Insider Article Could End David Dobrik's Career - H3 Podcast # 240


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  • honeybee
    honeybee4 timer siden


  • rachel friedman
    rachel friedmanDag siden

    I feel like Ethan is a really good friend

  • rachel friedman
    rachel friedmanDag siden

    Ethan was a lawyer in a past life

  • Emile Mcgee
    Emile McgeeDag siden

    Hilla is a drunk

  • SkyVision
    SkyVision3 dager siden

    "R**** is an act of se*ual inter*ourse accomplished with a person not the SPOUSE of the perpetrator where a person is prevented from resisting by any intoxicating ..." Am I reading this correctly? That r*** under this law doesn't include if you get r***** by your spouse? 🙄 What?!

  • Emily Czech
    Emily Czech4 dager siden

    1:29:30 what a slam dunk, ethan wrapped up the comebacks so well

  • Lindsey Taylor Mitchell
    Lindsey Taylor Mitchell4 dager siden

    david’s apology is the worst apology i have ever seen lmao

  • Lindsey Taylor Mitchell
    Lindsey Taylor Mitchell4 dager siden

    i never was a fan of david’s and i’m glad i never was. he’s a psychopath and has a horrible fake laugh

  • Seth Berney
    Seth Berney4 dager siden

    God damn these podcasts are so good

  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac5 dager siden

    Hell yeah I hope every miserable piece of garbage that swatts people get their lives completely ruined by the law you pathetic works deserve no less

  • Cole Ramnanthan
    Cole Ramnanthan5 dager siden

    He starts talking about the article at 16:58

  • Cole Ramnanthan
    Cole Ramnanthan5 dager siden

    16:59 he starts talking about the article

  • Chloe Moore
    Chloe Moore5 dager siden

    This is honestly so triggering for me. I was in a similar party situation where I was fed alcohol to the point of being incoherent and then stuffed away in a room for someone to take advantage and then the next day it was all chalked up to be a typical frat house party night. Like no this is seriously so sick.

  • Stassy Sm
    Stassy Sm6 dager siden

    Nice outfit Hilaa

  • SMouse Booth
    SMouse Booth6 dager siden

    Good job guys. You got him. Can we please cut this shit now and get back to the memes

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama7 dager siden

    If I hear the word “drunk” one more time....

  • Sarah
    Sarah8 dager siden

    1:14:05 cant stop watching this part. hila’s response 🥺

  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac8 dager siden

    I hope everyone that swatts people gets completely f*cked by the law those miserable pathetic bastard's deserve no less absolutely disgusting

  • Amelia Taylor
    Amelia Taylor8 dager siden

    I didn’t know you were trying for another shrimp!! 🦐 so happy for you guys, praying all goes well!! 🥺❤️

  • tesscheer
    tesscheer9 dager siden

    Ethan just ignores all the pervi things Trish has done to others against their will?!?

  • SilverDOMO
    SilverDOMO10 dager siden

    listening to the whole threesome story is so fucking disturbing

  • Shree Nation
    Shree Nation11 dager siden

    Bro people like pewdiepie play games and h3 dances with a fupa and I'm literally here making dumba$$ content on my bed, and these mfs out here assaulting people for views. Fame really exposes evil

  • Ashley Bailie
    Ashley Bailie11 dager siden

    the fact that in the california penal code it basically states that if it's committed by your spouse then it's not rape is so revolting. My heart breaks for these girls, they were complete victims and have to carry that with them while fans go through so many lengths to discredit them...

  • dager siden

    I remember hanging at my besties party and I got black out drunk and some guy started making out with me and feeling me up while I was in and out of consciousness, but one of my high school friends shoved him off me after seeing what was happening. Then in the morning I found out he had (R word) one of my other school friends who was blind drunk at the party. But nothing came from this. A lot of people at the time made my friend feel like she was stupid for letting it happen and getting drunk and we all blamed ourselves a lot and never reported him, its only years later now as I'm an adult I can realise how wrong this was. It's just so common it's hard to stay sane sorry

    THE EMP11 dager siden


  • Katie
    Katie12 dager siden

    This reporter is amazing and did an amazing job, but damn she needs to work on not saying "like" for every other word lmao

  • Michael Brune
    Michael Brune13 dager siden


  • Michael Brune
    Michael Brune13 dager siden

    Holy these podcasts are boring as hell get to the title

  • Panda Poodle
    Panda Poodle13 dager siden

    I feel sick just hearing about this.

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones13 dager siden

    Hila is so cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose14 dager siden

    I've said it once and I'll say it again... The degree of manipulation is sociopathic. David Dobrik is the real sociopath.

  • Hispanic Titanic
    Hispanic Titanic14 dager siden

    Which R/SA word are they referring to? Haven't watched the whole video

  • lujiku
    lujiku14 dager siden

    I can see the comparison between the nonconsensual kiss and the apology. Seth expected the kiss to be between him and a woman, he did not expect it to be a man and was forced to accept it being a man as he has no ability to change it or stop it from happening. The apology was not given to him personally, ot was spring upon him giving him no choice but to accept it or seem like a bad guy to David's much larger fanbase and not accept it. He has gone on so long not expecting an apology and now it seems to have been thrown at him.

  • Brenda Veloz
    Brenda Veloz14 dager siden

    stop with the swatting it’s completely dangerous it’s horrible and you can get innocent people get hurt/killed. I hope you guys stay safe!

  • Stunt Panda
    Stunt Panda15 dager siden

    Dobrik is on the Kid's Choice Awards hosted by Jared Fogle. Then they're going for a vacation at Jeffrey Epstein's private island.

  • O R
    O R15 dager siden

    What's up with Ethan's eyes?

  • M Fahmid
    M Fahmid15 dager siden

    Seth the snake 👀

  • Emily Mannella
    Emily Mannella15 dager siden

    his elevator pitch

  • 2K GOD
    2K GOD15 dager siden

    Article starts at 20:00

  • paulína
    paulína15 dager siden

    This whole situation is hard to follow, since it's the same thing I went through when I was 15 (suddenly an older friend of my friends came over when we were having fun at a local festival, he was around 23 at the time, really creepy I always tried to stay away from him, but he kept on buying me alcohol and it was few weeks after my dad's funeral so I was still trying to forget my sorrow, so I drank what he gave me, not expecting the alcohol to hit me so hard since I didnt have much experience with it. Later I went out to get some air but the older guy grabs me and takes me to a dark stadium and I just remember being thrown at the cold grass and looking up and the black sky as I feel him, just,,, doing whatever he wants, without asking me or even speaking or looking at my face at all, I was half way blacked out) and after that his entire friend group turned on me and basically blamed me for it and basically said, and I quote "if you just accepted him both of you could have a nice time, since you knew he liked you, now you broke his heart because he had to stoop so low to do get you drunk to do it" and I was just so angry and afraid and disgusted, I just apologized (since they kept on asking me to say sorry to him for making him feel bad) and left them completely, trying to forget about it. Of course I'm still traumatised and it destroyed some of my relationships since I'm unable to let people touch me without having a panic attack. But I love watching this, because I feel a sense of relief that the victim is receiving understanding and support and I hope Dom goes to jail because he deserves it for what he did to the girl.

  • Ana Monteiro

    Ana Monteiro

    15 dager siden

    sorry you had to go through all of those awful situations :( wishing you all the best 💜

  • Isabelle Hazar
    Isabelle Hazar15 dager siden

    Anyone else notice that Big Nick commented something nice under Dom's apology too? Weird...

  • Rocio Fuentes
    Rocio Fuentes15 dager siden

    You can’t trust a group of people who call themselves “the vlog squad” like who does that? It’s so lame and ridiculous... not even surprised these sorts of things happened if they were involved

  • OprahsKankles
    OprahsKankles15 dager siden

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  • Dianne Shwab
    Dianne Shwab15 dager siden

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  • Danai Iglesias
    Danai Iglesias16 dager siden

    Holy fuck this brought me to TEARS! As a victim this just crushed my heart. These people need to get SENTENCED! Canceled! This is so disgusting just to think we all enjoyed these videos at one point makes me sick to my stomach🤮🤕

  • hartlei's vanity
    hartlei's vanity16 dager siden

    Educate your sons.

  • hartlei's vanity
    hartlei's vanity16 dager siden

    Yo them peeping into the room gave me chills. If I could curse in a comment I'd say that's f-ing disgusting. Like vile. Such an invasion of privacy. Ugh ew

  • Justice James
    Justice James16 dager siden

    The thing is literally in this video David says when Jason says does anyone want to see me and Trisha have sex David says I do... then in another blog which Trisha has mentioned he’s hiding in the bathroom when her and Jason have sex that’s very very weird

  • Caroline Arnis
    Caroline Arnis16 dager siden

    this is so disturbing... these are the people getting kids' choice awards? they should never be associated with anything relating to minors. absolutely vile. they're only now willing to discuss this because their sponsorships and reputations were being threatened. this reminds me of the sexual assault occurring at vidcon in the 2010's. vloggers using their power and influence to manipulate fans that admire or trust them. absolutely disgusted. not only dom, but all of the people involved in that video should be facing legal charges because they are essentially accomplices. what scares me the most is this is only what we know as of right now... there are reasons to believe that there are other survivors from abusive behavior or events that have gone on that they're just not caught for yet.

  • Tay's Tings
    Tay's Tings16 dager siden

    For a week now I’ve been wondering if they picked the name Hannah because of Hannah Montana

  • Jennifer Norton
    Jennifer Norton16 dager siden

    Ethan: ‘I have to follow through’ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 POWERFUL! Thank you!!! 💚💚

  • Ashley Reffitt
    Ashley Reffitt16 dager siden

    I’m so sorry about the fertility issues, I know it’s stressful and draining in all aspects. I just had a miscarriage in October and currently 6 weeks pregnant right now and I have to take shots every week until I give birth they are painful but I know it’s all gonna be worth it. Sending you both prayers ♥️

  • maurya loona
    maurya loona16 dager siden

    The fact that trisha and ethan made this serious topic a source of entertainment and took it as an opportunity to take revenge on david when the real culprit was dom just disgusts me. @/shameonh3

  • Stevie Hayes
    Stevie Hayes17 dager siden

    Can I just point out that the title of that original vlog with "Hannah" in it was "SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!" Like wtf?!? Someone else may have pointed it out but I just haven't seen anyone say anything about it having that title. Who is the "SHE" that he was referring to? There were ultimately two girls in that room with Dom. Am I the only one that feels like he was specifically referring to "Hannah"???? Which makes all of this so much more sickening. It implies that if she wasn't drunk and if she didn't really want to have sex with him then she shouldn't have come there or talked to Dom or went in the room with him. And that's the issue here. Men that CONSTANTLY blame the woman for being assaulted. We have all heard it! It's always either she wanted it because she was dressed a certain way, or she got drunk so she shouldn't have put herself in that situation so she deserved it. PLUS that wasn't even Dom's video!! It was David's!! Him making that the title of that vlog looks like he thinks that "Hannah" shouldn't have provoked Dom if she didn't want to be assaulted.

  • Estefania Ramirez
    Estefania Ramirez17 dager siden

    What video was it??

  • John Hubbard
    John Hubbard17 dager siden

    Bruh S A R word.. nah I got no idea what’s going on....

  • emyF


    17 dager siden

    S.A = sexual assault R = Rape

  • Devyn Ryan
    Devyn Ryan17 dager siden

    Hilarious is probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen inside and out.

  • Ollie Hoffman
    Ollie Hoffman17 dager siden

    Genuinely sick to my stomach right now. This is awful and terrifying. Im beyond disgusted and that’s really all I can say. Those poor girls... makes me want to cry that this happened to them..... jail time needs to be given for this.

  • emyF


    17 dager siden

    Makes me not want to leave my house ever.. Fucking pure demons walking among us..

  • Vengeful Squid
    Vengeful Squid17 dager siden

    Ethan should really not talk about him getting swatted if he just ignores it the person who swatted him will just think they failed and nothing happened but them seeing you upset by it gives them pride

  • catbeara
    catbeara17 dager siden

    1:34:22 this moment really freaked me out, because I was scrolling and kinda zoning out, and Kat is my name so I like jumped in surprise when he said it 😅

  • Jessica Liberman
    Jessica Liberman17 dager siden

    The sad violin

  • Kln
    Kln17 dager siden

    Wanting to make people happy is literally the worst excuse, because it has nothing to do with the ethics of the content production. A company using slave labour is separate from the quality of the product they’re producing, they didn’t miss the mark with their content they are just ruining their workers lives.

  • ghosttowntomato
    ghosttowntomato17 dager siden

    Wha? The article won’t ruin his career. Being an accessory to rape will though...

  • Emily Beth Mitchell
    Emily Beth Mitchell17 dager siden

    I am sick

  • Suusje
    Suusje17 dager siden

    Can someone explain what 'swatting' is? I hear Ethan talk about it frequently. I am not American nor English so I don't get it

  • emyF


    17 dager siden

    Pretty much ppl calling the cops with false report abt Ethan.. Some immature prank calls

  • Scotti Bee
    Scotti Bee17 dager siden

    I love Hila so much

  • Salma
    Salma17 dager siden

    I love hila

  • Taylor Cornett
    Taylor Cornett17 dager siden

    What's sick is to think David thought this vlog out and was like "ok Dom, you post on your story and see if any girls will be willing to come to this and you know they will to meet me" and then he planned the rest. It's sick.

  • aero mtb
    aero mtb18 dager siden

    So is the the LA DA going to investigate this?

  • Vera
    Vera18 dager siden

    You are lucky to be living in a gated community, where cops come fast... California is going to hell because they are defunding the police and letting criminals out. I hope you understand when you vote for Dems... the safety of people who can’t afford what you have... is very limited.

  • Denver Late
    Denver Late18 dager siden

    Bro, Ethan has done something messed up. Idk what it is, but mark my words you guys. Something’s gonna come out about this guy. He seems so guilty

  • Madison Smith
    Madison Smith18 dager siden

    The fact they ALL saw her leave the apartment extremelyyyy drunk and said “we’re going to jail” at the end ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

  • emyF


    17 dager siden

    Yeah I hope they do go to jail n get real fucked inside.. Doms dream abt group sex will come true

  • Amal
    Amal18 dager siden

    They are so calm talking about being SWATTed so that's really gracious of them

  • Laura Courtney
    Laura Courtney18 dager siden


  • alyssa lazz
    alyssa lazz18 dager siden

    David Dobrik and Dom are fucking disgusting

  • aero mtb
    aero mtb18 dager siden

    sounds like there is a ton of evidence.

  • Food for Thought
    Food for Thought18 dager siden

    My question to everyone in the comments or who reads this is now what? What, to you, feels like a genuine and realistic solve to what has taken place? David giving money to people or foundations won’t fix anything that Dom did. David may have given Dom a platform, sure, but in my personal opinion David is being crucified for the actions of what someone else did and that’s not 100% fair. David is apologizing to victims and doing things offline that not everyone knows about and same with everyone involved. No “answers” are owned to anyone online. That includes Trisha, Ethan or any other news media. The only people that “deserve” anything are the victims and others involved. So my question stands, in your opinion, what next? What more than an apology do people online what when in reality none of “us” are owed anything?

  • Cat
    Cat18 dager siden

    Wow as if I couldn’t be more disgusted with this whole situation

  • Talestra
    Talestra18 dager siden

    I know all this crap is terrible but can we take a moment to bask in the Gomez Adam's amount of adoration Ethan has for his wife?

  • Oliver
    Oliver18 dager siden

    She said in the video she was just there for the memories

  • Kerri Marie
    Kerri Marie18 dager siden

    its crazy no matter what they try to cover up that the video showing everything

  • Salty Gee
    Salty Gee18 dager siden

    29:02 is fart?lol

  • Princess Sheldon
    Princess Sheldon18 dager siden

    The beginning was adorable with their relationship!

  • A Azarie
    A Azarie18 dager siden

    Hila looks GORGEOUS in this episode, i love her hair!!

  • vvokebtw
    vvokebtw18 dager siden

    Just recently got into podcast and I’m loving h3 podcast

    BETZMANN VLOGS19 dager siden

    I m not saying that she's lying or making this up but what makes you so sure that she isn't doing this for clout? I mean where's the proof and why isn't Dom arrested yet?

  • lidia pietrusza

    lidia pietrusza

    18 dager siden

    @Mike C don’t tell him that lol let him expose himself 🙂

  • Mike C

    Mike C

    18 dager siden

    58:10 (to your clout statement... Did you actually listen or did you just post this comment after half ass skimming?) a court case gets compiled, reasonable suspicious is developed and then a judge assigns an arrest warrant. A twit longer with screenshots or article doesn't equal an arrest. "Hannah" made it clear she is involving legal action and legal action takes a much longer time than it think you expect for an accusation like this. (To your "there is an article made, why isn't he instantly arrested?" Type question.) Considering your a checkmarked vlog channel, I would consider taking a step back from making public statements because if there are arrest and it is proven rape, people can make accusations about collusion with David to be a "rape apologist" by inspiring doubt... Tldr. Keep your trap shut before the final verdict or shit might blow up in your face.

  • leanna ashley

    leanna ashley

    18 dager siden

    how can the victim be doing this for clout if she's anonymous ?

  • Le Potato
    Le Potato19 dager siden

    That "thank you David, we'll keep digging" part made me feel like I'm going to be watching a vigilante series staring these two in the future. Especially after we got to see Hila's combat skills in action.

  • Carolyn Grey
    Carolyn Grey19 dager siden

    Omg the sad violin in DD's apology video 😂😂😂 that was too funny

  • Dr.Kickass
    Dr.Kickass19 dager siden

    dont be afraid to say rape.

  • emyF


    17 dager siden

    It's NOlocal.. They demonitize for words like that while have actual predators having their channels going

  • Frania Figueroa
    Frania Figueroa19 dager siden

    Article starts at roughly 22 minutes

  • ymarisjim3318
    ymarisjim331819 dager siden

    22:20 for the article from insider information

  • Awe Dee.0
    Awe Dee.019 dager siden

    you mentioned you were blackout drunk and couldn't move your extremities and needed help to do a basic task like put on your underwear, but you sent a well-thought-out reply stating my client could use any clip from that night that he wanted to as long as it didn't deter employers. coming from a person who couldn't recall a sexual encounter, that seems to be a pretty confident reply, given the accusations towards my client...

  • sara saeed

    sara saeed

    11 dager siden

    you are not a lawyer stfu

  • Awe Dee.0
    Awe Dee.019 dager siden

    on the night of November 25th what kind of video were you told you'd be shooting??? why didnt you leave after you physically and verbally rejected him??? do you often, continue to stay in places where people make sexual advances to you???

  • Sarah Cerbone
    Sarah Cerbone19 dager siden

    I think he posted on views bc he hasn’t posted much content on his main channel since covid and he knew how many ppl would be getting a notification he posted on his 1st and 2nd channel. Also him apologizing for exploiting young women (or should be apologizing for) with his KID’S choice award in the background. K

  • Awe Dee.0
    Awe Dee.019 dager siden

    2018 ! so why are we hearing about it now???

  • Awe Dee.0
    Awe Dee.019 dager siden

    50:15 i feel like the whole thing is fake

  • Owain Bzbdhxjx
    Owain Bzbdhxjx19 dager siden

    Hate this prick but he’s got a point ngl

  • ken gal
    ken gal19 dager siden

    Did you delete my comment?

    JOE MADDOG19 dager siden

    Jason. Nash 48 years old. And condoning any of these actions. While having a Daughter dude watching that Guy walking in to. See this says a lot about his character how he has any sponsor ship is beyond. Me. At least. David and all of the Vlog squad. Are young. He should be the voice of reason. Like guys this is getting out of hand. Or at least give your Opinion these are basically kids. David was 21 when this video came out I’m not. Making excuse there actions were disgusting But to have a 48 year older man there walking in with. Jokes about what’s about to happen. I mean. Cman man and he talks the same as they do to women. There always snapping on girls in his Videos while Jason is standing there not once does he say guys she’s a girl have a little respect.

  • emyF


    17 dager siden

    Lol who are u trying to reason abt? Jason? Hilarious. First of all he hangs around w bunch of 20year olds frat guys.. And he has sent the 21 year old girl who started Kanye West n jeffree affair rumour on tiktok his dick picture... She contacted Trisha abt it later. It was after Trisha n Jason had broken up ofc.. I can only imagine how 10X worse he was when he was in his 20s..

  • Camila Magalhaes
    Camila Magalhaes19 dager siden

    “Dom is like the gross friend who can have sex with ANYTHING” omg the objectification just gets worse huh? this whole thing just proves how manipulative and sick David really is. disgusting.