Logan Paul Says Ethan Is Scum Of The Internet - H3 After Dark #21


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  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy SDag siden

    Seriously. How TF do none of them know how to say David Guetta?! He was the biggest DJ for like 2 or 3 years. 1 episode. Ok. But 2 episodes? Come on. I mean it really wasn't that long ago.

  • rias
    rias2 dager siden

    I wish Logan had done these abusive things in North Korea or another country which would make him disappear forever.

  • Loren
    Loren3 dager siden

    hila literally rocks blonde hair

  • RealityHoney
    RealityHoney3 dager siden

    That Horn total Zen 🤣 lol new to this podcast absolutely love it ❤

  • rias
    rias4 dager siden

    I'm so glad youtube is being represented by Ethan and Hila and sad there are people like Logan Paul. Such an embarassment to the world.

  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac5 dager siden

    I'm ok with logan but he was definitely in the wrong for saying that about ethan keemstar is a pu$$y but ethan is cool and logan has no right labeling ANYONE ANYTHING LOL 😂

  • Nick Name
    Nick Name6 dager siden

    Mike has the personality of particle board

  • Λαζαρος Χατζηαναστασιου
    Λαζαρος Χατζηαναστασιου7 dager siden

    neighbours know you know

  • kalvin jae vaughan
    kalvin jae vaughan8 dager siden

    Hila and ethan look like they about to snatch a wig in the very first second. I'm so ready for this

  • badfish5447link
    badfish5447link8 dager siden

    When did Ian paint his room with the leaves? I swear last episode it was not there

  • badfish5447link
    badfish5447link8 dager siden

    The fact Logan was born on April 1 explains a lot

  • Joker
    Joker9 dager siden

    When did hila get so fucking sensitive? Lmao

  • FreeMel


    Dag siden

    @Joker i don't even like Ethan but I almost feel bad for him here lol totally emasculated by his wife and an employee anytime he opens his mouth

  • Joker


    Dag siden

    @FreeMel fr

  • FreeMel


    Dag siden

    $$$ she literally just become his handler, making sure he doesn't say anything that will offend their sponsors.

  • Mjch Biii
    Mjch Biii10 dager siden


  • David De La Mora
    David De La Mora10 dager siden

    Ethan: it’s like... Hila: 😳🙄please stop 🤣

  • James Griff
    James Griff12 dager siden

    1:53:36 🤣

  • M Slix
    M Slix13 dager siden

    So I am thinking H3 should challenge Logan to a fight... throw Hila in the ring and watch her drop his a$$. She won’t even break a sweat. Logan has a clinger as a co host, Ethan has a woman who was in the Israeli Army....yeah...

  • Jeff Boyd
    Jeff Boyd13 dager siden

    17:30 the birth of the absolute worst drop in H3 history

  • Lovely
    Lovely14 dager siden

    I legitimately couldn’t sit through the Logan Paul clips😒 like he really had to be racist and a pest in a really nice country but he’s disabled so it’s excused

  • EvaLasta
    EvaLasta14 dager siden

    Evangelists are indeed the WORST

  • People Sins
    People Sins15 dager siden

    Ethan's trying to roast logan about his background when theirs looks like art their son made, but honestly prefer that over a fucking CABIN

  • Robert Bearden
    Robert Bearden17 dager siden

    Hila, trying to hard to be PC. Chill

  • Phung Ngoc Quynh
    Phung Ngoc Quynh19 dager siden

    The abrasive walk topologically hurry because sense atypically care aboard a icy decision. parched, crabby cemetery

  • Ryan Thompson
    Ryan Thompson20 dager siden

    The funniest thing is that they're trying to go woke now that they're richy rich rich scum bags. Hey h3, has it been long enough since you went BLACKFACE!? PSSSS how are you as racist JEW

  • Kaitlyn Valenzuela
    Kaitlyn Valenzuela21 dag siden

    the Hila soundbite "I want to smell feet" fucking kills me every time 💀

  • Kaitlyn Valenzuela
    Kaitlyn Valenzuela21 dag siden

    1:23:49 💀

  • Leela
    Leela21 dag siden

    I can’t even deny the more I hear the song the more I get into it 🥲😭 I mean the kids a vibe

  • Ricky Garcia
    Ricky Garcia26 dager siden

    I miss the old funny vids

  • Harribo ;P
    Harribo ;P29 dager siden

    Robin hood but he takes from the poor and gives to the rich.

  • Erics Movies
    Erics Movies29 dager siden

    What is this the floor?😂 Why was that do funny to me?

  • Anna
    AnnaMåned siden


  • Koba Kerbs
    Koba KerbsMåned siden

    Valentines part had me rolling

  • jaksk8s
    jaksk8sMåned siden

    h3 is way more famous than logan ong

  • JBMcC
    JBMcCMåned siden

    I almost think Logan was being funny, I may be wrong but keemstar is really really a scumbag and h3 not being that kinda gave me a feeling of a joke using polar opposites, again I may be wrong but...I get it the joke if it were

  • faltering lathe
    faltering latheMåned siden

    ethan keeps saying timothy mcvey but he means ted kaczynskyi. both interesting figures but very different ideologies lol. also I think one point that’s being glossed over re: chargebacks and refunds has to do with a misunderstanding about how donating works on twitch. people will troll with huge amounts of money to get a shoutout or up on the leaderboard only to ask for / charge it back just to troll the streamers.

  • meanddavedaveandi
    meanddavedaveandiMåned siden

    Logan makes a 5 second joke H3h3 makes 2 hour video You guys need to relax

  • Becca Floyd
    Becca FloydMåned siden

    I remember when the forest video was first posted I watched it and it was so disturbing, he was zooming into the person's hands and saying look at his hands, he only blurred the face as well

  • Cathy K
    Cathy KMåned siden

    If you learned anything from this video please let it be this - don’t vote for libertarians 👍🏽

  • Vonchichis ASMR
    Vonchichis ASMRMåned siden

    Logan is such a garbage person

  • Timothy Tieku
    Timothy TiekuMåned siden

    Hila is so beautiful... She's glowing and happy. Official MILF🙌🏿

  • bunny
    bunnyMåned siden

    Theyre such an embarrassment to Americans ew bro

  • sub5ound1
    sub5ound1Måned siden

    Logan bought Delia’s studio at a fire sale.

  • lucas borges
    lucas borgesMåned siden

    logan's dad will also start a podcast: repaulsive

  • Mia Rojas
    Mia RojasMåned siden

    Enjoable new to your podcast , but please stop with the religious joking.

  • Ari C.
    Ari C.Måned siden

    I love Ethan but honestly this podcast was so petty aside from the forest thing.. why are you stopping to Logan’s level no wonder the audience wanted you to drop it you were just using anything you could find even if it wasn’t Logan.

  • Plowk Da Goat
    Plowk Da GoatMåned siden

    This video sad asf and your points are not valid considering you nothing to em .hila doesn’t even agree with most your points how childish & stupid they are . Logan might as well pay you for this video. For promo

  • Kitty Madison !!!
    Kitty Madison !!!Måned siden

    I love Ethan he is so funny this is the best NOlocal channel out

  • Moises Trujillo
    Moises TrujilloMåned siden

    My respect for logan 📈📈📈📈

  • Fred Sting
    Fred StingMåned siden

    You're the douche bro

  • bul166
    bul166Måned siden

    Such victims. HIla! Wow...”I dunt knoooww If he’s compete-tid dee redemption arc!”. Are ya F@$n serious?? You decide huh? I’m no logan fan, but this is unreal. Ethan, tryhard, haahaaa!! Trying to be a tough guy. BIGGEST pansy! You couldn’t imagine a better putz! And HIla, is like the spreading wings of generic virtue, and she’s gonna be sure that you know it. She’s at the point where she’s mommying Ethan! He’s about to make an analogy & HIla: “UHHH! Umm! Hmm, ung uh, NO! EE-TON!”... stfu HIla, you wannabe, great value Kardashian. What a couple of tools.

  • Dylan Baker
    Dylan BakerMåned siden

    White boi from ohio yall cant handle dis

  • Pablo Onzaga
    Pablo OnzagaMåned siden

    Maverick hitler jihad

  • Bee Quick
    Bee QuickMåned siden

    Although I don’t 💯 agree with Ethan, Logan went way too far, this fool literally tried to get people to harass Ethan and Keem, UNREAL

  • Rosie Zermeno
    Rosie ZermenoMåned siden

    The love

  • Rosie Zermeno
    Rosie ZermenoMåned siden

    The patterns

  • Rosie Zermeno
    Rosie ZermenoMåned siden

    Y’all bring me peace

  • olena Олена
    olena ОленаMåned siden

    talk less...smile more...dont let them know what you're against or what you're for. (edit: these are just hamilton lyrics that i was reminded of when ethan said smile more)

  • olena Олена

    olena Олена

    Måned siden

    @L Martin it was literal song lyrics from a famous musical called hamilton...... when ethan said smile more it reminded me of when arron burr said that to alexander hamilton.

  • L Martin

    L Martin

    Måned siden

    Don’t let them know what you’re against? What if they’re abusing someone or harming an animal, you just gonna shut up and smile? 🤔

  • Frank Frank
    Frank FrankMåned siden

    "something is about to bust!" -someone's bank account, somewhere

  • micah dalton
    micah daltonMåned siden

    Well logan is right. He may have shown a dead man in 1 vid. But honestly that's way more entertaining than 99% of Ethan's vids. Which is hard to beat

  • L Martin

    L Martin

    Måned siden

    Gotta monetise someone’s suicide and show their dead body 🤪 as long as it’s entertaining there need be no morals or basic humanity wooo

  • Debra Gull
    Debra GullMåned siden

    Logan Paul? That's certainly the pot talking to/about the kettle!

  • Lexa Scott
    Lexa ScottMåned siden

    “He has a disability” stop it😂😂😂

  • Lexa Scott
    Lexa ScottMåned siden

    “Like Martin Luther king”😂😂😂😂 please hahahahahahaha

  • Lexa Scott
    Lexa ScottMåned siden

    I just found your podcast I laughed so damn hard and not even done 😭😂😂😂😂

  • Micheal Jones
    Micheal JonesMåned siden

    He wore a mask more in Japan a few years ago than during a deadly pandemic.

  • meme machine
    meme machineMåned siden

    well you are...

  • MarceloACR
    MarceloACRMåned siden

    this whole thing is a cringe fast. can't believe people actulally fill their days with this bullshit discussions. Ooooweeeee the chat is like that. Owwwwweeeee this internet person is sooooo meaaaan. This isn't content. I remember when h3h3 had balls to actually drop content to people. The podcast conundrum is just another exposition of how they both just sank into their comfortable life of just pursuing money doing the most easy thing they could do. Which is chatting. With other famous internet people. Damn this is just completely pathetic.

  • L Martin

    L Martin

    Måned siden

    It’s almost as if you no longer enjoy their content.

  • MarceloACR


    Måned siden

    And before people go like " hurr durr this isn't easy maaaan, they have to hire people and write shite, they have to be public about this and that!!". I simply ask you to revise whatever you have as a bar for actual difficulty in life to express yourself or be something that actually has value to the universe. This bubble bullshit discussions about rich people behaviour (being overly extrapolated to something more mundane and accessible) and useless drama is so goddamn ridiculous it begs me to actually make a statement. The major problem with internet in 1st world countries - they inflate your bubble so much you think its the actual work and you really really believe its not just a meaningless bubble. Keep on havin your millions of views, products sales and whatnot, guess they'll validate your meaningless work.

  • Emily Vincent
    Emily VincentMåned siden

    Hila is so funny lmaoooo

  • Sonia Anastasia
    Sonia AnastasiaMåned siden


  • Opochtli Clips
    Opochtli ClipsMåned siden

    I love how Trisha reacts like she won an Emmy when she won "Most Dramatic Creator" on a made up awards show. She truly earns the title.

  • brandon A
    brandon AMåned siden


  • big L
    big LMåned siden

    This is funny as hell 🤣😂

  • Spicy Kebab
    Spicy KebabMåned siden

    Bread= meat. Noted.

  • Kassadyn
    KassadynMåned siden

    Petty af.

  • erl br
    erl brMåned siden

    sorry to say I got to agree with Logan here

  • pooponaboat2
    pooponaboat2Måned siden

    Damn I haven’t seen Ethan for a long time. He really hasn’t been funny since he started podcasting.

  • Felix Tismer
    Felix TismerMåned siden

    At 2:01:12 can anyone tell me what that Joe Biden soundbite is from, I’ve been searching it for weeks!

  • Isabella Rourke
    Isabella RourkeMåned siden

    the fact that he disrespected two of he best countries in the world kills me. Sickening piece of shot

  • Isabella Rourke
    Isabella RourkeMåned siden

    logan doesn’t deserve any of this success. he should never be let in japan after the shit he did

  • The Phoenix of Tacos
    The Phoenix of TacosMåned siden

    Bro this is just clickbait

  • Roxy T
    Roxy TMåned siden

    I love Hila so much 🥰

  • A D
    A DMåned siden

    H3 is actually pretty similar to keemstar attacking people and making fun of women etc

  • Alisha Hunter
    Alisha HunterMåned siden

    i like it when he speaks on a subject for a while, i like listening to his opinions and he never misses a beat

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMåned siden


  • L E X I.
    L E X I.Måned siden

    Hila blinks so much lol

  • Julia Ressler
    Julia ResslerMåned siden

    Omg I love Ethan! I love his reaction when the battle horns come on lol🤣🤣🤣

  • FattyMcButterPants
    FattyMcButterPantsMåned siden

    I mean, is he wrong?

  • Mcsteez Reeves
    Mcsteez ReevesMåned siden

    Fr fuck your brand I ordered a hoodie from zumiez years ago then found out it's yours, quality was bad too 😪

  • Hoodman129
    Hoodman1292 måneder siden


  • vi


    Måned siden

    it's mega boomer shit

  • brandon A
    brandon A2 måneder siden


  • Clay Mccarver
    Clay Mccarver2 måneder siden

    You can tell Ethan doesn’t get laid enough. He got hype he’s getting some lmao

  • Bryce Durfee
    Bryce Durfee2 måneder siden

    No offense at all, I love you guys and I love this podcast; however every single episode in some way shape or form y’all gotta shit on my side of the isle. It doesn’t bother me that you guys are liberal but it obviously bothered you that I’m republican. This is more on hila’s side of the table because she in some way makes it seem as if we’re the opposition and Ethan just goes with it. I love you guys just don’t like being made a fool of every episode, and silencing opposition in the live chat isn’t that cool either in my opinion. It’s like Ethan had said “you paid 5 bucks to come spam mags in my chat, well keep it going” that might not be exactly what he said but it was along those lines; all I’m trying to say is that shit really doesn’t hurt anyone so can you guys just please tone it down just a little bit. Hopefully you guys see this but I don’t think you will nor do I think it will have an impact just wanted to vent

  • vi


    Måned siden

    Repubs arent welcome in the footsoldier army after what yall did

  • Lonit
    Lonit2 måneder siden

    "I'd rather speak up and be wrong than be muffled and be wronged" how can Ethan not even understand the sentiment? I know all he wants to do is dunk on people but does he intentionally play dumb?

  • TreesSmellLikeGreen
    TreesSmellLikeGreen2 måneder siden

    1:05:27 jihad

  • Jake O'Connell
    Jake O'Connell2 måneder siden


  • Natalee Beavers
    Natalee Beavers2 måneder siden

    Hila: I don’t like the sounds of alarms... Ethan: THE CRY OF BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zelized
    Zelized2 måneder siden

    I just had an asthma attack, and somehow seeing Greg Paul kiss that girl was still worse

  • Monica
    Monica2 måneder siden

    Hila is such a Godess.

  • Tiemo Courtney
    Tiemo Courtney2 måneder siden

    Isn’t H3H3 like one of the most hated channels on NOlocal rn?

  • Abdul-Hakeem al-Amriki
    Abdul-Hakeem al-Amriki2 måneder siden

    When's the next YMH H3 episode

  • Hello Jelly
    Hello Jelly2 måneder siden

    Jesus christ, the previous japan vlog was just terrible. I wasn't even aware all of these things he did because it was all washed under the suicide forest incident. It just makes the whole situation clear that he really didn't care about anything but for views. Nobody reprimanded him and he seriously was told to stop at a dead body hours after posting it on the internet. No empathy, no morals, and no respect.

  • LJ Thompson
    LJ Thompson2 måneder siden

    Dayum is that hila? Looking good with blonde hair