Everybody Hates Ethan’s New Diet - H3 After Dark #24


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  • Shak A
    Shak A2 dager siden

    Ethan looks skinnyyyy

  • The Firulais Podcast
    The Firulais Podcast4 dager siden

    Ethan the best way to lose weight in a healthy way is to go into a calorie deficit. And focus on low calorie dense food

  • mpenguin16
    mpenguin164 dager siden

    OMG the “shoutout to his family” talking about that doctor was too good.

  • Christina Ribas
    Christina Ribas8 dager siden


  • brandi mccormick
    brandi mccormick8 dager siden

    Meh, I dont care that u guys made the anxiety shirt. As someome who suffers from crippling anxiety I personally would not want that shirt in my house.. because sometimes any reminder that I have this disorder acts as a trigger. And then I'm spiraling. Fear, racing thoughts, and dread.

  • freudiannipslip
    freudiannipslip15 dager siden

    It should be Justin Blooper, surely?

  • salwa
    salwa16 dager siden

    You should talk about the suez canal

  • Sophia Garcia
    Sophia Garcia16 dager siden

    Did i miss something??? Who is love?

  • Bas van Halewijn

    Bas van Halewijn

    14 dager siden

    He’s new to the crew since a couple episodes, workes mostly behind the scenes

  • Ethan Caillier
    Ethan Caillier18 dager siden

    You guys should check out Greg doucette he has a really good cook book

  • marigam
    marigam19 dager siden

    God I just can’t listen to Hila talk about nutrition! I’m so happy Ethan has moved away from calorie restriction! Calorie restriction is hellish.

  • Josh Kemp
    Josh Kemp20 dager siden

    The Joe Biden guy sounds like The Mandarin from Iron Man 3

  • 2.5D TV
    2.5D TV22 dager siden

    i have no ideawho the person is they are doing impressions of, im pretty sure they are just doing mojo jojo impressions

  • Michael Arzate
    Michael Arzate24 dager siden

    Watch Greg Duccette

  • Hoodman129
    Hoodman12926 dager siden

    Everyone ik who did keto has lost the weight they wanted just go on the diet and go for walks

  • Onslaught Gamez
    Onslaught Gamez27 dager siden

    Raise a charity for Texas

  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica Messica27 dager siden

    Hila’s hair color 🤍

  • Jason Jarquin
    Jason Jarquin28 dager siden

    It's not just your diet that everyone hates, its you

  • TFtusave
    TFtusave28 dager siden

    Just contact Coach Greg Doucette..you would loose weight and eat great food when doing it

  • Jes
    Jes29 dager siden

    slurpee: we need a social media campaign this guy: hold my bucket

  • Meme NN
    Meme NNMåned siden

    How did Zach lose 100 pounds on Keto? He still looks 220, did he used to weigh 320 Lbs? :o

  • M
    MMåned siden

    Ethan, with peace ☮️ and love ❤️, you gotta focus on fixing your mindset around weight loss first! I can relate so much to some of your thought process, the impatience, etc, but it is impossible to stay committed to the weight loss habits when your thoughts are sabotaging you that way! I speak from successful and unsuccessful weight loss experiences.

  • Emily C
    Emily CMåned siden

    I'm sorry but I can't deal with this podcast... the only way to lose weight is to be in a calorie deficit (minus 200 to 500 cal off usual daily). No crash diet will provide a healthy lifestyle long term.

  • Bewe Issor
    Bewe IssorMåned siden

    Whatever happened to the feeding window? Its been working for me

  • Kassim Saluja
    Kassim SalujaMåned siden


  • Slice of Life
    Slice of LifeMåned siden

    I drink bang energy drinks everyday. I love their Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, and Radical Skadaddle ones

  • Emily Czech
    Emily CzechMåned siden

    Miguel was funny!!

  • Pj Mcgovern
    Pj McgovernMåned siden

    I just want to know, now that Trisha is here it’s all hate every time over n over Trisha trashing the old boyfriends friends - there is a video where she says if they ever try to leave her she would do this very thing - it’s so gross to watch Ethan hate people he DOSENT know and stories no one knows if they are true Nust for Trisha Hila she ruins everyone she touches - I hope all of this is worth the clout the money I guess for some it’s all that matters / I miss the H3H that wasn’t obsessed with destroying Trishas enemies - this will turn on you I have never seen her have a successful relationship but we shall see I’m not with the constant hate so I guess I’ll check in now n then

  • Kristina Balinskaite
    Kristina BalinskaiteMåned siden

    Does anyone know what shirt Hila is wearing? It’s stunning!

  • Kristen Brumlow
    Kristen BrumlowMåned siden

    Watching this podcast 2 weeks after the week of no power gives me serious stress that was one of the worst weeks of my life

  • Sam Sotelo
    Sam SoteloMåned siden

    Actually I thin Ethan looks thinner in this one

  • Sam Sotelo

    Sam Sotelo

    Måned siden


  • 정현김
    정현김Måned siden

    queen is usally higher rank ro the blood realated

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel MartinMåned siden

    I love it when Ethan talks and Hila smiles and ignores him and doesn't say anything.

  • Kaden
    KadenMåned siden

    Yo ethan you can just do the insemination yourself. Just do it at home like you said you can use a turkey baster but make sure to buy a new one and have it sterilized thoroughly.

  • Droll Doll
    Droll DollMåned siden

    You definitely need to report that doctor. They aren't supposed to make sexual jokes at all.

  • Brooke Barker
    Brooke BarkerMåned siden

    How did the slurpee guy get the first person video from the angry employee to post on his channel in the first place if he's not also in on the joke lol

  • Angel Binet
    Angel BinetMåned siden

    “Are boogers keto?” 😂

  • Desiree Yvette
    Desiree YvetteMåned siden

    The edit of Trisha saying “daddy” after Ethan says “mommy” is great 🤣

  • Klaire Kostiniamona
    Klaire KostiniamonaMåned siden

    did he just say you are going to loose your water weight, Ethan don't do this diet PLEASE

  • bloo jkl45
    bloo jkl45Måned siden

    With peace and love can Zach not play the moaning soundbites? It's causing problems for me

  • Ambrosia
    AmbrosiaMåned siden

    There's a fictional Netflix show called "Sisters" all about the baby doctor impregnation situation you guys were talking about. It's nuts.

  • Dreavy
    DreavyMåned siden

    duet with ethan 1:46:25

  • Caleb Houston
    Caleb HoustonMåned siden

    Hila is such a stick in the mud. She ruins the show with the preachy, bad attitude. It’s comedy.

  • muffin discussion
    muffin discussionMåned siden

    Dirty keto😬, hope it goes well

  • Goosey
    GooseyMåned siden

    Anybody know the shirt Hilas wearing?

  • kwaldrop89
    kwaldrop89Måned siden

    I was on Keto and lost 101 lbs still going. Even off my depression pill

  • Punch
    PunchMåned siden

    I lowkey wanna talk to you guys on the next podcast

  • Punch
    PunchMåned siden

    Bang is good it has no carbohydrates or sugar(doesn't mean it's the healthiest) and it's fake Ethan the video of Justin is conveniently in front of the faze house. Sounds to me like Jarvis or Kay were using the fake Justin Bieber to troll the other house members for click bait and they used the bootleg Bieber for a shit tiktok

  • Erin Wyrick
    Erin WyrickMåned siden

    Ethan is as awesome and relatable and honest as Shane Dawson tried to trick us into believing he was 🤷‍♀️

  • El Segundo
    El SegundoMåned siden

    Check out coach Greg Ethan! He made a video bout you, and you need to check him out, he's very right bout nutrition and fitness

  • Marleen Hendricks
    Marleen HendricksMåned siden

    My husband and I did IVF and it never occurred to me that it wasn’t our embryo. Even if it wasn’t we aren’t giving him back lol he’s cute

  • Annastasia c:
    Annastasia c:Måned siden

    can anyone hmu with a canadian version of liquid iv? ima check out walmart but i live in such a small town i feel we wouldnt have it in our walmarts despite that being the one single spot its sold nationwide LOL

  • Major Jazza
    Major JazzaMåned siden

    the gaga thing was kinda hot

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMåned siden


  • Melanie Burring
    Melanie BurringMåned siden

    I love the crippling anxiety idea becuse I suffer from crippling anxiety I'd wear it its bringing attention to mental health and how there are so many. Love that you are giving the £ to the course. Love wish I could get but the custom fee is big to get it delivered to the UK 🇬🇧🥰💜💜💜💜🐻💜💜💜💜

  • Yasmine P
    Yasmine PMåned siden

    No one: Not a single entity: Ethan: Justin Timberland Janice Jackson Dula Lipa Laura Croft

  • nerd master

    nerd master

    29 dager siden

    Also hannie gabbah

  • Cherry COla
    Cherry COlaMåned siden

    Hila is such a great person

  • Tia Fabi
    Tia FabiMåned siden

    My cousin used to drink Monster and Red Bull all day long and her pee was green on more than one occasion

  • Storage
    StorageMåned siden

    I like it when hila told ethan she was annoyed at his joke about a red head baby, i think it shows how she is gonna love her child no matter what

  • That Guy Frankie
    That Guy FrankieMåned siden

    I wish I could be ethans trainer. I been doing this for over 10 yrs and know what works and what doesn't. Its pretty easy its just all about the longevity.

  • Baker McBrad
    Baker McBradMåned siden

    It's hilarious when gaga is at an awards show in the crowd full of suits and dresses and shes chilling there in a giant mascot size fish costume or something.

  • Dana Renee
    Dana ReneeMåned siden

    the meat dress was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last I knew about it

  • Roberto Cuevas
    Roberto CuevasMåned siden


  • Uncle Remus
    Uncle RemusMåned siden

    what's wrong with red haired and black babies??????????????

  • Yosmira
    YosmiraMåned siden

    I’ve been watching h3h3 for the longest time but bruh who is Love?

  • Thomas Brooks
    Thomas BrooksMåned siden

    This really is the best Podcast on the internet!!! I also love FRENEMIES, ........would love a Hila / Trisha Matchup..... FRENEMIES AFTERDARK!!!!

  • Nessa R
    Nessa RMåned siden

    Hila “I don’t like your jokes, it’s annoying me” Ethan “fair enough............. you have any side affects with those pills your taking?” 🤣

  • MisterWealth


    9 dager siden

    @Jes Shes the one who wears the pants, what you see in public isn't how she actually is... lol

  • chris b

    chris b

    28 dager siden

    When was that

  • Jes


    29 dager siden

    Mad respect to her for speaking up, though.

  • roach
    roachMåned siden

    stop. talking. over. hila. omg im 15min in and going crazy

  • Complaints of an English man
    Complaints of an English manMåned siden

    So many excuses, he's gonna die fat. It's no different to watching boogie and is just so frustrating. I shouldn't have bothered coming back to this podcast.

  • Mr. Verboten
    Mr. VerbotenMåned siden

    Ethan needs to eat plant based meals. He can eat a lot of whole grains, veggies, with carbs and still be hitting low calories. Eating healthy doesn't always need to be boring.

  • Kamri Baby
    Kamri BabyMåned siden

    I just went to Costco && they were giving samples! First time in a MINUTE that I've seen it happen

  • alea tuago
    alea tuagoMåned siden

    Pee stick don't work. You need a blood keto meter. There are breath ones but I've never tried.. There are a lot of great keto channels you should reach out to. My favorite is keto connect. I also recommend slowly descend into keto. Start at 60g of net carbs a day for a week, then 50 after a few days/week and chill there for a while then 40 and then 30. I dont think you can be in really keto until after a couple weeks. It's much easier to transition slowly. The one hurdle about keto is if you break and eat sugar, its bad for your body.

  • Mand Co
    Mand CoMåned siden

    Funcact: In Australia we have a ‘bring your own cup’ slurpee day once a year from 7/11 haha we can bring whatever we want and fill it up

  • Mia Bailey

    Mia Bailey

    Måned siden

    Happens in the us it’s a worldwide thing

  • tmotay


    Måned siden

    I think that's international thing, because it happens here in Canada too.

  • Kendra Chiswell
    Kendra ChiswellMåned siden

    I live in Winnipeg (Canada) and we’re the slurped capital- We have a day once a year where we can bring any kind of cup/object that can hold slurped and fill it up. The slurpee bucket could be a real thing here

  • audree
    audreeMåned siden

    5:30 - 6:16

  • Caden Lagman
    Caden LagmanMåned siden


  • J M
    J MMåned siden

    Check out coach Greg on yt

  • Jonathan
    JonathanMåned siden


  • Chelsea Mann
    Chelsea MannMåned siden

    you shoud do weight watchers its really effective

  • kiersten moye
    kiersten moyeMåned siden

    Carbs are the 👹!!!!!!!

  • emilybestest
    emilybestestMåned siden

    Fuck y'all the Friday remix SLAPS

  • Martin Avramoski
    Martin AvramoskiMåned siden

    Are you blind? Didn´t you see all the COACH GREG comments?!?!?! Buy the cookbook and eat like a human being!!!

  • Dominic's Curiosity
    Dominic's CuriosityMåned siden

    As soon as I clicked on the video I went and bought the shirt that Ethan is wearing. It’s so dope.

  • Loc
    LocMåned siden

    Get in touch with Coach Greg and he'll help your diet and work out

  • thedoctor399
    thedoctor399Måned siden

    Nope GPU's are used to mine altcoins like ethereum and then you can buy bitcoin or other altcoins with it or hide, ASIC's mine bitcoin, specifically the SHA256 hash algorithm

  • Arturo Haro
    Arturo HaroMåned siden

    Greg Doucette for healthy long lasting diet plans!!!!

  • Bubbijs
    BubbijsMåned siden

    Regarding Bang Energy, I used to be a mall employee. Almost all retail workers I know drink energy drinks and are addicted to caffeine lmao. Bang was popular with us for a little while because it’s almost double the caffeine of an average energy drink. But they aren’t great and you are basically vibrating by the end of it

  • Jason H
    Jason HMåned siden

    These ads are out of control

  • Jason H
    Jason HMåned siden

    Hilas reaction to the finger blasting box art. Lol. Ohhhhh so art isn’t just art.

  • Jason H
    Jason HMåned siden

    Hila - “art is art” HAHAHA WHAT!?!?

  • Jason H
    Jason HMåned siden

    Ladies and Gentlemen Lady Gaga. The same person that was more concerned about he dog than the dog sitter being shot by a gun and who sang the Nation Anthem at The “totally mentally cognitive” Biden inauguration. Lol. You can’t make this up.

  • Shannon Rickard
    Shannon RickardMåned siden

    If they're so worried about someone tampering with the IUI process, why don't they just get an at-home IUI kit and do it at home? She's already on the medication. The actual IUI process isn't anything crazy that they can't do at home.

  • Make America Great Again Nunyeah
    Make America Great Again NunyeahMåned siden

    Did Trish say daddy?

  • Ali Cat
    Ali CatMåned siden

    Ethen is really good at shitting on things he doesn't understand

  • Shelby Reid
    Shelby ReidMåned siden

    If this entertains you guys that much then y’all would be gobsmacked by ‘byo cup day’ in Australia where we are encouraged to bring obscure objects to fill up with slurpee and the weirdest object wins 😂

  • Rebecca Barajas
    Rebecca BarajasMåned siden

    PLEASE no more podcasts with Hila. She's so damn boring.

  • Roslyn :3
    Roslyn :3Måned siden

    miguel sounds hot as hell

  • Jasmin Rodriguez
    Jasmin RodriguezMåned siden

    Ethan!! You should hire Coach Greg! He made a response to this video

  • TheForces ofNature
    TheForces ofNatureMåned siden

    honestly, i think you need to get Hila on this steak diet.

  • incognitorat 805
    incognitorat 805Måned siden

    in colder climates, if we know we won´t be using a certain house (when having multiple houses and only one of them is being heated during winter), then we usually turn the water pipes off or let water run (even tho this is not as safe as the first option)

  • Brielle Carroll
    Brielle CarrollMåned siden

    The senator here in Texas literally went to Mexico when everybody was struggling to get through the storm. Just so crazy I live in Austin Texas