David Dobrik’s Lawyers Go After Trisha & Cooking Competition - Frenemies # 25


Thank you to Moses, Hila, and celebrity judge Mac DeMarco for their food judging expertise!
Trisha's channel - @blndsundoll4mj
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  • TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyans
    TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyansTime siden

    I cannot get over how gorgeous Trisha looks this episode. 🥺

  • Princess Gigi
    Princess Gigi16 timer siden


  • Beatrice Jones
    Beatrice Jones19 timer siden

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  • Beatrice Jones
    Beatrice Jones19 timer siden

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  • sophie kaczmarek
    sophie kaczmarekDag siden

    the last thing i excepted to see on frenemies was mac demarco eating buttered noodles and reliving his ymca memories

  • immortaljuliet
    immortaljulietDag siden

    Poor Shredder. He has what’s called a hot gut. One to two ounces of goats milk a day (depending on his size) can help with that. My dog had the issue of throwing up in the morning before eating as well. This was suggested by her chiropractor vet and had worked wonders. I wish him well.

  • golden blue
    golden blue2 dager siden

    30:55 HAHAHAHA

  • Ruby Morrison

    Ruby Morrison

    2 dager siden

    oooooo we both here right now

  • emily young
    emily young3 dager siden

    jesus christ trisha is unbearable

  • Monxie BB
    Monxie BB3 dager siden

    Im catching up on the podcast and I had no idea they had MAC DEMARCO ON HERE😱😱😱

  • Molly O'Neal
    Molly O'Neal3 dager siden

    The “buy me a drink first” burger

  • *・゚ pup asmr ・゚*
    *・゚ pup asmr ・゚*3 dager siden

    the ending w the cooking made me so happy just good vibes all over and smiles i loved it pls do more like that!

  • BirdieHouse
    BirdieHouse3 dager siden

    why was the finale filmed so dramatically

  • Angela Cerrillos
    Angela Cerrillos3 dager siden

    I love Mac Demarco 😭

  • Tomer Levi
    Tomer Levi3 dager siden

    I love white people being like "I want this one random perk of being a minority" as in Trisha saying she wants a free trip to Israel. It's to try to get jews to move to Israel to enlist and have jewish kids

  • COCO
    COCO3 dager siden

    why does every Mac clip seem like its from the office

  • rachel friedman
    rachel friedman3 dager siden

    She looks beautiful here

  • Carey Davila
    Carey Davila4 dager siden

    You guys are killin it as Carol and Joe!!!! Love you guys!

  • KyLie Boaz
    KyLie Boaz4 dager siden

    I would definitely buy tickets if you go on tour!🙌🏽

  • Imperio Anderson
    Imperio Anderson4 dager siden

    I would buy tickets for streamies 💯

  • Angela Cerrillos
    Angela Cerrillos4 dager siden


  • JLBHabs
    JLBHabs4 dager siden

    whenever trisha say "Everything Im about to say is true" just know for a FACT you're about to hear some lies / stretching of the truth. I love you Trish but I don't know why anyone would ever confide in you hahahaha... And you telling stuff that people said not to isn't becuase your triggered - it's simply just the type of person you are.

  • UncleTrashero
    UncleTrashero4 dager siden

    This is Ethans best look

  • Caroline
    Caroline5 dager siden

    Trisha: “I think couples that do podcasts together are corny” Ethan: 🥺 “what about me and Hila??”

  • Manni Guillen
    Manni Guillen5 dager siden

    Imagine being in an Intergalactic court room and this white girl comes out out testify in your favor... who is she anyway lol

  • Claire Greene
    Claire Greene5 dager siden

    I’m confused who are they talking about losing all their sponsees and being depressed

  • Danielle Lynne
    Danielle Lynne5 dager siden

    The steamies!!!! Ahhh I’m dyingggg 🤣🤣 “should we have a ticketed event , we’re going on tour” I’m crying !! 😂

  • pamela scott
    pamela scott5 dager siden

    Love your channel.

  • Drewmena
    Drewmena5 dager siden

    Trisha: what would my burrito be called Ethan: the big bitch burrito Trisha: oooOOoOOoOoO I love that

  • N M
    N M5 dager siden

    Is anyone else just staring at the tiger purse sometimes .. 😂

  • julia
    julia5 dager siden

    2:44 “james charl” i’m literally crying

  • Chloe
    Chloe6 dager siden

    She looks so pretty like Carol hahah

  • James
    James6 dager siden

    lol!!! hila fighting david!

  • Madison Claudia
    Madison Claudia6 dager siden

    Please make the trading cards

  • Frank X
    Frank X6 dager siden

    My favourite thing is when dan or Ian or whichever one it actually is laughs at something Trishas said that Ethan didn't even react to

  • iambored678
    iambored6786 dager siden

    Trisha is definitely the better cook. Her food looked soooooooo good. Especially the mashed potatoes. Sometimes a cold slice of butter on hot mashed potatoes is good mmmm

  • iambored678
    iambored6786 dager siden

    Should have been a blind taste test

  • iambored678
    iambored6786 dager siden

    1:19:56 DESTROY HIM, TRISH.

  • Margo London
    Margo London6 dager siden

    "Wait, I don't really get that though, okay yeah but that's besides". My new crush must be Trisha. xx

  • Audrey-Ann Stephenson
    Audrey-Ann Stephenson6 dager siden

    sorry but that pic of hugh grant looked like jason nash

  • Gabrielle Melecio
    Gabrielle Melecio7 dager siden


  • chelbelle09878
    chelbelle098787 dager siden

    People in the jewish faith give money for other people of their religion to see their homeland. I don't get what's so hard to understand

  • clxrxhl
    clxrxhl7 dager siden

    I cried at the just fucking sue... SUE moment

  • bambidays
    bambidays7 dager siden

    I kinda don't think ethan/trisha should be commenting on the royals if neither of them has really kept up with the whole situation... there were wrong actions on both sides and i think there's probably reason for being "on" either side, so maybe calling the british as a whole "cruel" is a little mean...

  • Clare
    Clare7 dager siden

    they should have blind folded all the judges when taste testing to prevent bias...

  • Jenna Cain
    Jenna Cain7 dager siden

    i love it here.

  • Alex Bond
    Alex Bond8 dager siden

    49:20 What about jews that are 2%? (milk humor)

    The THUNDER SISTERS cRack8 dager siden

    I’m TOO addicted to this podcast

  • Emily and Jake Make Videos
    Emily and Jake Make Videos8 dager siden

    This mash up of humans together brings me irrational joy

  • Mauricio Fernández
    Mauricio Fernández8 dager siden

    Did you just make fun of cancer survivor Val Kilmer? What human garbage you are.

  • Jonah Guitar boii
    Jonah Guitar boii8 dager siden

    Dude Trisha hates on EVERYTHING lmaooo

  • J00300
    J003008 dager siden

    At this point, Moses should not be on the judging panel 😂

  • caitlin
    caitlin8 dager siden


  • Payton Maisie
    Payton Maisie8 dager siden

    trisha getting the name binging with babish wrong gets me everytime

  • Jon Porter
    Jon Porter8 dager siden

    It's so weird sometimes when Trisha doesn't know something so common in culture like stereotypes but then can list off like who was the director of a musical. It's like obviously you're interested in culture... but how did that slip by?

  • CLEMENCE2388
    CLEMENCE23889 dager siden

    I would of loved to have sat next to Trisha in history class...the questions asks...????

  • Maggie Smith
    Maggie Smith9 dager siden

    🤭 Ethan being so invested in playing cooking show with those mashed potatoes sent me through the roof 😂🤣

  • Maggie Smith
    Maggie Smith9 dager siden

    Ethan the word you were looking for is "contention" With peace and love. With hate and contention. That felt like a sneeze, sorry. Glad it's out of my hands now.

  • GildedFish
    GildedFish9 dager siden

    NFTS -vomits- looks like I'm done with this podcast.

  • GildedFish


    7 dager siden

    @mburst I'm assuming you don't know why some people are not ok with NFTs. Basically it's like selling a trading card and delivering it in a private jet. It consumes huge amounts of power and is horrible for the environment. It's currently so bad, morally I feel I can find other people to support then those that make NFTs.

  • mburst


    8 dager siden


  • Miki Pyskow
    Miki Pyskow9 dager siden

    Tricia and Hitler agree on Many things. She says the same things he did. She just Arent putting the same hate behind it

  • Sofia Pipolo
    Sofia Pipolo9 dager siden

    i would highkey love to see frenemies podcast live

  • mburst


    8 dager siden


  • Lucy Mc
    Lucy Mc9 dager siden

    You should do a cook off and blindfold the judge so they don’t know who has cooked what food.....

  • DreamySteezy
    DreamySteezy9 dager siden

    I've been lacking on watching the podcast so I'm just now watching this but I'm so hyped to hear that Mac on this one 🤠

  • Shredder91
    Shredder919 dager siden

    Okay, i get where this is coming from, but saying that coming from him as a male straight dude, is kinda weird cause you are implying that male or straight people cant have hardships. They just fly through life on a cloud or something. So you are doing the same thing you despise from david.

  • Melissa Leigh
    Melissa Leigh9 dager siden

    Mac demarco has a such a beautiful voice when he is speaking!

  • Hanna Hauenstein
    Hanna Hauenstein9 dager siden

    Dear Ethan. You can in fact over mix mashed potatoes. They will turn gummy. Fair warning for the future :)

  • Gummie Monkey
    Gummie Monkey9 dager siden

    Wow! Trisha knows culinary terms. Periodt I STAN!!!

  • Daisy A
    Daisy A9 dager siden

    next time, the judges should blind taste!! :)

  • bell. 25
    bell. 259 dager siden

    Oh my god Trisha please go on tiger belly I need it ethan convince her I think that they’d really get along and it’d be so entertaining

  • Gabbyz21
    Gabbyz2110 dager siden

    49:05 iconic

  • Senior In a golf cart
    Senior In a golf cart10 dager siden

    Kind of tired of trishas ignorant offensive stuff she says about Jewish people. There has been multiple times that Ethan (a Jewish person), Dan and Jewish people on the internet have asked that she stop saying offensive comments like this and she won’t even listen to what actual Jewish people are saying. I don’t know if I can support her anymore.

  • Beauty By mandaa
    Beauty By mandaa10 dager siden

    Damn it’s April 1st and I’m behind time to catch up lol 😝

  • Heather Brennan
    Heather Brennan10 dager siden

    I literally LOL'd at the cakes! I'm really loving the Frenemies vibe.. perfection

  • Shane jr
    Shane jr10 dager siden

    Anyone else think they look more like Dog and Beth?

  • MJM
    MJM10 dager siden

    When Ethan literally brings two out of three judges every time and still loses, at this point this is a meme.

  • MJM
    MJM10 dager siden

    1:13:00 Genetics don't work like that Ethan. You can have more genes from specific genepool than your siblings.

  • cherrypie414
    cherrypie41410 dager siden

    Trisha on Tiger Belly would be so fucking weird but an episode I would watch in a heartbeat. Bobby Lee is an icon

  • Lloyd Rodriguez
    Lloyd Rodriguez10 dager siden

    David Dobrik's chipotle special would be the Jerk Chicken. I know jerk chicken isn't Mexican food, but David never played by the rules.

  • Steven V
    Steven V10 dager siden

    never been a fan of Trisha, but she is so damn adorable here.

  • jessica kelm
    jessica kelm10 dager siden

    😟 r Kelly’s song

  • __Kanra__
    __Kanra__10 dager siden

    Watching the cooking competition had me thinking about the World Martial Arts Tournament from DBZ, when Trunks and Goten fought. I couldn't help but feel like Trunks needed to win because it was so much more important to him to get Vegeta's approval than it was for Goten to get Goku's... Weird parallel, but sometimes I feel like Trisha just needs the win more and it hits home when she gets SO excited about it xD

  • Tamina Jacinta
    Tamina Jacinta10 dager siden

    Trisha why didn’t you do anything that night since you knew how shady they all were and saw what was unfolding. You chose to leave instead of help the girls.

  • Swearwolf
    Swearwolf10 dager siden

    I thought Mac DeMarco was dead.

  • Leah Lively
    Leah Lively11 dager siden

    My dogs is a bit older. He's around 10 years old. He also doesn't really like to eat. He has a few teeth missing and has the general old doggy breath. Other general old doggy problems. He's a dachshund. I have to sit with him, pet him & tell him he's a good boy for him to finish his food. I find giving them smaller portions, spacing out meals and using positive reinforcement helps him out. Hope this helps out.

  • Korinna Beckenbauer
    Korinna Beckenbauer11 dager siden

    Trisha looks like a garden fairy with the flower crown. I love that look

  • Agnes Mefful
    Agnes Mefful11 dager siden

    Trisha is definitely fetishizing Jews. Literally replace every time she says Jew with black... she needs to stop. Enjoy the culture, but don’t think you can overstep and gatekeep and everything.

  • Ana W
    Ana W11 dager siden


  • sandra s
    sandra s11 dager siden

    Sending a picture of your eggplant to a minor is wrong and means you should be deplatformed but filming someone m*sturbating in front of minorS is a-okay? Got it. Also, all the censoring of youtube-comments makes it really hard to call out this stuff. :/

  • Monique AlienLove
    Monique AlienLove11 dager siden

    umm, @Billy Zane / He was The Phantom not Zoro lol.

  • Bradley West
    Bradley West11 dager siden

    Normalize lumpy mashed potatoes

  • Madi Bartley
    Madi Bartley11 dager siden

    I love you Mac Demarco

  • Sami
    Sami11 dager siden

    Trish is literally the dumbest person ever!!

  • cecizilla _
    cecizilla _11 dager siden

    i never thought i would ever hear “do you have your passport” again 💀

  • kate connors
    kate connors12 dager siden


  • Vickie Hale
    Vickie Hale12 dager siden

    Anything that you smother in butter (even an old boot) is going to taste good. Also Moses will NEVER vote against Trisha, imo. Ethan was robbed of this win, js.

  • Desi
    Desi12 dager siden

    With peace and love, some of the shit Trisha says about jewish culture baffles me. Like the reason Jewish people get to go to Israel for free is because after WWII the jewish population in europe were given their own land so they wouldn't have to deal with another holocaust. She needs to learn more about the history and suffering the global jewish community has faced before she says something stupid.

  • Heisquareman
    Heisquareman12 dager siden

    I'll attend the steamys. 🤣

    KATIE12 dager siden

    doesn't mac demarco have a bunch of weird SA allegations as well?

  • Francinette Ramos
    Francinette Ramos12 dager siden

    My dog also has an eating disorder 🥲

  • *gabriela_got7*
    *gabriela_got7*12 dager siden

    who's kris talia

  • Annalise Carter
    Annalise Carter12 dager siden

    Maybe you should try a vegan diet Ethan. It is supposed to increase fertility