FaZe Banks, Jeff Wittek, James Charles, David Dobrik - H3 After Dark # 29


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  • H3 Podcast
    H3 Podcast16 dager siden

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  • obvious


    6 dager siden

    @Sam 93 ouch



    10 dager siden

    CHECK OUT THE WELCOME TO TRISHYLAND TRAILER IF U ARE A TRISHA STAN. It's looking through her whole journey guys

  • Jade Alyx

    Jade Alyx

    10 dager siden

    @Daniel Madrid if you stand with dobrik you stand with SA

  • Kool Kat

    Kool Kat

    11 dager siden

    @tomtesting99 🤡🤡🤡

  • Kool Kat

    Kool Kat

    11 dager siden

    @Adam Cram it’s not NOlocal drama, this is a sexual assault case and people need to know not to support these pedos and assaulters and those who enable it... if u didn’t like it and ur too ignorant to understand these types of serious real life things... maybe ur not mature enough and need to go back to keemstars page.

  • Seth Berney
    Seth Berney5 timer siden

    Horn of war!!

  • Seth Berney
    Seth Berney5 timer siden

    Another day of catching up on podcasts at work. Thx for all you do!!

  • Cyn CitySix
    Cyn CitySixDag siden

    I’m sorry whenever I kept hearing them say “code red” I kept thinking of Mountain Dew 😂

  • rainycloudy21
    rainycloudy21Dag siden

    i wonder what hilas feet smell like

  • Mark Long
    Mark Long2 dager siden

    Jeff is owning up to that video and we love it

  • Zeppelin33
    Zeppelin332 dager siden

    That sound drop at 21:54 is fucking perfection

  • cheyenne cullen
    cheyenne cullen2 dager siden

    Okay Dan 👀

  • elena barrera
    elena barrera2 dager siden

    WHY IS IT THIN??????:??? i was asking the same question yesterday don't feel alone love you babes

  • Youtube Reject
    Youtube Reject2 dager siden

    *** I died when you said james Charles podcast name 😂😂😂 and when you were gonna catfish james who's a catfish predator omg I'm laughing so hard

  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac2 dager siden

    Hola hates when ethan talks sh*t on people because he's a complete coward when it comes to physical alterations lol

  • Therealcrisisplan 1028
    Therealcrisisplan 10283 dager siden

    That banks part took forever!!!! Just press play

  • MMD-Determinat-ion
    MMD-Determinat-ion4 dager siden

    lowkey out of everyone on impaulsive i prefer logan over the others because he’s changed so much

  • Kehkashan Bhagat
    Kehkashan Bhagat4 dager siden

    Mike Jailak

  • Bravewryy
    Bravewryy4 dager siden


  • Bravewryy
    Bravewryy4 dager siden


  • Bubblegum Blue
    Bubblegum Blue4 dager siden

    Mike should be named gym shartie

  • Leah Wheeling
    Leah Wheeling5 dager siden

    I love the hair (Ethan and Hila)

  • Katie Poe
    Katie Poe5 dager siden

    Just had a random memory of watching David on Hot Ones and I think he mentioned how he pranked one friend that there was a bomb about to drop or some kinda war threat where he hired actors to be running and freaking out outside and it freaked out his friend so bad that apparently he had to apologize to him and his family. I'd be interested in knowing more about that situation.

  • Katie Poe

    Katie Poe

    3 dager siden

    Yes that must be it!

  • Alia Yanny

    Alia Yanny

    3 dager siden

    I think your referring to the "prank" he pulled on Brandon? Where he hired a bunch of actors to pose as scared neighbor and police officers to make him think that the San Andreas fault earthquake happened and that they needed to evacuate everyone in the area. During the vlog you can see Brandon frantic and scared calling his family to make sure their fine

  • Alfred Andersson
    Alfred Andersson5 dager siden


  • Alfred Andersson
    Alfred Andersson5 dager siden


  • Eden Byz
    Eden Byz5 dager siden

    Love to Hila

  • Big Chops
    Big Chops5 dager siden

    he'd be suing for defamation of the defecation

  • Randy Lott
    Randy Lott5 dager siden

    The document says "sextual" and it looks like he took 3 minutes to draft it up (without legal advice). If you're that worried about blowback from consensual acts, your definition of consent is WAY off. This is CREEPY. I have heard of people having safe words for consensual non-consent. I have 0 experience with that, but I assume the involved parties know each other very well and there's a massive amount of trust in their relationship. I'm not a fan of anything that compromises or blurs the definition of consent.

  • NivlekNivlek
    NivlekNivlek5 dager siden

    that jeff apology made me tear up

  • TheDesertWhale
    TheDesertWhale5 dager siden

    The dude losing his shit in the bg every time he hits code red gets me every time

  • Anna Zalek
    Anna Zalek5 dager siden

    Forgive me but I don't see why anyone watches this guy & his wife. Not trying to be mean just truly do not see the appeal. I'm utterly bored listening to them 😔 Idk I just cringe. Then adding Trisha to the mix... Oh boy, nuff said, I'm out 😂😂

  • Bryce Brookshire
    Bryce Brookshire5 dager siden

    That was a FAT bit 😂😂 I died (metaphorically)

  • explicitcorp
    explicitcorp5 dager siden

    Lol Ethan spazzing about Banks getting his facts wrong as he falsely claims Banks had sexual assault allegations against him is gold!

  • JudgeBeanos
    JudgeBeanos6 dager siden


  • Jason Marceau
    Jason Marceau6 dager siden

    I love how they keep going at David more than Dom who was the person who SA the girl

  • emirightladies k
    emirightladies k6 dager siden

    not sure why watching a group of middle aged adults prank an influencer by sending a pic of an armpit brings me this much joy but here I am watching this for the third time

  • tommy smith
    tommy smith6 dager siden

    why does it matter if some people don't want to take the poisonous ""vaccine"""?? if you guys have taken the """vaccine""" shouldn't you be protected from the deadliest thing on earth???

  • 0


    4 dager siden

    Lmao, chill out man. You’ll live longer. Well, unless you get a severe case of COVID.

  • Caty H
    Caty H6 dager siden

    Even if Dom's partners were 18, consent is ongoing and revokable throughout any sexual interaction. That document means nothing. You can revoke consent at any point while engaging in sexual relations.

  • Olivia Kosowski
    Olivia Kosowski6 dager siden

    hila is such a good wife, helping him take a sexy pic of his arm pit.

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon Denischuck6 dager siden


  • kaitlyn
    kaitlyn6 dager siden

    I don't think those are the views on Facebook, they're uploaded from NOlocal with the views from NOlocal because for most of the video there were less than 2,000 likes and like 500 comments

  • J l
    J l6 dager siden

    Ethan getting vuori wrong has the same energy as that tuboware tiktok

  • HughBungus
    HughBungus6 dager siden

    You definitely missed the ass rip. It’s clearly BEFORE the snort. She does a pause and it’s there.

  • Marco Fuentes
    Marco Fuentes6 dager siden

    His wife fine asf

  • kronosx7
    kronosx77 dager siden

    Johnson and Jansen, mandella effect.

  • kronosx7
    kronosx77 dager siden

    Ethans never heard of a safe word.

  • Tanner Markland
    Tanner Markland8 dager siden

    check out jeffs newest video "." hes very transparent in it

  • jcrxbs
    jcrxbs8 dager siden

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”❤️🙏God loves you my friends, turn to Jesus!😁🙌

  • leo k
    leo k8 dager siden

    wait why is jeff bezos in the thumbnail not james?

  • InLikeSin
    InLikeSin8 dager siden

    AB stans waiting for Ethan to doxx him by mistake lmao

  • Alyssa Phillips
    Alyssa Phillips8 dager siden

    Hila and Ethan are the parents of NOlocal

  • Cyberdyne
    Cyberdyne8 dager siden

    That fat bald guy is so gross to look at

  • Pezo19_ _99Con
    Pezo19_ _99Con9 dager siden

    He got like a full head of gray hair overnight, he just lazily shaves his head now instead of going to get an actual haircut, he gained about 60 pounds right in his NECK... And it stacked all around his lower jaw... Where did all of this fat come from? Dude needs to quit podcasting and start going for walks... Seriously. This content totally sucks and eathan needs to serious drop the damn podcast a few times a week and go for a damn walk!!!!!! God damn....

  • Cafryn
    Cafryn9 dager siden

    Mikey Shit Shorts is absolutely perfect

  • •ρɪxɪɘoɴяяоʟʟeяsκaτes•
    •ρɪxɪɘoɴяяоʟʟeяsκaτes•9 dager siden

    I watch this podcast while playing black desert hahah this is the best

  • KreeZafi
    KreeZafi9 dager siden

    Ethan just randomly complimenting Hila gives me life

  • Xochitl Gonzalez
    Xochitl Gonzalez9 dager siden

    Johnson and Jänšøn

    QWERTY9 dager siden

    Facebook videos get a lot of views because they count people scrolling through

  • sarah call
    sarah call9 dager siden


  • lyann rose
    lyann rose9 dager siden

    the audio zack played while ethan was trying to pronounce dom’s last name LMAOO

  • Ed Ducate
    Ed Ducate9 dager siden

    Ethan is getting uglier and is wife prettier. That's how a couple should be, love is blind.

  • J R
    J R9 dager siden

    Starting this I was not expecting to watch Ethan attempt to take a Nip Pic XD

  • Kai Wall
    Kai Wall10 dager siden

    "Anyone can say anything" or alternatively, witnesses can say what happened, apparently mean the same thing

  • Tam Slam
    Tam Slam10 dager siden

    Dude Facebook on pc is ass that’s why no one uses that shit on computer

  • The Presidents Of The Circle
    The Presidents Of The Circle10 dager siden

    1:41:00 pop off Hila 🔥🔥

  • tesscheer
    tesscheer10 dager siden

    Ethan used to have good content....now he's just another tea channel and kissing Trisha's a$$

  • Sailor Rubes
    Sailor Rubes10 dager siden

    Wendy Williams is the gassiest human in television and I love it

  • Manda Schroeder
    Manda Schroeder10 dager siden

    When Ethan asks what universe Faze lives in - I immediately thought “Boston” 😂😂😂

  • Patrick Harrigan
    Patrick Harrigan10 dager siden

    Do a side by side of u idk 10 months ago and to now !!

  • Patrick Harrigan
    Patrick Harrigan10 dager siden

    R u guys seriously now making fun of how others look now !!?? Seriously !??? U r aware of the trainwreck in the mirror right ?!??

  • Patrick Harrigan
    Patrick Harrigan10 dager siden

    U sit on your little throne and try to poke holes in other people's weaknesses and or issues ! Mmmmm I wonder y ! Usually the people that try and always point the light at others is because they have REAL and SERIOUS issues THEMSELVES !!

  • Patrick Harrigan
    Patrick Harrigan10 dager siden

    And u also CLEARLY enjoy and it makes u happy when others fail or have personal issues etc...

  • Patrick Harrigan
    Patrick Harrigan10 dager siden

    U R CLEARLY A MALE CONTROL FREAK OVER A WOMEN ! LOOK HOW Many times u say the word I instead of WE ! And when it comes to anything with the podcast ts about U ! Not WE !

  • Luke Yates
    Luke Yates10 dager siden

    The audio at the Faze Banks part 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kayla Riggs
    Kayla Riggs10 dager siden

    Yes, Hila, you are correct. J&J has always been a brand that we (good parents who do our due research & try to use clean products on our children, free of chemicals/ dyes/ fragrances/ etc.) have steered clear of. HOWEVER, they have now reformulated their entire line of baby products! They've cut their ingredient list in half. And I have actually tested out a couple of the new products. I honestly would purchase again, after using it & looking into the ingredients therein. MUCHHHH cleaner now!

  • Kayla Riggs
    Kayla Riggs10 dager siden

    As funny as it sounded, Ethan is right!! Jansenn is the pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson. So that is correct! ✔

  • luis pimentel
    luis pimentel10 dager siden

    Y’all so weird I swear

  • vinyl rock
    vinyl rock10 dager siden

    Ethan has lost all his respect

  • lucky
    lucky10 dager siden


  • QB Danan
    QB Danan10 dager siden

    Man keemstar bro... He recently been surprising me. Respect to him tbh

  • Alexys Shepperd
    Alexys Shepperd10 dager siden

    The sound bytes are awwwwful 🔇

  • Cafryn
    Cafryn10 dager siden

    Also Dan really threw that ass for the ad roll 😩🤣🤣🤣

  • Cafryn
    Cafryn10 dager siden

    😐 I have a disgusting dark sense of humor and idk I’m not the universal judge of what is and isn’t funny but I can’t fucking believe tana posted that

  • Emmanuel Duran
    Emmanuel Duran10 dager siden

    Why did Ethan cut his hair I thought he was gonna let it grow

  • The Boy
    The Boy10 dager siden

    Oh boy, H3H3 will end in a divorce

  • strumdogg
    strumdogg10 dager siden

    Ethan: Drunk Ethan: Truth Me: Cool

  • Life is now Loca
    Life is now Loca10 dager siden

    The fresh and young part had me holding my stomach laughing 😅

  • Shaloma Gutierrez
    Shaloma Gutierrez10 dager siden

    so glad that Jeff was able to rectify his mistake. THANK YOU H3 FOR BRINGING THESE TERRIBLE ISSUES TO LIGHT PLEASE DO NOT STOP!

  • OprahsKankles
    OprahsKankles10 dager siden

    The brawny eyeliner july look because rooster correspondingly drain before a brave character. soft, heady hydrogen

  • Erinkelly __
    Erinkelly __11 dager siden

    Ethan you have GERD wyd drinking coffee?!

  • ケチニ
    ケチニ11 dager siden

    Side note: I’ve never watched David dobrick but I’ve seen him quite a bit and everytime I see him I can’t help but think he looks like Ralph from wreck it Ralph.

  • Julia Strong
    Julia Strong11 dager siden

    im at 52 mins and im still thinking ab Dan's pants reveal

  • Snack Time
    Snack Time11 dager siden

    Find some other shit to talk about lmao

  • Monke Oprah
    Monke Oprah11 dager siden

    H3 is a loser he likes to see people fail

  • hubbsboulders
    hubbsboulders11 dager siden

    I have a theory about how Jeff got knocked👈 out👈

  • ddx
    ddx11 dager siden

    I swear, the richer these two are, the more douchey looking they are lmao.

  • domblr
    domblr11 dager siden

    The R. Kelly song at the end unalived me

  • menna
    menna11 dager siden

    i literally LOVE when hila goes off, she never misses x

  • HDR Noyb
    HDR Noyb11 dager siden

    Really ! You have to say guess what guys Wendy Williams has farted again , while I’m bench pressing . I almost dropped it from laughing . 😂😂

  • Kool Kat
    Kool Kat11 dager siden

    Why can’t men be more like Ethan, he’s not a simp and he’s not a dick.

  • Andrea Krasowski
    Andrea Krasowski11 dager siden

    the way faze is talking sounds like a guy who knows he's done some shady shit and is pre-loading skepticism for when people come forward about him

  • anessa catherine
    anessa catherine11 dager siden

    what happened to ian 😭😭

  • H. Alia
    H. Alia11 dager siden

    I haven't finished but I hope that Ethan apologizes for his comment about the cuts in the video as it's clear it was a medical thing for Jeff just like Ethan's tourettes because that was messed up for him to criticize him for something he can't control.

  • Aozotra
    Aozotra11 dager siden

    wendy needs to either embrace her old people noises and sounds or retire