him. And sadly the ppl that got hurt by their actions now get live with it and they all sold there souls to the devil.

  • Daniela Lent
    Daniela Lent25 dager siden

    I can’t find the clip or remember if someone can find it!! it’s from a podcast recording or vlog. But I believe Jason was talking to David saying something like “you drove away the one minority we had.... we need to diversify “ or something of that sort 🤨

  • Razvan Lazar
    Razvan Lazar25 dager siden

    Dan’s the man for having seen Euro Trip

  • Errol
    Errol25 dager siden

    who looks pettier wins

  • Ava V
    Ava V25 dager siden

    You should have them on the show

  • connor mccarthy
    connor mccarthy25 dager siden

    why are you so obsessed with david

  • Anna Malysz
    Anna Malysz26 dager siden

    Please check out Zane and Health podcast's Unfiltered. They were both a part of the vlog squad since the early days. I am rewatching their old podcasts but look at the one titled "Conspiracies, Aliens, and Unsolved Murders - Unfiltered #17" minute 51:20-52(ish). Pretty minor but proof that they hide things.

  • jmacyourlife
    jmacyourlife26 dager siden

    H3 Podcast should be renamed to the “All we have is David Dobrik content Podcast”

  • Lauren Wiltshire
    Lauren Wiltshire26 dager siden


  • Mortech
    Mortech26 dager siden

    So bored of this David Dobrik stuff, I really couldn't give less of a shit at this point...

  • suni madrigal
    suni madrigal26 dager siden

    there is literally proof of all the allegations in David's videos

  • Rachel O'Neil
    Rachel O'Neil26 dager siden

    Yeah he didn’t take that bribe money from David cause he “wanted something out of it” What a bunch of fools

  • mytwistedapple
    mytwistedapple26 dager siden

    Hila looks fierce!!!

  • Really Brandy
    Really Brandy26 dager siden

    This world hasn’t stopped pissing me off since I came out of the womb 😤 Hearing people’s stories makes me so upset that stuff like this happens to people. It wasn’t your fault!!! The victim blaming is disgusting.

  • hisoka’sleftnip
    hisoka’sleftnip26 dager siden

    Hila’s hair looks SOO GOOD

  • meghan bates
    meghan bates27 dager siden


  • Addie Moffatt
    Addie Moffatt27 dager siden

    His disgusting smug smile the entire time is really what got me. He is so fking proud of himself for this. He really thought he did something with this one

  • H
    H27 dager siden

    From a logic perspective... When Scotty said "We don't platform lies, because we know they're not true" you can effectively assume that these claims are, therefore, true, because you are addressing the situation. For example: The premises would be Vlog Squad doesn't platform lies Scotty, vlog squad member is addressing (or "platforming") this allegation. So, in conclusion, the allegation is true. Also, in my opinion, it's really weird to begin this video by addressing lies implying that Seth and Big Nik is not telling the truth. I think it is extremely obvious that what Seth is saying is true, and even Dom himself is taking responsibility for what happened. I'm super embarrassed to have been a major Vlog Squad fan back in like 2016-2018, because I was a teenager and sort of was raised by the Vlog Squad in a way. I trusted what they (especially David) did and I wish I had the sense back then to see that, despite the ways other people in the Vlog Squad were reacting in the vlogs, what was being done is not okay. I'm glad that, as I got older, I got over that whole group. On another note, on the subject of Seth's assault, I am a victim of assault myself (I won't get specific), and I almost immediately went back to this person to repeat what had happened, because I pretty much was subconsciously trying to make what happened okay. I ended up having a panic attack and this person left. After that, for the next couple years I made jokes about it and tried to convince myself and everyone around me that it was okay, and that I was fine and happy with it happening. It takes time sometimes to come to terms with what happened to you and how it effects you.

  • OprahsKankles
    OprahsKankles27 dager siden

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  • Nicole Irene
    Nicole Irene27 dager siden

    scotty literally deleted the video and durte dom made a video too lmao they’re trying so hard

  • DHOOM- z7
    DHOOM- z727 dager siden

    Imagine if someone in their square wins the 100k lol

  • theshizniz24
    theshizniz2427 dager siden

    I’m a fan of the podcast but Jesus he sounds like the biggest hypocrite. He’s saying Scott shouldn’t trust in David so much but why are you trusting in Seth so much? It sounds more hate fueled that factual.

  • theshizniz24


    27 dager siden

    Also what celebrity doesn’t have a policy not to reply to rumors? I’m not even a fan of David just want something objective not so biased

  • tadxn
    tadxn27 dager siden

    Talk about Papa Guts reaction to David Dobrik and Seth

  • lCaKeSl
    lCaKeSl28 dager siden

    This 'response' was legit not even worth acknowledging, there was 0 substance to his entire argument, literally just some douchebag that's always got his way thinking he can go smile on camera and everyone's gonna forget about everything

  • Katie
    Katie28 dager siden

    Wheres the interview w seth? And wheres Seth's vid? I cant find either

  • Fachri Ardiansyah
    Fachri Ardiansyah28 dager siden

    I hate that h3 has basically become a drama channel now, missing all the goofs and gafs.

  • Angel Valdez
    Angel Valdez28 dager siden

    Wtf 1.6 million wow people will be fans for anything/anyone nowadays ...... how is this in my recommended loser ass show

  • Annie Parreta
    Annie Parreta28 dager siden

    That videos got to be one of the most victim blaming thing I've heard This is why victims don't come forward

  • Joslyn Szczerba
    Joslyn Szczerba28 dager siden

    If you are a breathing living person on this earth God loves you no matter what you’ve done. He loves you just as you are! No matter what you identify as no matter what you’ve done he made you and he loves you.

  • Joslyn Szczerba
    Joslyn Szczerba28 dager siden

    Those Christian videos aren’t real Christians. we don’t care what you’ve done or what you’ve gone through we just want to show you love! Gods love!

  • 2KPops.3
    2KPops.328 dager siden

    Bro u is in love with the vlog squad

  • Juan Carlos Chávez Ramirez
    Juan Carlos Chávez Ramirez28 dager siden

    Dudes mad he doesn’t make half of the money David earns 😂😂😂

  • Bernie Owens
    Bernie Owens28 dager siden

    Scotty didn’t now his place because he is blinded by the actions of his friends, and it says a lot about his judgment. This is David’s battle not his and because Seth did something really messed up to Erin doesn’t mean he deserves to be invalidated. That’s just messed up. It is like Erin being posted saying the N-word naked, because she said the N-word doesn’t mean she deserved to go through that...the lack of logic amazes me. Smh Scotty. I use to enjoy their content at the beginning, but their behavior was unacceptable. They take it too far and apologizing on a podcast I don’t care to watch isn’t okay. Also these notes app apologies are cowardly. Do better! If they all just took accountability at the beginning, and apologized. This would have been hopefully resolved more peacefully, but they can’t do that because they want to be right in a wrong situation.

  • Bernie Owens

    Bernie Owens

    28 dager siden

    Also consent doesn’t last forever people are entitled to change their mind.If he didn’t know what he was consenting to...that’s not consent. Seth did not consented to being kissed by Jason he consented to kiss Corina so it is just not okay. It isn’t hard to get. He clearly needed money/exposure for his career and he ignored his trauma. How he feels makes sense and he is allowed to be hurt and Sean his truth. He is t perfect but that’s besides the point. Scotty looks goofy such a terrible video.

  • Kaitlyn Grainger
    Kaitlyn Grainger28 dager siden

    i hope hila talked to ethan after this and asked him to STOP bringing up weird comparisons between male and female SA. it’s not helping seth and it’s actively harmful to the majority of women victims who are systematically disbelieved.

  • abhx214
    abhx21429 dager siden

    dangggg Hila looks good in red!!

  • LadyAurian
    LadyAurian29 dager siden

    Just wanna say that the ghost singer thing Ethan says does not happen, is absolutely a real thing. I dont know about the US, but in Sweden I know it happens. Generally because the person with the voice is considered unattractive, so they find someone hot to have as the visual on stage or in videos, and the person singing is back stage. More common back in the day (50s/60s) but I know several cases in the last 20 years. Its real messed up, but dont imagine its a surprise to anyone that the music industry is superficial AF. All the cases I know about were women though, so was interesting to hear that there has been a case with males.

  • LadyAurian


    29 dager siden

    Figured I should give a concrete example, so for anyone thats interested you can look up swedish artist E-type. His songs are frequently accompanied by a female singer, whose name is Nana Hedin, but in videos or on stage you see a woman called Dilnarin Demirbag. Nana is overweight, Dilnarin is not. Nana is forced to hide backstage, even though shes the actual talent. Thankfully shes gotten to perform on her own too, but still messed up to hide the voice out of sight and show a more attractive person on stage lip sync to the sound. I do think its getting less common as the fat-shaming and ugly-shaming is getting less accepted, but guarantee if you look into a lot of artists in the 20th century, the voice and the face are not the same person.

  • Valori Joy
    Valori Joy29 dager siden

    Coercing someone into consent is not consent

  • Open Source Design Studio
    Open Source Design Studio29 dager siden

    H3H3: 69420 David Dobrik: 0 Scotty: 911

  • Sarah Mimi
    Sarah Mimi29 dager siden

    Omg Scotty is a full on idiot lol

  • Alli Burnett
    Alli Burnett29 dager siden

    One thing that is clear to me, is that David likes to control the narrative. David pretty much uses stereotypes and caricatures in all his vlogs. Everyone has their stupid role he creates for them in his videos and no one has any depth except for himself, because he’s controlling the narrative. Corrina is used as the hot girl, Dom is used as the player, Big Nik is used for his height, Jonah for his weight, Seth for his race etc. And sure they may have played into it at times, but it’s still messed up. I mean it’s obvious he’s playing to the lowest form of humor. But he’s effecting these peoples lives with this stuff. And I think a lot of it stems from getting caught up in the videos and wanting to get the shot, it starts to blur the lines between what is right and wrong.

  • Faith Strong

    Faith Strong

    29 dager siden

    So accurate! Jason is the old one, Toddy the dumb one, Scotty depressed one...

  • Canaan Phillips
    Canaan Phillips29 dager siden

    Human beings don’t ask to be out back in situations that “traumatized” them