Responding To Jeff Wittek & New David Dobrik Footage - Frenemies # 26


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  • Nom De Plume
    Nom De Plume52 minutter siden

    Ahhhh so david pressured him to make a video defending him, told him what to say and now he looks like a complete dumbass and is too afraid to go back on what he said... is that what im getting here?

  • Nom De Plume
    Nom De Plume59 minutter siden

    The best thing in the world one can do when you know someone is lying is giving them enough rope to hang themselves with. Figuratively of course lol basically, just sit back and let them dig their own hole because they always will.

  • Demitrival
    Demitrival5 timer siden

    Ok Ethan please use this

  • Lucy Mullen
    Lucy Mullen10 timer siden

    I really don’t like Jeff. He’s claiming to want to help victims of sexual assault and says he’s not trying to invalidate the victims, but then at every opportunity he gets he claims that he, David and Todd were not involved, which directly contradicts the victim’s accounts. It seems highly likely that every single person except Dom and the victims left that party and came back at the end of the night for that photo. And Jeff is pointing his finger at Trisha when that’s not what he’s there to talk about. Really impressed by how Trisha handled it though. Both Ethan and Trisha stuck to the topic and didn’t let Jeff take them off on his tangents.

  • Rania I
    Rania I13 timer siden

    I think we all can agree that jeff is dumb

  • Khazlyn Lim
    Khazlyn Lim15 timer siden

    "i dOn't wANna disCreDit aNyOne.." "I cAN OnLY spEaK fOr mYseLF" "Y iS thEre pAywaLL" "im InNocEnt in aLL Of tHis" honestly it SEEMS like he only agreed to do this to wash himself clean, ok so you donated to SA's but you still didn't do anything to hold the people responsible. You just washed your hands clean and covered for your buddies dafaq

  • Trent Burbish
    Trent Burbish17 timer siden

    "How Not To Handle Controversy"

  • Leia Greene
    Leia Greene20 timer siden

    This guy is just gross / a lair & gaslighter. Trisha handled this so well.

  • Dashlyn Heinrich
    Dashlyn Heinrich23 timer siden

    Also, side note... I think it's cute how ethan sort of looks at and treats trish like his little sister.

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    15 timer siden

    Trisha seemed to make Jokes aswell as the rest in the videophotage.. so what are here part of the whole thing!?!? Come on please

  • Dashlyn Heinrich
    Dashlyn Heinrich23 timer siden

    Wow this is weird. I'm not even a trisha fan and I've been a Jeff fan for so long but after the way he attacked her for having mental issues has really placed him in a completely new light. Also, you're only reading the parts with your name?? NOT WTF HAPPENED TO THAT POOR GIRL!? selfish much? This is sad. Jeff is a joke. This sucks. How am I siding with trisha wow

  • Dashlyn Heinrich
    Dashlyn Heinrich23 timer siden

    Damn this was wild

  • phoebe tadrus
    phoebe tadrusDag siden

    i'm sorry i know this is supposed to be serious but this is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my LIFE. HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE'S SAYING

  • meg garza
    meg garzaDag siden

    I mean, everyone is angry at jeff for avoiding david’s involvement or actions, which i completely understand, but we have no idea what kind of blackmail david has on jeff that’s keeping him from saying stuff. i honestly think it’s not jeff trying to “be loyal to the boys”, but more like that he’s too scared of what david could do to him for him to speak out or even barely touch on it. it’s really sad how cornered he is. someone isn’t that completely avoidant unless their own livelihood is in danger.

  • Kayleigh Young
    Kayleigh YoungDag siden

    Lmaooo i just caught Trisha saying “we could just stare at Jeff” when theyre talking about watching paint dry💀💀

  • Elli Zito
    Elli ZitoDag siden


  • literelli
    literelliDag siden

    Is trish’s shirt sewed into her crewneck?

  • Mia Perez
    Mia PerezDag siden

    I love how he deflected his skeletons to discredit Trisha. What a dirtbag.

  • HalehhMagan
    HalehhMaganDag siden

    Trish is the DJ Trump of NOlocal, she gets blamed for everything

  • ines martins
    ines martinsDag siden

    He was definitely not ready for this live. He probably thought he was just going to talk and say his side and how sorry he is and everyone makes mistakes etc etc. but as soon as they start asking him questions and catching him not making much sense and lying .. he starts getting nervous in his answers. You can tell he's trying to be as careful as possible not to incriminate any of his friends which means he knows more than what he says he knows. If he truly felt sorry for what happened and thought what happened was wrong, he wouldn't have cared about his friends and would just come clean about what actually happened that day and what he saw, and take the consequences. But he's just worried that he'll get cancelled and lose money.

  • Blake CD
    Blake CDDag siden

    watch the video no sound and keep looking at ethans eyebrows

  • FreedomYorkshire
    FreedomYorkshireDag siden

    what on earth is she wearing?

  • Manon Crombez
    Manon CrombezDag siden

    His thing about "I feel like a rat". Like what, you rather don't say anything about SA and just keep quit because you don't want to be a rat? That sentence alone says it all doesn't it? I hate that he just doesn't see what he did wrong. He is not innocent and by making this video he's just covering his ass and he's covering the others which honestly just makes him look more guilty. He's bringing up shit he that is not even relevant in this situation... He honestly disgusts me, the whole group that was there is guilty.

  • Eucis93
    Eucis93Dag siden

    The only thing Jeff said that I agree with is that the article shouldn't have been behind a pay wall. The rest is bullshit and it's clear that he doesn't even understand what the issue is. I have never seen anyone accuse anyone except Dom and David, in my opinion knowing who bought the alcohol doesn't even matter. Nothing in the story will change and the people to blame for the assaults wouldn't change. He needs to understand he's making this 10 times worse all on his own and neither Trisha nor Kat is to blame for the heat he's been getting. Had he just accepted and apologized or literally stayed quiet this would have blown over already.

  • zenitsunzko
    zenitsunzkoDag siden

    i remember he was on bad girls club and kat was throwing water ... miss my queen

  • tommy magnuzohn
    tommy magnuzohnDag siden

    Trisha seemed to make Jokes aswell as the rest in the videophotage.. so what are here part of the whole thing!?!? Come on please

  • Chance Powers
    Chance PowersDag siden

    Jeff sounds like he just repeats things that make no sense to just have something to say and hope that no one catches on that he doesn't know what he's saying himself.

  • Milan bhatia
    Milan bhatiaDag siden

    Trisha and ethan are litterly twins

  • y yg
    y ygDag siden

    "I support rape victims" Tells his fans to go attack the reporter giving them a voice. Consider your actions and if you really care or not before you say shit like "I support victims"

  • Kayley Bombailey
    Kayley BombaileyDag siden

    I've had a moment to think about it... yeahhh like someone text you what to say. Was looking down at his phone during the whole spiel. mannn 🤦‍♀️

  • Life.Simply
    Life.SimplyDag siden

    I have no idea who David or Jeff are, but the NOlocal algorithms have brought me here. Jeff is not smart, at all, but that gives me hope It means you don’t have to be an Elon Musk to be decently “successful in life”. Regardless, I think the most dangerous part of this entire situation is how “likable” these people are - I mean, they’re charming in conversation and can get on your good side. That’s what makes them dangerous to their younger fan base, they’re still too young to know the difference between charm and virtue. Tips for the younger audience about people and life: 1) NOlocalr Frat Boy Energy = Countdown until the next assault. 2) Those with Frat Boy energy are thrill seekers in a social context instead of Sports (like BASE jumping or freehand rock climbing). 3) Thrill seeking behavior means they straddle the line of what’s acceptable and seek out danger. So be careful around these type of people. 4) Get your exit plan ready, and do not hesitate to hit the escape button asap. 5) NOlocalr’s are master editors. Their entire job and career is to edit their image. You don’t gather millions of fans without knowing exactly how to manipulate your image. Don’t trust everything or everyone you see on NOlocal, some are criminals hiding in plain sight.

  • bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

    Dag siden

    These boys are obviously in a pact, I won’t be surprised if they just secretly chant “blame Trisha” repeatedly like frat guys do

  • Claire Ferrand
    Claire FerrandDag siden

    I don't know who had this idea, but having a podcast with these two is a very very good idea ! Once again I'm not a fan of either of them most of the time, but when together I really like this podcast, she's so smart and lovely and he looks like an idiot but he's far from being one !

  • bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

    Dag siden

    the only one to blame for it

  • hailee youngblood
    hailee youngbloodDag siden

    how is jeff SO stupid, it’s mind boggling that he actually said all of these things jesus

  • Laura Duckworth
    Laura DuckworthDag siden

    this dude is absolutely infuriating... he is so ignorant to the issue... THIS ISNT ONLY ABOUT YOU JEFF

  • HoneyWinePapi
    HoneyWinePapiDag siden

    This guy is not very bright.

  • CheyChey Alex
    CheyChey AlexDag siden

    “I don’t want to talk about it. This is about the victim not my life” not even 20mins after he brought up Trish’s unalive attempt??¿

  • Jasmine M
    Jasmine M2 dager siden

    I’m rewatching this and it is so hard to watch. Jeff doesn’t answer any of the questions. It’s embarrassing 😂

  • Liam McCollum
    Liam McCollum2 dager siden

    Let just make one thing clear you can’t consent if your drunk!!!!!!

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    The fact that they were able to interview Jeff is suuucchhh a big deal. I never thought I’d see a day where Jeff and Trisha talk again. I hope Jeff learns from this but he needs to realize who his friends are. David shouldn’t of put them in a situation like this and they shouldn’t be speaking instead of him. David on podcast next 👀

  • Shania .A
    Shania .A2 dager siden

    i 100% believe Trisha!!1 we stan

  • alida flus
    alida flus2 dager siden

    everything about the article is true and they are all guilty.

  • Kaitlynn Smith
    Kaitlynn Smith2 dager siden

    Jeff is infuriating this entire video but him trying too get Kat too apologize for doing her job and writing the truth of what happened because it affected him while recording the conversation and then putting it in his video like it was a normal thing too ask makes me want too throw my phone at a wall. He plays the victim so hard but doesn't seem too think of the actual victim and how it's affected her. This whole group is so toxic ijc

  • Prashant Mishra
    Prashant Mishra2 dager siden

    Omg !!! The picture !! The poor girl! They just don't give a fuck about her!! To them she is just a prop not a human being !! Has any criminal procedure initiated against these obnoxious men.!! Ugh!!

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama2 dager siden

    I love Ethan but I hate his mouth sounds

  • alida flus

    alida flus

    2 dager siden

    wants to call the author out for doing her job which she did solidly. Oh the irony!🙄

  • Abigail Fernandez
    Abigail Fernandez2 dager siden

    Jeff: to my understanding

  • Sarah
    Sarah2 dager siden

    he isn’t standing up for victims he’s literally just rushing to save his own skin and trying to deflect blame off of himself but instead he’s put all the pressure on himself and he’s the only one to blame for it

  • Miss Kuna
    Miss Kuna2 dager siden

    These boys are obviously in a pact, I won’t be surprised if they just secretly chant “blame Trisha” repeatedly like frat guys do

  • Ashley Wilks
    Ashley Wilks2 dager siden

    Literally what is wrong with him. There’s so many lies that he doesn’t even realize that he makes up several different stories. There is nothing he can say at this point to clear his name. He would have had better luck staying quiet lmao

  • Alex Blue
    Alex Blue2 dager siden

    i want to hang out with trish

  • y yg
    y yg2 dager siden

    hes so stupid and deflecting trying to act like they're evil for moentizing the article. It's literally a JOB to spread news about victims of every sort of crime.

  • y yg
    y yg2 dager siden

    he got so destroyed lmao..goes to show how stupid and illogical these frat boy people are

  • Kris H.
    Kris H.2 dager siden

    JEFF is the DEFENITION of A LIAR. point blank periiioooodddd

  • Isabell Kertesz
    Isabell Kertesz2 dager siden

    Ethan did a great job keeping Jeff on topic and calling him out on everything. 👏🏻

  • y yg
    y yg2 dager siden

    this just goes to show how ignorant a lot of people, especially douchey guys are about consent. "she wasn't blacked out" "but they said they wanted to have a 3some" "buy drinks to loosen them up". Now thats privelage. Not even having to know or care about this shit, and not caring that it happened until you're called out. They need to teach this stuff in sexed

  • Chris Crapo
    Chris Crapo2 dager siden

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  • maddie phibbs
    maddie phibbs3 dager siden

    Why would he leave at 11:30 pm and come back an hour later ? no one left just admit that

  • Sarah Harper
    Sarah Harper3 dager siden

    Jeff is like when you misinterpret the essay prompt but you are so confident in your answer

  • abi gail
    abi gail3 dager siden

    this is truly a masterpiece

  • George Brooks
    George Brooks3 dager siden

    Love how Jeff’s video says watch the whole 20 min so nothing is taken out of context yet he admits to never have even read the whole article or probably any of it all and still wants to call the author out for doing her job which she did solidly. Oh the irony!🙄

  • miko foin

    miko foin

    3 dager siden

    This guy.. "do you guys want dirt or?" I mean just shut the hell up your story is all mixed. god damn weasel.

  • abi gail
    abi gail3 dager siden

    his stuttering when he start lying LMFAAOO

  • miko foin

    miko foin

    3 dager siden

    “So he didn’t read the article” “Right, probably a lot could of been avoided if he read it” LOL!!!

  • Grace Rehayem
    Grace Rehayem3 dager siden

    New drinking game, take a shot every time Jeff says “genuinely”

  • Grace Rehayem
    Grace Rehayem3 dager siden

    Ethan spitting straight factss!

  • Alleyconda
    Alleyconda3 dager siden

    i would hate to be going through a breakup w this guy. cant fucking give a straight answer

  • hey girl hey
    hey girl hey3 dager siden

    Trisha and Ethan just casually taking down bad guys left and right. They are like batman and Robin 😂

  • mossy ignore the email name
    mossy ignore the email name3 dager siden


  • Kayla
    Kayla3 dager siden

    this kid can’t keep his story straight it’s so obvious he’s lying about certain things and he’s trying to cover him and his friends asses

  • F Geno
    F Geno3 dager siden

    Jason looks like someones lesbian mom chaperoning a bunch of teens. He’s such a LOSER. I was screaming at Trish in the comments as soon as she got with him to please tell him to fuck off. No idea what she saw in that man

  • Dazza james
    Dazza james3 dager siden

    As if he didn't even read the article wtd

  • a c
    a c3 dager siden

    1:40:15 kills me it’s so awkward😭

  • myonlyfriendsaredogs
    myonlyfriendsaredogs3 dager siden

    It's a legit cult they do everything to protect David

  • Kat Tomas
    Kat Tomas3 dager siden

    This guy is such a tool.

  • Cool Bearslimes
    Cool Bearslimes3 dager siden

    “So he didn’t read the article” “Right, probably a lot could of been avoided if he read it” LOL!!!

    THA KING3 dager siden

    This guy.. "do you guys want dirt or?" I mean just shut the hell up your story is all mixed. god damn weasel.

  • mizz. nena
    mizz. nena4 dager siden

    But 3 years ago EVERYONE thought his videos were funny but too far is toooooo far

  • Dr. Sins
    Dr. Sins4 dager siden

    it’s hard to watch jeff talk he just looks so dumb

  • First Last
    First Last4 dager siden

    Jeff seems like an okay guy. He reminds me of my dad, I don’t think he maliciously saw a crime take place and I believe he’d probably step in if he did but he seems like either A: he’s lazy or B: he’s stupid. Given the fact he didn’t even refresh his memory on the situation I think it’s the later.

  • First Last

    First Last

    3 dager siden

    @doire aintu yeah I noticed that as well, I think he’s just trying to deflect and doing a poor job, it was transparent what him and Scotty were up to with their responses.

  • doire aintu

    doire aintu

    3 dager siden

    “Trisha why did you do the things you did”. LMAO why is he all about tearing Trish apart?

  • Madison Victoria
    Madison Victoria4 dager siden

    Jeff is so awkward in this. Cringe

  • doire aintu

    doire aintu

    3 dager siden

    Jason’s house, I thought you just showed up to Coachella” I’m confused is he apologizing for saying Trisha was crazy while still trying to convince anyone else watching who

  • Seth Berney
    Seth Berney4 dager siden

    I love how buffering is a mind melting plague no matter how rich you get 😂😂

  • Seth Berney
    Seth Berney4 dager siden

    These podcasts never get old

  • Tyreek Munroe
    Tyreek Munroe4 dager siden

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  • Hannah Graves
    Hannah Graves4 dager siden

    Omg he looks so stupid

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu4 dager siden

    “Jeff is on a mission to ruin his life” lmfaooo dead ass though. Like stop Jeff I’m cringing.....

  • Rylee Beltran
    Rylee Beltran4 dager siden

    Ethan needs to be a lawyer, this is the most brutal cross examination ever.

  • by Yes
    by Yes4 dager siden

    Ethan went off on him ..

  • Anisa H
    Anisa H4 dager siden

    Ugh this whole situation is disgusting, these boys tryna protect themselves and avoiding questions. None of your stories match! someone please cancel the vlog squad already, like this if you think vlog squad need to be arrested and cancelled immediately.

  • doire aintu

    doire aintu

    4 dager siden

    David asks girls to have sex w other guys and such but now Liza has come out in podcasts ab how she’s never had the big o. He talks ab sex bc he can’t make girls finish 😂

  • Rachael Fawley
    Rachael Fawley4 dager siden

    “Loosened up to be raped” Excuse me?

  • Rachael Fawley

    Rachael Fawley

    4 dager siden

    “I’m guilty by association and I’m fine with that” How are you fine with that?

  • Rachael Fawley

    Rachael Fawley

    4 dager siden

    “Get my story straight” What?

  • Amber Jones
    Amber Jones4 dager siden

    take a shot everytime jeff says "i'm innocent" or "i'm guilty by association"

  • Drewmena
    Drewmena4 dager siden

    Charming ? You mean cringey and embarrassing

  • Eloise Fauland
    Eloise Fauland4 dager siden

    in some ways it's super comforting watching all this go down after believing trisha and going to bat for her and her perspective since day one. time tells all bebe

  • Drewmena
    Drewmena4 dager siden

    This dude cares about the victims 😂😂😂

  • Kas Ban
    Kas Ban4 dager siden

    Trish is a natural beauty ♥️

  • JesseLee Greco
    JesseLee Greco4 dager siden

    I’m just confused why Jeff is trying to “apologize” for calling Trisha crazy but then continues to explain why she is crazy saying “you were 51-50’d that night, you drove your car into Jason’s house, I thought you just showed up to Coachella” I’m confused is he apologizing for saying Trisha was crazy while still trying to convince anyone else watching who may not have known about those incidents with Trisha, that she is crazy? 🤔 AND why is it anytime they ask him “why did you fake looking into the room” he turns around and says “Trisha why did you do the things you did”. LMAO why is he all about tearing Trish apart?

  • Cahencel
    Cahencel4 dager siden

    Jeff keeps making it more and more worse for him, haha... dude is lying so much it makes me cringe so hard.

  • Bdog_98 OTF
    Bdog_98 OTF4 dager siden

    Trisha is a slob

  • Damon Zamir Yacab
    Damon Zamir Yacab5 dager siden

    Both a uno fake n interfering asf tbh

  • VanChePie
    VanChePie5 dager siden

    Isn't it ironic that Ethan is bashing David about Dom raping a girl and acting like a good guy.. meanwhile he has been joking about rape. Never apologised about it. This dud is hypocritical as fuck!

  • Michel’le Taylor
    Michel’le Taylor5 dager siden

    Take the cameras out of the equation and it’s no difference than a frat party s*xual as*aults

  • Jordan L
    Jordan L5 dager siden

    i hate how he fucking with his eyebrows it’s sorta how trisha makes thag mmhhmm sound after she talks

  • kaity


    5 dager siden

    dude wtf he has tourette’s

  • Mashael l
    Mashael l5 dager siden

    why is David smiling in the photo ................thats creepy

  • It’s Tracer
    It’s Tracer5 dager siden

    David asks girls to have sex w other guys and such but now Liza has come out in podcasts ab how she’s never had the big o. He talks ab sex bc he can’t make girls finish 😂