David Dobrik & James Charles Drama Apocalypse - Frenemies #23


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  • Alissa Jones
    Alissa Jones34 minutter siden

    Bro Ethan is drunk as fuck just to deal with her. I can’t hear myself think. Fucking Jesus Christ. Poor Moses

  • karla hernandez
    karla hernandez3 timer siden

    "let's get some bars on those windows" lmao awwh ethan truly cares so so deeply about trisha. It was funny but also the genuine concern and the way he let her talk and explain everything was very heartwarming. Especially when he made sure she was talking to someone about it and just made his presence as her friend known. He didn't just say "damn..... That's crazy" he expressed his concern, asked her if she was getting help, reassured her that he cares about her and that she isn't crazy, and just overall said all the right things as a true friend should.

  • Jenny J
    Jenny J4 timer siden

    im addicted to this podcast..

  • Kimi Beren
    Kimi Beren8 timer siden

    This is one of the only episodes where they do t act like the hate each other the whole time

  • chelsea roncancio
    chelsea roncancio8 timer siden

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  • saba abianeh
    saba abianeh9 timer siden

    19:54 ok I agree that men aren’t being heard when they speak of abuse, but at the same time I feel like it’s not more or less than women, I think victims in general, no matter what background they’re from have difficultybeing heard in this society (although intersections do come into account for example ppl w disabilities will be way less likely heard for speaking up for abuse than able bodied ppl bc of the ways that disabled ppl are dehumanized and seen as “not able” to speak up for themselves, and another example POC too, like how Black women face more abuse but they aren’t validated nearly as much as white women). I just feel that there aren’t enough ppl advocating and rooting for victims especially when it’s SA. But also there are more ppl coming forward and there is more space being held for victims and it’s less dangerous because of support so I think it’s super important to speak up and be vocal abt these things !!

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole11 timer siden

    I need someone to check stats on myself.. I’ve watched every episode of frenemies around 8 times.

  • Angeles Castro
    Angeles Castro12 timer siden

    Hitler is dead... dead silence. Okay. 😂

  • y yg
    y yg16 timer siden

    WTF is the school that Trisha went to? Like what the hell?

  • Briana Johnson

    Briana Johnson

    6 timer siden

    Right! Lol😂

  • orla
    orla17 timer siden

    I think the voices Trisha is describing might be intrusive thoughts

  • witchingwilds
    witchingwilds17 timer siden

    that clip from Views literally made my skin crawl

  • keekermojo
    keekermojo19 timer siden

    Why the hell is Tish taking the entire conversation Ethan was trying to say about weight and being healthy so damn serious as if he's targeting her specifically? I had to skip just because she was so damn annoying. Yes all people can be beautiful at all sizes. Being over weight is not healthy. Having excess weight on your frame does make things more difficult no matter how "in shape" you are. There's an entire group and movement of people who swear that they are healthy at any size and it's an incredibly dangerous mindset. Both way too big and way too small. Idk why she can't understand this? Jesus

  • Anne Ling
    Anne Ling20 timer siden

    americans: sleeping with 16 year olds is illegal and james is a predator. everyone in europe: 👁👄👁what?!

  • Smeraldo
    Smeraldo22 timer siden

    I can't diagnose people online, obvi. Having dealt with at least two people who suffered from shcizophrenia, I do not believe the voices she heard is an actual audio hallucination, but a very vivid form of self talk. I am glad she is talking to someone about it.

  • Carly Elizabeth
    Carly Elizabeth22 timer siden

    If someone gave me those peeps, I would cry too. No one has been that intentional with their love for me lol.

  • Nicole sterner
    Nicole sternerDag siden

    Trisha- I’m sure this isn’t the first time any one has mentioned this but maybe these voices you’re hearing aren’t just voices in your head, what if you’re able to hear and intercept messages from the spirit world? Maybe what you’re actually hearing are spirits trying to warn you or tell you things. Just another way to look at it . Peace and love!!

  • Katie Baldwin
    Katie BaldwinDag siden

    These fits 😚👌🏼

  • Barry M.
    Barry M.Dag siden

    1:00:00 lol

  • The Ordinary Gal
    The Ordinary GalDag siden

    Why am I watching this for the second time...

  • Niki H
    Niki HDag siden

    Ethan is right though. There is a healthy at every size movement so to speak. Before anybody comes for me I love her to death but Lizzo is basically at the head of it. Or at least that’s what I’ve noticed and I do think you can be healthy at any size to some extent. Just like Trisha says she goes to the doctor and she’s got really good cholesterol so as long as you can work towards a healthy weight and be healthy on the inside I think you’re good to go.

  • Jasper Low
    Jasper LowDag siden

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  • Jessie j Turner
    Jessie j TurnerDag siden

    Rewatching 💯😍hope they never stop collaborating

  • Anna Caro
    Anna CaroDag siden

    Ethan is being fatphobic completely, weight does not equal healthy. But you can be healthy and be "overweight" according to doctors. Doctors hate when you are overweight but every test they run comes back okay that you are INDEED Healthy. Ethan needs to come to terms with his own body-dysmorphia and self-hating with a therapist. Really hope you accept yourself one day as you are.

  • Chris Ruiz
    Chris RuizDag siden


  • Julia Quiles
    Julia QuilesDag siden

    I love you guyssss💓💓 i hope frenemies never end

  • y yg
    y ygDag siden

    maybe Casey isn't mysoginistic maybe he's just scared of women/Trish cuz he thinks hes hot lmaoooo. Either way sucks for him.

  • Caitlyn Peckett
    Caitlyn PeckettDag siden

    Ethan is doing the same thing doctors do when it comes to associating health with "fat" people. They first blame the persons weight when there could be many other possible causes. Face it, not all "fat" people are at a health risk and can be far from it, doesn't that make them healthy. Or maybe your definition of healthy is being fit and toned and having fat on your body doesn't agree with that definition.

  • Your Breath Stinks
    Your Breath StinksDag siden

    jason pretending To be her and kissing someone Is Sexual assault that person was consensual to the idea of the person he thought was doing it , Not consensual to jason its like that whole sierra burgess scene ..

  • J
    JDag siden

    sister swatted !

  • second account
    second accountDag siden

    01:00:00 “the fatties are coming for me”

  • Lyfii
    LyfiiDag siden


  • ChrisRyan217
    ChrisRyan217Dag siden

    Lol it’s Jason Nash💀

  • Ama
    Ama2 dager siden

    Both my mum and I would've somehow gotten suspended from that school and then sued after that "asking for it incident", even if it wasn't me. Screw that!!!

  • jasmine ocampo
    jasmine ocampo2 dager siden

    Trisha looks so pretty

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    their friendship is so sweet and it makes me so happy.

  • alyssa
    alyssa2 dager siden

    These costumes are too good 😭

  • LadyGem Peighton
    LadyGem Peighton2 dager siden

    This is most definitely not getting old. And it never will tbh 🤍

  • Olivia Navarro
    Olivia Navarro2 dager siden

    The texts were from Phillip defranco

  • E
    E2 dager siden

    That game trisha was talking about ina cool sounds like a made up paedo game:/

  • Samantha Brandt
    Samantha Brandt2 dager siden

    Electroconvulsive therapy is still used and a lot of patients report positive results! 😊 Not saying Trisha should do it though.

  • Madison E.
    Madison E.2 dager siden

    It’s Phillip difranco LMFAO or Keemstar??

  • Mary Parkis
    Mary Parkis2 dager siden

    The "No Hate" tour is completely funded by The Marines. They just want an excuse to get into high schools and recruit kids to go die for our government's greed.

  • shweta
    shweta2 dager siden

    1:32:50 ethan vibing

  • reallysasdbread
    reallysasdbread2 dager siden

    TW james charles

  • Diana Chavez
    Diana Chavez2 dager siden

    ethans like we had to reshoot the intro for saying fuck also them throwing f bombs mid video 😂 love to see it

  • Chris Crapo
    Chris Crapo2 dager siden

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  • lastlegs
    lastlegs2 dager siden

    david dobric sounds like he always gets to be the voyeur.. he's always the subject and everyone else is the object. he gets to talk about race and homosexuality at arms length, same goes for sexual relationships, poverty, study.. all he ever does is paint pictures about other people's experiences. nothing he says is personal about him.. to any deep level anyway.. he's either got nothing to say about his feelings or he thinks he can leave that out and just portray others to give a vague illusion of himself

  • Jenny
    Jenny3 dager siden

    I totally agree with Trisha on the fat phobia thing, There’s new research suggesting that there is a “set point” for weight genetically and for some ppl that is skinnier and others it’s bigger and you can deviate slightly but large changes are harder to do. So it is pretty idiotic to tell people to “just loose weight” as it is not that simple if your body is naturally bigger. Also, when there are large weight gains it is unlikely that even with heavy dieting someone’s body will ever be the same. When someone gains large amounts of weight it becomes unlikely they will be able to loose all of that weight, this is because as a person gains weight fat cells will expand to a capacity and then the body makes more cells. Surprisingly, the body actually never gets rid of fat cells naturally they just shrink. People should really just be told to love themselves and their body and make healthy choices for their health, shaming people for being fat has never help anyone and only causes psychological problems and unhealthy dieting practices.

  • Brady Herbert
    Brady Herbert3 dager siden

    I love you guys

  • Carly Pomplun
    Carly Pomplun3 dager siden

    I've been watching Frenemies out of order, but I'm aware of the situation. Whats not funny is that David admitted to the SA of the female (in no way one is worse than the other, they are both disgusting, the situation not the people,) but hasn't admitted or apologized to Seth about anything. The double standard is thick and real and aggravates me. I'm a survivor myself, but I feel for the males; there's statistics showing men are more than likely to not say or do anything more than women, mainly due to the stigma and victim blaming/shaming towards male survivors. People refute the toxic masculinity subject and say it doesn't exist, bitch, it does. "Well, aren't you a man or not? Was she hot? Was he hot? Are you gay? If that happened to me I wouldn't complain..." I could go on with the rhetoric used. I hope David gets karma back 10 fold, thats all I have to say.

  • cheng Tan
    cheng Tan3 dager siden

    I think is the cute but very sad when Ethan said ''you can't leave me in this world with the Black Rolls Royce.'. :((((( Friendship goal though

  • Zelda X
    Zelda X3 dager siden

    I was today years old when I realized Ethan and Trisha don’t have... like... security?? They just kinda do their thing and get mobbed with no bodyguards???? Isn’t that unsafe?

  • E
    E3 dager siden


  • Summer Joy Beaulieu
    Summer Joy Beaulieu3 dager siden

    I feel like Ethan was trying to say that society glamorizes obesity making it seem like it’s not unhealthy vs no one is going to glamorize anorexia. Society know that’s being too thin is unhealthy but people are sensitive so no one can say fat people are unhealthy because it’s “triggering”

  • y yg

    y yg

    Dag siden

    yep. I think less society glamorizing and more like a few movements. When Trish said something like "no one shames ppl for being too skinny" yea, people call out eugenia cooney and people who are super underweight, cuz that's also a problem and can also cause future (or current) health issues and early death.

  • Shelby Elizabeth
    Shelby Elizabeth3 dager siden

    HAES (Health At Every Size) is essentially a movement or code that expresses that no matter your size, you can strive to be healthy for that size. It stems from medical fatphobia which kills thousands if not more fat people every year due to sexist, racist beauty standards. Let fat people work out and eat healthy without shaming them for God's sake.

  • Daisy Collis
    Daisy Collis3 dager siden

    Anyone know who they’re talking about with those text messages?

  • Berenice Sanchez
    Berenice Sanchez3 dager siden

    Who are they talking about ? Lmao

  • Megan Furlong
    Megan Furlong3 dager siden

    I love that Ethan still doesn’t know his Adam and Eve promo code 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chelsea Borden
    Chelsea Borden3 dager siden

    being able to be stern and check your friends like each of them do to each other, is honestly true friendship. I'm so glad Trisha found her people.

  • Erika S
    Erika S3 dager siden

    Omg I just realized they have rolls Royce peep cakes

  • Kerstin
    Kerstin3 dager siden

    with peace and love, someone needs to tell Trisha that that Balenciaga shirt is a hot piece of garbage and makes everyone wearing it look insane

  • Emily Raineer
    Emily Raineer3 dager siden

    Plenty of people, both in my family and just random strangers have pointed out my weight and said things along the lines of "you should eat a sandwich" or some shit like that. Skinny people get shit on just as much because people are going to be rude about appearance no matter what weight you are. 100% agree w Ethan on the fat phobia topic

  • qrowley
    qrowley3 dager siden

    Electrocompulsive therapy isn't just "one of those ancient things", the modern treatment is very different. Patients receive a weak current while sedated. There are side effects and obviously shouldn't be done lightly or as a first solution, but it's not this horrifying thing like it used to be.

  • TheBananaCat
    TheBananaCat3 dager siden

    I really think that unless someone is at a meet and greet, fans shouldn’t ask for pics. Especially if you are in your car and just going about your day! I find it kind of weird people are so intrusive.

  • Vasquez Posadas
    Vasquez Posadas3 dager siden

    no way they actually ate that pasta,,,

  • -Glowfox-
    -Glowfox-3 dager siden

    the way she calls him stuupid is so cute 13:09

  • Desiree Moreno
    Desiree Moreno3 dager siden

    Trish I think your just used to having to defend yourself. Don’t self sabotage good people. You deserve authentic friendship. 💕💕💕

  • Momma Jesus
    Momma Jesus4 dager siden

    I gained all my weight back from depression and drinking. Im starting to hide my body cause I agree with Ethan. Being fat is not something that should be glorified but it's hard to get back in the groove once derailed.

  • mia noel
    mia noel4 dager siden

    1:21:35 omg stop i laughed so hard

  • Legally Spoodie
    Legally Spoodie4 dager siden

    I have anxiety hallucinations and that's what trish's hallucinations sound like

  • Aliya Monae
    Aliya Monae4 dager siden

    They are the only people i actually watch the ad reads for. everybody else i skip

  • Georgianne Chimes
    Georgianne Chimes4 dager siden

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  • rachel friedman
    rachel friedman4 dager siden

    New to both these people but love their dynamic and I love how they say peace and love before expressing judgement I’m definitely using that

  • rachel friedman
    rachel friedman4 dager siden

    She would look so pretty with colored contacts

  • rachel friedman
    rachel friedman4 dager siden

    Where do I get a Moses

  • Kayley Smith
    Kayley Smith4 dager siden

    All the awful things that have occurred here aside, this episode and some recent ones have been nice to see Trish & Ethan bonding. Ethan and Hila have been real friends to Trisha recently, and it shows in her becoming nicer as well. Trish has a very problematic past, but I do believe in redemption, and sometimes what people need most to change is just kindness and respect from others.

  • Kayley Smith
    Kayley Smith4 dager siden

    It makes me incredibly sad that James Charles is preying on kids. Tati W. talked about this and although I think the only reason she brought anything up was for selfish reasons, I’m shocked to learn she was right. I liked him a lot, but this is not okay. “I didn’t know” is absolutely not an excuse. It doesn’t pass when adult men prey on teen girls and it doesn’t pass when adult men prey on teen boys either. Being rich & famous absolutely does not excuse that.

  • Kayley Smith
    Kayley Smith4 dager siden

    Had no idea Joey Fatone was the fifth impractical joker... it just like never clicked LOL

  • Kayley Smith
    Kayley Smith4 dager siden

    Also SO inappropriate David was in the bathroom listening to her have intimate relations.... like, come out when they start and let them know??? And why was Jason fine with this???

  • Cassie Matthews
    Cassie Matthews4 dager siden

    Why were there no women predators on Chris Hansen how to catch a predator 🤔

  • mariam saleh
    mariam saleh4 dager siden

    i think the " demon voices " is just depression kicking in and suicidal thoughts because i have them as well but i'm not sociopath i'm just really depressed and suicidal so that is why i hear these thoughts when i'm alone or something and it only calms down when i'm with my bf or friends but sometimes it happens even then

  • Amy West
    Amy West4 dager siden

    Favorite episode so far. I can’t count how many times I’ve laughed, 😂

  • Sierra Hayes
    Sierra Hayes4 dager siden

    they honestly dont look fat to me

  • iveo83
    iveo834 dager siden

    Honey sucks. I have had it for probably 2 years and never had it ever save me money. Usually I checked google and find one myself and Honey didn't find it. I still use it JUST incase but never saved me anything.

  • Kayley Smith
    Kayley Smith4 dager siden

    “It gets him airtime” What?? How is that okay?? Exchanging “fame” for assault? “Initiated to the vlog squad” - Is this a gang? Get jumped or assaulted to be part of it? That’s a gang requirement. And Jason’s comments absolutely had a racist connotation to them. They obviously made this video to try to rationalize their behavior, and it’s so not okay. Their “rationalizations” are simply incriminating themselves more.

  • Kayley Smith
    Kayley Smith4 dager siden

    Trisha’s right about Kacey’s behavior. It’s misogynistic to not speak to women around other men. And the way I’ve seen him behave with women besides Trish on YT, you can read the misogyny in his behavior. I know Ethan doesn’t like to stir things up sometimes, but it’s also not alright to just dismiss men’s behavior towards women just to make them more comfortable.

  • Kayley Smith
    Kayley Smith4 dager siden

    making out with and touching someone without them being aware (AKA without giving consent) is not a prank, it’s assault.

  • Hudson Lav
    Hudson Lav4 dager siden


  • deaf.dumb.blind.
    deaf.dumb.blind.4 dager siden


  • B Belle
    B Belle4 dager siden

    It makes me so warm inside when Ethan and Trish protect the innocent or when they get passionate about something

  • iwilitu
    iwilitu4 dager siden

    Phil is such a douche lmao

  • Dark Mermaid
    Dark Mermaid4 dager siden

    Trisha just flat out says she’s hearing demon voices.. that was raw and unexpected

  • Sorell Cameron
    Sorell Cameron4 dager siden

    Ethans description of the way people are now taking them both more seriously and seeing them both as more human was so accurate. You are really doing great on this podcast and I for one have been thoroughly enjoying it 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  • Romy Hess
    Romy Hess4 dager siden

    fat doesn't mean ugly, but it can mean unhealthy (doesn't have to mean unhealthy but it can)

  • Cielwaterbowl 789
    Cielwaterbowl 7894 dager siden

    “Combative Trisha” 💀

  • in pain
    in pain4 dager siden

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  • Gabriela Ramirez
    Gabriela Ramirez5 dager siden

    There is def a group of people who preach “healthy at any size”. And if you counter usually the argument to that is “it’s not your business” which sure it isn’t. But that’s not the response given when people talk about the drug epidemic or alcoholism. I think the main reason is a lot of these people truly are extremely depressed and eating brings a lot of happiness to them. If the main thing that brings them joy, is also what’s killing them they don’t care.

  • Jasmine Leigh
    Jasmine Leigh5 dager siden

    Ok but where do I get a Moses

  • A little Lee
    A little Lee5 dager siden

    💯 old people hate fat people 🤣 My grand mom ALWAYS had something to say about peoples weight. (Not nice at all) but so true about older people.

  • Ginger May
    Ginger May5 dager siden

    Does anyone know if they talked about the talk between David and I forget who, about how they want an Asian for the vlog and it was so gross and racist