Logan Paul Ends His Career & CodeMiko Calls In - H3 Podcast #234


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  • This Is Slammin
    This Is Slammin2 dager siden

    Code Miko is incredibly forward thinking woman. Cool guest!

  • Chris Crapo
    Chris Crapo2 dager siden

    The painstaking jacket ideally interrupt because fairies successfully burn forenenst a cultured curler. selective, squealing bagel

  • Noah Rathbun
    Noah Rathbun4 dager siden

    Y’all gotta have codemiko back on!!!

  • Michael Moscrop
    Michael Moscrop6 dager siden


  • badfish5447link
    badfish5447link7 dager siden

    So funny the creepy comment for the vtuber was left by head taker lol

  • BalKanPluG
    BalKanPluG13 dager siden

    Uzi definitely lying about the price, but alotta people are so it's whatever. But of course bros a high payed artist. Thought you'd know lol

  • Gabby 127
    Gabby 12718 dager siden

    The vtuber fanbase is what turns me off from them. Like that guy that made the pokimane video, who hurt him that made him so defensive of these fake anime girls? The vtuber community is very simp-y it makes me uncomfortable.

  • Kachiri Ross
    Kachiri Ross19 dager siden

    I am literally CRY LAUGHING at Ian and A.B’s virtual suits not working 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 When A.B is pewdiepie with his mouth open HAHAHHAH 😂❤️ Love Hila’s mommy milkers too obviously, but Ethan’s burger is the best one! 🍔

  • Ryo
    Ryo20 dager siden

    I wish I could have called in to Vtuber topic that based in Japan. I'm fan of them and I'm Japanese, been following from beginning of whole Vtube world

  • Jesus Vasquez
    Jesus Vasquez21 dag siden

    Her name is Rem.

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones22 dager siden

    Ethan is looking a little thick these days.

  • Music Life
    Music Life23 dager siden

    I love this show

  • See Envy
    See Envy27 dager siden

    Burger-chan 2024

  • Treasure Finds with Jane
    Treasure Finds with JaneMåned siden

    A guy from my town has harassed me from 3 different accounts everytime I block him he creates a new one. He messages me asking me to send him foot picture's AND LEGIT says some of the creepiest stuff. People are legit nuts 😳

  • Braden Pierce
    Braden PierceMåned siden

    Nah uzi is LIKE that

  • Hanseii Great meme
    Hanseii Great memeMåned siden

    After so many years of postponing the interview, pewdiepie finally makes an appearance on the h3 podcast

  • Daniel Knap
    Daniel KnapMåned siden

    I’ve been gone for a while, but who is the new guy?

  • Daniel Knap

    Daniel Knap

    Måned siden

    @Sophia Garcia yeah if that’s his name, the guy with the short hair and clean shave

  • Sophia Garcia

    Sophia Garcia

    Måned siden


  • Jeremy Bersabe
    Jeremy BersabeMåned siden

    48:28 rem and lord borgor

  • TheFightingScott
    TheFightingScottMåned siden

    this video is shadow banned doesn't come up in my autofill when i search the title

  • Michael Tompkins
    Michael TompkinsMåned siden

    Use are gross are use nearly 40 obsessing over 20 year old kids 🤢.. like the bitter old men angry they did what yous could never do so u try and put them down to somehow bring u up? How about worry about urself make origional content of ur own and try to do it properly.. u must be very unhappy in urselfs, bitterness will eat u up worry about urself and ur content not making up dirt on kids doing well for themselves its gross

  • The God Emperor of Mankind
    The God Emperor of MankindMåned siden

    Another day, another episode of Ethan talking about things he has zero knowledge about

  • chris bis
    chris bisMåned siden

    I enjoy h3 podcast but I feel like it ha became the cancelling podcast. I wish there was original content like there used to be. Now it just feels like every video they try and get fellow youtubers cancelled. To me it seems so lazy and boring.

  • vic
    vicMåned siden

    Ethan being a burger is his true self

  • Lucy Peachesss
    Lucy PeachesssMåned siden


  • Bhavik Panchal
    Bhavik PanchalMåned siden

    I love Hila's avatar is from the anime Re:Zero the characters name is Rem

  • Tara Coff
    Tara CoffMåned siden

    Ok I can't this is the most I have ever laughed!! Ian & abs avatar but hilas blow my boobs away was hila- rious

  • Bree P
    Bree PMåned siden

    “These are just clout pills” LOL wtf

  • Olivia Sundberg
    Olivia SundbergMåned siden

    AB’s snail 🥺🥺

  • M Dill
    M DillMåned siden

    Love Code Miko, so entertaining. Thanks H3 for introducing me to her!

  • brandon A
    brandon AMåned siden


  • brandon A
    brandon AMåned siden


  • 4kqyo
    4kqyoMåned siden


  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMåned siden


  • Uncle Remus
    Uncle RemusMåned siden

    why does Hila act so WOKE now, sometimes it's ANNOYING, even though she's HOT

  • Ane
    AneMåned siden

    This episode was such a trainwreck lmao XD

  • Nick Musetti
    Nick MusettiMåned siden

    Was a fan hardcore back in the day..... not so much now. Just gets fat in front of the camera and talks about trashy rappers and doesn’t create original content anymore.

  • The society of benevolence
    The society of benevolenceMåned siden

    Wasn't Jeffrey dhamler impulsive?

  • ghostlytoots
    ghostlytootsMåned siden

    Maybe our menstrual cycles are in sync 🤔

  • starry eyed
    starry eyedMåned siden

    lil uzi is not a big deal????

  • nate vivanco
    nate vivancoMåned siden

    It's annoying how keem tries to be so humble but still looks for a pity party

  • Reaper
    ReaperMåned siden

    I apologize for bombing several subway stations but you must understand I simply cannot help being joker brained

  • quincee
    quinceeMåned siden

    Just FYI Barca is pronounced Bar-sa, it's short for FC Barcelona

  • Empty Couch
    Empty CouchMåned siden

    I found this to be one of your most interesting podcasts in recent history. I like that you explored a lesser-known part of the internet. I feel that the way it was presented was well orchestrated and that the interview with CodeMiko was compelling. Well done 10/10.

  • 努美
    努美Måned siden

    Ethan and Hila absolutely have to dub that deep fake

  • Dean Degner
    Dean DegnerMåned siden

    We never saw zero titty bouncing through Hila's character.

  • Flakka
    FlakkaMåned siden

    DEEPFAKE AT 02:07

  • Kiley Kneib
    Kiley KneibMåned siden

    This episode was perfection!! Burger-chan had me crying. From laughter. Just too funny all around, thanks y’all!! ❤️

  • Beatrice Eris Still
    Beatrice Eris StillMåned siden

    Petition for Zach to sound bite Hila saying 'I'm Lady Big Titties'.

  • Broken Animator
    Broken AnimatorMåned siden

    Is it me or does Ethan look particularly tasty in this episode?

  • sydney brumbach
    sydney brumbachMåned siden

    CodeMiko was such an awesome guest! What an icon! I've seen her stuff around the internet but hearing her talk about it in detail was awesome.

  • Lexi Corona
    Lexi CoronaMåned siden

    51:53 The way Ab had his eyes closed then smiled after ethan acknowledged him was so adorable

  • Sammy W.
    Sammy W.Måned siden

    I love watching Ethan’s eyebrow tick through french fries 😂

  • Daniel Weiss
    Daniel WeissMåned siden

    Timestamps would be great

  • Equos
    EquosMåned siden

    They really seemed uninterested with CodeMiko's story (which is amazing btw). Hila's "wow, that's cool" was painful.

  • The InFamous TMF
    The InFamous TMFMåned siden

    I never realized Ethan wasn’t doing the eyebrow thing on purpose. Every time I noticed it before it was perfectly timed with what he was saying so it didn’t seem out of place.

  • Pyro boss
    Pyro bossMåned siden

    You call out logan for ending his carreer while he gets mills of views each vid yet u killed ur own carreer going to podcasts and ending up only doing trisha bs podcasts eventually and even i quit watching you because you've become this wanker on the internet while u used to laugh with wankers on the internet... Your old videos were so good and if you'd go back to those kind of videos maybe u'd get more views again but literally everyone that i know including myself that loved your vids doesn't watch u at all anymore... I love watching you and logan paul so yeah arrest me for that idc logan is fkin funny but only his cringy ass highlights will be shown to the public... It's a joke ...

  • Jeremy Rivera
    Jeremy RiveraMåned siden

    code miko plays sm64 when

  • Albert Kotze
    Albert KotzeMåned siden

    Uzi's been paying for that diamond since 2017.

  • paramaddie -
    paramaddie -Måned siden

    A surface anchor with a stone that big really isn’t the greatest idea but fuck it I guess lol

  • Vanilla Chocolate
    Vanilla ChocolateMåned siden

    Ethans fry brows moving are everything

  • K C
    K CMåned siden

    1:11:27 “it blows my uh boobs away”

  • Jules H
    Jules HMåned siden

    When everyone’s avatars started looking like y’all had strokes, I lost it 🤣🤣🤣

  • TheEvilRohanite
    TheEvilRohaniteMåned siden

    Were they seeing a different avatar than the audience cause I didn't see any bounce on either Hila or Ethan smh.

  • All Things Houseplants
    All Things HouseplantsMåned siden

    Omg the faces on the office is so funny😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matsuri
    MatsuriMåned siden

    They should use the avatars more often 😹

  • sira 9
    sira 9Måned siden

    Ethan would actually fit Michael perfectly. Lovable, but sometimes says some oof shit

  • Lucas Cervantes
    Lucas CervantesMåned siden

    The avatar scene was hilarious

  • Julie Snider
    Julie SniderMåned siden

    Haha the burger is perfect for Ethan cuz of the eyebrows!! It animates them so well!

    ELLIOTTMåned siden

    The fact that burger ethan’s eyebrows twitch is everything to me

  • Mikey G
    Mikey GMåned siden

    I love that Ethan's burger also has his Tourettes eyebrows

  • Julia Kreuzer
    Julia KreuzerMåned siden

    Ethan is worth more than Lil Uzi Vert

  • brian
    brianMåned siden

    i’m a little annoyed with ethans ignorance with the ice cube situation if you have relashipnship with men and women it wouldn’t mean you’re gay. being gay is a man with other men only

  • Warhawk Irizarry
    Warhawk IrizarryMåned siden


  • That one lady
    That one ladyMåned siden

    sub dermal piercings are so weak the constant weight of gravity alone will trigger it to grow out and reject. I dont get the hard on for diamonds there are so many other more beautiful stones.

  • AveGluteusMaximus
    AveGluteusMaximusMåned siden

    The questions to CodeMiko were on point. That conversation was informative and made me smile

  • Marcus MIDI
    Marcus MIDIMåned siden

    Lil Uzi Vert wont be jumping into any crowd to crowd-surf again that's for sure..

  • Munjee
    MunjeeMåned siden

    I really would love to see the raw footage for this especially Ian

  • 87Sylvz
    87Sylvz2 måneder siden

    I love burger Ethan

  • Atticus Paulsen
    Atticus Paulsen2 måneder siden

    Kizuna was the first baby. Gigguk said it

  • coctus
    coctus2 måneder siden


  • Nneka Okeke
    Nneka Okeke2 måneder siden

    PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE TI AND TINY SITUATION ON H3 AFTERDARK LMAO. It's like the whole R. Kelly sitch. Pleeeeeeeeease lawd talk about it. Get AB to work digging up info.

  • Bulk Brogan
    Bulk Brogan2 måneder siden

    I'm the only waifu you'll ever need BROTHER ALL THE BULKAMANIACS KNOW

  • Paity
    Paity2 måneder siden

    1:09:54 holy fucking shit the pewdiepie avatar looking dead in AB's chair had me fucking dying

  • Eric Pflugfelder
    Eric Pflugfelder2 måneder siden

    When Ethan's burger de-syncs from his face and goes completely neutral I cannot stop laughing. The timing on it is when he is the most animated (pun intended) and then the burger just freaking stares into space gets me every time.

  • ally catraz
    ally catraz2 måneder siden


    NEDTHEPRODUCER2 måneder siden

    Who else misses the old setup😢 it used to be so cozy

  • Gaamesso
    Gaamesso2 måneder siden

    The title: Logan Paul ends his career! Me: Again?

  • EileMonty
    EileMonty2 måneder siden

    Vtuber here! 🖖✨ I love you Burger-chan ❤️

  • Nate Carrington

    Nate Carrington

    7 dager siden

    @Harry Long they're all dudes lol

  • Tsundere Fan

    Tsundere Fan

    Måned siden

    Loli’s Paradise is still my favorite song.

  • EileMonty


    Måned siden

    @Harry Long I'm the manliest VTuber ever!

  • Harry Long

    Harry Long

    Måned siden

    I'd ask you if you're a dude but we all know you are

  • Ken K
    Ken K2 måneder siden

    Love you guys but your wife is right it’s almost as if you’re making fun of gay people using that sound bite. Not good. Your crew probably needs some ethics training because there is some underlying homophobia.

  • swagger man
    swagger man2 måneder siden

    What happened to the set? It used to be so spacious and interesting but now it's so one dimensional and boring

  • First Choice
    First Choice2 måneder siden

    He been paying for that diamond for almost 4 years, and he has insurance on it so if someone does steal it , it doesn’t really matter

  • James McCluskey
    James McCluskey2 måneder siden

    It’s nice to see someone I respect so much be so nervous with her voice.

  • 夢Nostalgic
    夢Nostalgic2 måneder siden

    To think they have been using the same intro music for three years

  • Shoyu43
    Shoyu432 måneder siden

    who's rem

  • SinForTheSaint
    SinForTheSaint2 måneder siden

    Hila could be a great ventriloquist. When she's smiling and talks you can't even tell she's talking

  • Playboibean
    Playboibean2 måneder siden

    Is Rem not copyright? How was that hila’s vtuber model

  • Champloo Sloppy
    Champloo Sloppy2 måneder siden

    Niko almost looked like a RPG character in her normal human form haha

  • Overlord Shadow
    Overlord Shadow2 måneder siden

    The out of touch boomer trying to commentate on new wave video making/streaming styles. Sad.

  • Katie K
    Katie K2 måneder siden

    Where can I sign up to be a vtubber? Lol, I seen some of those streams, and these vtubbers are getting HUNDREDS of dollars every other minute, just doing what normal streamers do. I’ve never seen such high donations in a stream before!!

  • CZsWorld
    CZsWorld2 måneder siden

    Did anyone else think when CodeMiko came on screen, "wow that looks so photorealistic" only to realize that's actually her and she's just really good looking?

  • Nate Carrington

    Nate Carrington

    7 dager siden

    No dude.

  • Rosalina Kurkova

    Rosalina Kurkova

    Måned siden

    its a filter as well

  • Lizayo


    2 måneder siden

    No how could you possibly think that lmao. She is good looking not disagreeing on that