The David Dobrik & Jason Nash Episode - Frenemies #19


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  • Amy Mess
    Amy Mess2 timer siden

    I liked Ethan cake it was complete all around lol

  • thegratefuldane
    thegratefuldane3 timer siden

    The "Ok, Googles" are really killing me here 😅

  • Beatrice Jones
    Beatrice Jones19 timer siden

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  • Nicole Serafin
    Nicole Serafin22 timer siden

    Ethan's cake looked more edible

  • DMV Bawse
    DMV BawseDag siden

    Trisha saying she isn’t a pathological liar is comical when her lies are spread all over NOlocal. If you wanna argue this don’t and go do some research.

  • yikesmj
    yikesmjDag siden

    Trisha, with peace and love.... Ethan was robbed

  • karla hernandez
    karla hernandezDag siden

    The way Ethan looks at trish when she's going off about her ideas for the frenemies photoshoot 🥺🥺🥺

  • Lauren Melissa
    Lauren MelissaDag siden

    the whole issue having an intimate relationship with "children" (younger than 18) is that they do not always make the BEST decisions, and they can't always look ahead and determine what concequences come from their actions. Much older people can manipulate these younger "children" and probably have the means to (money and connections). Yes, nothing really changes when a kid turns 18, but it is the is an arbiituary age the law chose to determine at what age a person becomes an adult. I personally don't think people become adults they are 25 years old, when their brains fully mature. And just because an under developed girl is different from a developed girl looks-wise, it is still wrong to be inappropriate with them. Especially if a girl/woman says NO...respect her decision to reject your advances you creepy fck

  • Andrea B
    Andrea BDag siden

    1:26:55 Ethan's reaction here is a mood

  • Khazlyn Lim
    Khazlyn LimDag siden

    ok but ethan def won the cake competition 🙆

  • Ash Ray
    Ash RayDag siden

    Trisha's hair and outfit are soooooo pretty 😍

  • Madina Kusuo
    Madina Kusuo2 dager siden

    Ethan its okay I am on your side on the cakes LMFAOOOOOO

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    It broke my heart so much to hear the way that Jason spoke to Trish.

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    Trisha’s white eyeliner is so neat

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    I’m STILL waiting on the frenemies merch

  • Mustashee
    Mustashee2 dager siden

    bruh at least Ethan's looks like something lol

  • Jessy Julie

    Jessy Julie

    10 timer siden

    Like what?

  • joe mama
    joe mama2 dager siden

    i think ethan won with that cake💀

  • Pantii Briefs
    Pantii Briefs2 dager siden

    Ethan, listen to Hila next time

  • Keydeliz Cartagena
    Keydeliz Cartagena2 dager siden

    Ethan: Ive never laughed like that AAHAHAHA im dying 😂😂

  • Heaven Lee
    Heaven Lee2 dager siden

    Trisha may frustrate me at times... but i love her so much

  • Clecky Clover17
    Clecky Clover173 dager siden


  • Shelby Elizabeth
    Shelby Elizabeth3 dager siden

    okay but that dog cake is terrifying. trish obviously won lol

  • PrinceAli
    PrinceAli3 dager siden

    i always wonder if trisha even breathes

  • Faith Pickell
    Faith Pickell3 dager siden

    Ethans cake was better

  • nazareth
    nazareth3 dager siden

    ethan's cake was cute my vote goes for ethan

  • Rose IL
    Rose IL3 dager siden

    you set off my google home LMAO

  • Chris Crapo
    Chris Crapo3 dager siden

    The messy jeans effectively offend because closet preliminarily exist barring a normal cicada. hysterical, acid beard

  • Cam W
    Cam W3 dager siden

    Trisha is truly so FUNNY!!!! Like she doesn’t even know how funny she is 😂

  • Cam W
    Cam W3 dager siden

    Now these are two of the most genuine, real and raw people in the fucking youtube community.

  • weonlylaughhere
    weonlylaughhere3 dager siden

    Dude listen, Trisha would be a bit too much for a lot of people(not bashing, I am difficult too) But, his jealousy issue/his shitty attitude towards her was really gross. Sounds very insecure.

  • Sophie Harms
    Sophie Harms4 dager siden


  • Sosi Maitre
    Sosi Maitre4 dager siden

    1:25:15 girl I can’t those little tik tokers think that are the most important things on earth like babe other things are going on Charlie

  • Nicole Myers
    Nicole Myers4 dager siden

    It’s just not fair. This is how fair them came in life.

  • Nicole Myers
    Nicole Myers4 dager siden

    Listen to Hila. Mixing all the colors would make brown. As a cake decorator this is painful.

  • Nicole Hartman
    Nicole Hartman4 dager siden

    Wow the internet is so I always thought Trisha was crazy but it was only through the perspective of David's vlogs...that's kinda scary

  • Jocelyne Barrett
    Jocelyne Barrett4 dager siden

    I definitely think that Ethan won lol

  • Katie Benander
    Katie Benander4 dager siden

    How much do you think the zip up hoodie is gonna be?

  • Mia Moore
    Mia Moore4 dager siden

    Ethan won fs

  • Joseph Howe
    Joseph Howe4 dager siden

    I legit seen the Burts Bees chapstick and was like "is that mine?" LOLOLOLOL

  • Marley Murphy

    Marley Murphy

    Dag siden


  • Petra Asmar
    Petra Asmar4 dager siden

    ethan was def robbed

  • itimmayy
    itimmayy4 dager siden

    59:23 go off, girl

  • Jessie Van Kessel
    Jessie Van Kessel5 dager siden

    Ethan was 100% robbed his cake was better

  • I an
    I an5 dager siden

    Can someone give me the timestamp for the “ok trisha”

  • Leah Lawrence
    Leah Lawrence5 dager siden

    why is this advertised to me and why can't i say 'not interested"?

  • Nagma Dhingra

    Nagma Dhingra

    5 dager siden

    Give it a chance. You won't be disappointed.

  • JJ Stevens
    JJ Stevens5 dager siden

    Ethan the taint is a magical place for a man you should explore it- could be beautiful

  • Mm
    Mm5 dager siden

    This needs to be a mini series, that cake shit was fucking funny 😭💀💀

  • N3M1N3M
    N3M1N3M5 dager siden

    “Hola to our Spanish friends” so glad that was included

  • Natalie Eaton
    Natalie Eaton5 dager siden

    lmao the fact that ur highest on wiki feet😭😭💀💀

  • Megan Furlong
    Megan Furlong5 dager siden

    I love when Ethan mimics the vlog squad laugh

  • Apple Uy
    Apple Uy5 dager siden

    That stay in the car is real! Remember when David asked Zane, Carly, and Erin to stay in the car and only let Jeff to go in Howie's house. Tea spilled!!!!

  • illusivespatula
    illusivespatula5 dager siden

    I think my ears are bleeding.

  • Eden Bourcier
    Eden Bourcier5 dager siden

    ok i want a dance off . ethans moves got me

  • Mara Cares
    Mara Cares5 dager siden

    How much of Ethan's spit is in that cake im dead

  • yo bitch
    yo bitch5 dager siden

    trishas looks nothing like the purse the dog looks so much better they be doing ethan so foul😭

  • Chas
    Chas6 dager siden

    Oh fuck off fr..... skipped the part where David paid his tickets off .... come on guys stop being problematic!!!

  • Ellie Jacobs
    Ellie Jacobs6 dager siden

    i’m not condoning this because i don’t know the laws there but where i live the legal age of consent is 17 years old so

  • Jimena Mereles

    Jimena Mereles

    5 dager siden

    the age of consent in California is 18, sooo

  • xirena faith
    xirena faith6 dager siden

    I think the dog obvi was better 🤣🤣

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D6 dager siden

    DROP THE PINK AND BLACK ALREADY and it would be awesome if you guys could do sweat pants too i would wear that all day everyday lmao

  • ObscurityBeckons
    ObscurityBeckons6 dager siden

    These two are besties. Love it. 🤣

  • iveo83
    iveo836 dager siden

    dog is better

  • iveo83
    iveo836 dager siden


  • Cheesecake Hey
    Cheesecake Hey6 dager siden

    Cosmo and Wanda think they're so slick

  • Alli G
    Alli G6 dager siden

    trisha won

  • Andrea Chabotte
    Andrea Chabotte6 dager siden

    I really like Trisha and Ethans back and forth its really natural and funny

  • Andrea Chabotte
    Andrea Chabotte6 dager siden

    Okay but like I really want the Frenimes merch

  • Margo London
    Margo London6 dager siden

    Both cakes were sh*t tbh. xx

  • JLynnEchelon
    JLynnEchelon6 dager siden

    I'm so glad that Ethan pointed out the laughing in the Vlog Squad videos. Nothing they've ever done or said is that funny.

  • victoriah rosah
    victoriah rosah7 dager siden

    That was a disgusting thing to say (Logan Paul) why would you wish that on ANYONE? No one deserves to have their life flipped upside down especially for internet feuds.

  • Fermin Ortiz Jr
    Fermin Ortiz Jr7 dager siden


  • Adrianna Thomson
    Adrianna Thomson7 dager siden

    so while David's under fire everyone's just gonna let Liza and the rest of them slide?

  • Teia Turnbull

    Teia Turnbull

    7 timer siden

    It makes me uncomfortable that people will let everything slide with her just because she's lovable and her videos are nostalgic like no she needs to be held accountable

  • Adrianna Thomson

    Adrianna Thomson

    Dag siden

    @courtney right!! even in this video she makes horrible jokes with him

  • Redd Bloo

    Redd Bloo

    2 dager siden

    wait what did liza do ?

  • courtney


    4 dager siden

    i was thinking this the other day. you're gonna tell me they were together for years and she knew NOTHING about all the shitty things they've done?? yeah... ok...

  • Adrianna Thomson

    Adrianna Thomson

    4 dager siden

    @Sara Perryshes just as bad

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K7 dager siden

    Also she wears size 5 1/2 shoes?! She has tiny feet!

  • nnaxor
    nnaxor7 dager siden

    the vlog squad laugh is so cringe

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K7 dager siden

    I am soooooo out of the loop, like... I just saw a couple months ago the H3H3 podcasts where they were initially talking about Trisha and then had her as a guest on the podcast the first time, and I knew those videos weren’t new. But like today I found out that not only do they have a podcast together and are like actually friends now but she’s engaged (married at this point? Idk) to Hila’s brother??? And I’m just like whoa I’ve missed so much! It went from me seeing a podcast where he was talking shit about her being like “a ridiculous troll” (that’s not a quote of his, I just put it in quotes to show that I’m not actually calling her that) and like making fun of her to a couple months later, me seeing that they’re good friends and in-laws with a show together. I’ve never watched any of her content other than what I’ve seen in other people’s videos, but I’ll admit to disliking her before. And I honestly think she can still be problematic but after watching a few of these, like 1. it’s cool to see her actually being her real self and being genuine and 2. I think it’s clear in these videos that she actually is learning and trying to learn and better herself when she is problematic and she’s actually working on herself and 3. The H3H3 people befriending her and actually having compassion and being good friends to her made a world of difference in her life. Like having a partner that actually respects her and treats her well and having real, genuine friends as opposed to all the abusive, toxic, or just shitty people in her life before has obviously done a world of good for her in that respect. It’s very clear that now that she has good, supportive friends in her life instead of people that use her or mistreat her or abuse, bully, gaslight, manipulate her etc... she’s like actually comfortable being herself and more confident in who she is and more comfortable being real and accepting love and friendship and support and standing up for herself instead of just accepting it when people treat her badly. Like she was clearly so upset in that video, like bawling, where she was watching that Hair by Jay POS, but I think she was able to cope with it SO much better having Ethan and Moses and the H3H3 crew in her life. Like they immediately supported and defended her and they were like, don’t cry over this dude, don’t let him make you feel like shit, like he’s clearly a shit person and you don’t deserve that, etc... And it seems like she was able to not let that get to her as much and stand up for herself and realize she doesn’t need to listen to that dude because she had positive people around her. Like she was supposedly friends with Shane Dawson for like 12 years, and HE wouldn’t defend her against Joffrey Starr, but Ethan immediately stuck up for her, even though they’ve been friends for way less time because he’s like, hey that’s my friend and what was done to her wasn’t cool, it was fucked up and not okay. And Shane was like 🤐 even though she defended HIM when NO ONE else would and was distancing themselves from him. Like that just goes to show what absolute trash juice Shane is even more (in addition to all the other stuff he’s done that showed he was literal human diarrhea).

  • //.


    6 dager siden

    @Jerusalem Sales omg

  • Jerusalem Sales

    Jerusalem Sales

    6 dager siden

    Rachel..😭i am not going to read all that but go off sis!

  • Olivia Conroy
    Olivia Conroy7 dager siden

    whoops Trisha being so genuinely happy that she's getting a cut of the Frenemies merch and Ethan being so kind when assuring her that of COURSE she would be getting a cut was so wholesome that I can no longer feel joy from anything else ✨

  • Hope Kae Carmn
    Hope Kae Carmn7 dager siden

    Think Ethan won the cake competition 🎂🎂🎂

  • Alkamyst
    Alkamyst7 dager siden

    1:39:10 - Ethan: “Ok. I gotta make brown”

  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee7 dager siden

    What i hate out of all of the David and Jason and Don drama is that they have a decently young fan base, and those kids are going to think that its okay to treat people like that. Youre going to get a generation of kids that are abusing eachother because they've grown up to the clog squad and thought that their actions are acceptable and normal

  • cashmoneythaly
    cashmoneythaly7 dager siden

    Im so mad I want that jacket so bad I was ready to spend my Biden bucks on it

  • The Cat
    The Cat8 dager siden


  • George J Rivera
    George J Rivera8 dager siden

    The podcast I never knew I needed. Trisha, I'm so happy to see you in such a good healthy place, keep thriving hunny, I've always been a big fan of yours I'm so happy for everything going on for you!! Ethan I've recently discovered you but I'm obsessed! You both compliment each other so well. Excited for the merch

  • Norely Wa
    Norely Wa8 dager siden


  • Presley Berry
    Presley Berry8 dager siden

    With peace and love ethan takes the cake

  • Samaira
    Samaira8 dager siden

    not me shouting ‘the vibe SQUAD’ at my screen

  • kinsley neal
    kinsley neal8 dager siden


  • Diana Correa
    Diana Correa8 dager siden

    Is trish really a trump supporter?

  • Wandering Wild

    Wandering Wild

    6 dager siden

    She says she's not, but she defends Trump at every chance. I lost respect for her over the Trump stuff.

  • emmalee n
    emmalee n8 dager siden

    it’s crazy watching this video now knowing what happens

  • Isabell Kertesz
    Isabell Kertesz8 dager siden

    Ethan talking about what a pedophile is...yikes.

  • S H
    S H8 dager siden

    ethan definitely had the best cake. you can easily tell what it is

  • Lauren Rose
    Lauren Rose8 dager siden

    I preferred ethans dog cake 🍰 😭 I still love Trisha though!

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith8 dager siden

    1:34:05-1:34:20 Ethan dancing after Trish tells him it’s a marshmallow is the funniest shit ever. I watched it so many times!!🤘

  • Vanessa Koopman
    Vanessa Koopman8 dager siden

    Ethan telling Trisha to not get worked up about taking channel down for defaming her name, Ethan then proceeds to explain his hour and a half long exposé about Logan Paul after his name got talked down

  • Egjjf Fhkkd
    Egjjf Fhkkd8 dager siden

    The resonant grape postnatally stare because turkish suggestively question despite a rare halibut. innocent, numberless ramie

  • kill thatfuckertrump
    kill thatfuckertrump9 dager siden


  • JJ Willows
    JJ Willows9 dager siden

    Came back to binge Trisha's redemption arc.

  • Maddie L.
    Maddie L.9 dager siden

    you two give me so much seratonin

  • Gabriella Roughan
    Gabriella Roughan9 dager siden

    the hair and makeup with the jacket is perfect

  • Rosey S
    Rosey S9 dager siden

    I love both of you guys but ethan won

  • Alicia Seymour
    Alicia Seymour9 dager siden

    Either I’m exhausted or the bake off was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week

  • queen explosion murder
    queen explosion murder9 dager siden

    i hate how ignorant trisha was, she wanted to donate money to rich people? while ethan wanted to donate to a good cause, she's so ignorant

  • mackenzie t
    mackenzie t9 dager siden

    by the way... charli d'amelio is 16 years old. jason talking to / trying to contact her is DISGUSTING. period.