David Dobrik's Assault Victim Calls In & Trisha VS AB - H3 After Dark #23


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  • Okami Wolfee
    Okami Wolfee22 timer siden

    I support Trisha or anyone who has been a victim of abuse - they deserve justice. But i also see what people are saying about the fact that Trisha has also been an abuser in some cases - she has used her platform to bully others, dissociaDID being a prime example. She also needs to take accountability for the trauma that she has caused to others through her platform if she is going to start using her platform to be a voice for abuse survivors. In no way does this take away from the validity of Trisha’s trauma - just devils advocate.

  • lameramour
    lameramourDag siden

    This feels like a family meeting in a living room

  • Brielle Beatty
    Brielle BeattyDag siden

    People really need to learn not to say something on the internet that they wouldn't say in person.... Keyboard warrior headass😏

  • Lindsey Taylor Mitchell
    Lindsey Taylor Mitchell2 dager siden

    i don’t know who seth was before this whole thing came out but i’m proud of him for being so brave. he also had such insight and compassion for david even tho he treated him like badly. i would have been pissed and bitter.

  • E
    E4 dager siden

    There's a time and a place for playing devils advocate and it is NOT when someone tells you about their traumatic experience.

  • E
    E4 dager siden

    Why can't I find the actual clip

  • Sophie B
    Sophie B5 dager siden

    Hila is such a special person. Almost every time she opens her mouth she has something insightful to say. So much grace and poise, I respect her a lot

  • badfish5447link
    badfish5447link6 dager siden

    Does Ethan have consent for always making fun of the guy peeing in his basement when his wife is likely cheating on him? It feels like shaming the victim of a bad marriage. It’s all perspective

  • Rene Guzman
    Rene Guzman7 dager siden

    Are you guys new to the internet? All these comments are more cancer than the show.

  • Tyler McCarthy
    Tyler McCarthy7 dager siden

    bruh seth did the bit he said it was fine to upload it got uploaded. he gave consent to do it again to him. and he gave props to david after he did it again. now he wants to act like this like cmon bro. you asked to take down the videos and he did. if you was that upset why you not distance yourself from them and ask him not to upload the video with that part in it. too many mfs here think that he had a problem with it until now. smh

  • peachybbyi uwu
    peachybbyi uwu8 dager siden

    I feel so bad for Seth, he just wanted to have his big break and david just took advantage of him. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. :c

  • Alyssa Lockhurst
    Alyssa Lockhurst10 dager siden

    I feel really bad that he felt like he had to go along with it in order to not be the “angry black man”. He shouldn’t have to compromise his comfort and personal space. I’m glad he spoke out.

  • Me Giychkycv
    Me Giychkycv10 dager siden

    I’m just confused why no one is holding corina or korina accountable she was in on it

  • Ari Harvest Pancake
    Ari Harvest Pancake11 dager siden

    Where the previous video of ab defending David? I need to understand these story

  • Tay Charlese
    Tay Charlese11 dager siden

    I don’t understand people feeling bad about this man getting hate for attempting to discredit victims lmao. Fuck him.

  • Lex Kay
    Lex Kay11 dager siden

    Here's the thing, even if he did give consent, Dobrik making a video about a situation that mocks consent is a bad influence for the Vlog Squad's young audience.

  • Alia


    10 dager siden


  • Devon Alyse
    Devon Alyse12 dager siden

    i feel soooo terrible for seth

  • Average Teens
    Average Teens12 dager siden

    Aaaah .....AB ‘s Smile is such A Hearthrob ❤️ Who tell you are not... Don’t listen to ‘em Y’all AB is a sweet but he is just a ..,yeah he is cute xD

  • James Christian Jr: The Rising Phoenix
    James Christian Jr: The Rising Phoenix13 dager siden

    Ethan is almost fatherly to AB. He is helping AB understand his mistakes. Not just leave it at the apology(which we all know was 100 percent Genuine). Also to help the listeners know that AB fully gets there reactions about his faults.

  • Kaylee E
    Kaylee E13 dager siden

    thank you Seth for sharing your story ❤️

  • no 1
    no 113 dager siden

    Seths story just got worse and worse! So awful. And hes right ive been assaulted, my brain shut down and the memory didnt come back to me until 2 yrs later. Second commercial thing was sooooo fucked up!!!!

  • no 1
    no 113 dager siden

    Seth your feelings of violation are valid and Im rooting for your healing! Im sure you have respect from people who matter.

  • no 1
    no 113 dager siden

    BLM movement never died for me and im sure a gigantic amount of people. Perhaps it died out for ppl who were only presenting performative "activism" online. Also, for blckface (with its old + SHOULD be outdated origins being extremely offensive, ex. minstrl shows) to come up again these days has got to be traumatizing and extremely frustrating (especially if black folks are feeling that blm is being abandoned, like how seth said). BLM wont go away. Modern blckface should be outdated and gone.

  • Baby Dabs
    Baby Dabs13 dager siden

    This is random but dan has gorgeous eyes

  • amanda metcalf
    amanda metcalf13 dager siden

    YOU DONT CHOOSE YOUR TRAUMA RESPONSE. Seth, you are not in the wrong, the way you responded was not your choice. Love when Ethan said “The fact that you went along with it does not invalidate your feelings”

  • Maggie Kennedy
    Maggie Kennedy14 dager siden

    So what AB is saying is that he was playing devil's advocate?

  • m r
    m r15 dager siden

    did anyone hear what seth said at 1:31:00??

  • Stunt Panda
    Stunt Panda15 dager siden

    I believe AB is honestly sorry, the problem is he shouldn't have said the things to start with. The real lesson is to think before you speak or write. Have you ever wished you had a chance to go back in time before you did something stupid? Well guess what, you just got that chance: pretend you just went back in time so you can think about what you're about to do.

  • coirby
    coirby15 dager siden

    I actually really appreciate the time they took to break down the victim blaming. It wasn't just for AB, it was for their audience to be clear on where they stand and defining the appropriate response to trauma victims and why. Good people with good principles victim blame all the time with the best of intentions, which further traumatizes the victim while supporting the perpetrator. As a bigger platform this channel has an impact on what folks define as both normal and acceptable. They are being incredibly responsible and thorough. This whole episode is so refreshing to watch.

  • 44 NK
    44 NK16 dager siden

    Props to AB for apologising and taking ownership, I could hear his pain and regret.

  • d kupferfeld
    d kupferfeld16 dager siden

    "You're watching h to the 3 he he" in jay z voice 💀💀😭😭😭😭

  • James
    James16 dager siden

    It's interesting to me how people feeling more sorry for AB and trying to baby him than actual victims.

  • James


    16 dager siden

    HE DID NOT JUST SAY "I have a deep background in civil rights" WHAT??

  • Melissa C
    Melissa C16 dager siden

    I teared up listening to Seth. He was used and abused on such a public platform multiple times by someone who was kind of his employer. And then had to continue to see that person be praised for it.

  • Karma is Coming
    Karma is Coming17 dager siden

    I love 💘 you AB. Don't worry hunnie. If the world can forgive Trisha, after EVERYTHING she has done, you deserve forgiveness.

  • Ipee Freely
    Ipee Freely17 dager siden

    david is a dangerous sociopath, anyone around him is in danger

  • RandomstuffYT
    RandomstuffYT18 dager siden

    Seriously who tf is ab

  • RandomstuffYT
    RandomstuffYT18 dager siden

    Seriously who tf is ab

  • Pat Pat
    Pat Pat19 dager siden


  • Bâbak
    Bâbak19 dager siden

    It’s insane to think that this is where the entire ball of yarn started to unravel for David dobrik - love the Klein’s such good people

  • lilla2008
    lilla200819 dager siden

    AB's apology sounds sooo insincere, like he's reading it off of flash cards.

  • kenken


    17 dager siden

    @lilla2008 in your comment, you said he doesn’t sound sincere because it sounds like he is reading off of flash cards. so can he sound sincere and read of flash cards or not? he was literally chocking up and sounds like he was about to cry. sounded pretty sincere to me

  • lilla2008


    17 dager siden

    @kenken you can sound sincere and still read off of a script.

  • kenken


    17 dager siden

    well he literally said he wrote something up so

  • Ugly Trash
    Ugly Trash19 dager siden

    Can someone talk to me and explain this to me? Im really uneducated on the topic like AB was and I want help

  • Ash leE
    Ash leE19 dager siden

    Dude the “prank” they did on Jonah where he thought he was getting a job but it was all fake... I felt so gross watching it

  • Buse Duymaz

    Buse Duymaz

    13 dager siden

    Omg same thought i was the only one who thought that it was so cruel and messed up like it is emotional abuse and i didnt understand how others were okay with that joke

  • Grigsy _
    Grigsy _20 dager siden

    OMG, i do hate his smile.

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar20 dager siden

    Take a shot every time he says “you know”

  • Danielle B.
    Danielle B.20 dager siden

    Who is AB?

  • Nour H
    Nour H20 dager siden

    how disappointing that AB was literally reading a script

  • shame on you
    shame on you20 dager siden

    Hila saying Ethan tweeting feels like ptsd had me cackling he really is such a trouble maker LMAOO. Also it's funny how AB's apology felt more sincere and well thought out than David's and AB is just the son of lawyers David was probably working with a team and that's all he came up with :/

  • doogallas
    doogallas21 dag siden

    The thumbnails; the crappy youtube drama; then Ethan goes and spreads accusations on twitter to rile up a mob and get clicks. What happened to H3? This is pathetic. Is it really going to carry on this way - just getting closer and closer to keemstar tier content?

  • Black Hammer
    Black Hammer21 dag siden

    Someone count how many times he said “you know”

  • Raven Risby
    Raven Risby21 dag siden

    Ab is loverly

  • liz heidingsfelder
    liz heidingsfelder21 dag siden

    17 YEAR OLD GIRLS!????? wtf is wrong w jason??? he has a daughter

  • liz heidingsfelder
    liz heidingsfelder22 dager siden

    k but did ab ever actually apologized to trisha in person

  • Ch28
    Ch2822 dager siden

    What does this all say about Liza who dated him?

  • Ch28
    Ch2822 dager siden

    Wow that was a beautiful apology from AB

  • Paola Rivera
    Paola Rivera22 dager siden

    Favorite power couple. I love that you guys the way explain everything!

  • Hope Carter
    Hope Carter22 dager siden

    not Ethan clarifying to AB that he said Seth was full of shit the day earlier RIGHT AFTER Seth hangs up... XD

  • emma h
    emma h25 dager siden

    As a survivor of IPV, thank you Hila and Ethan for believing and standing up for victims of abuse 💜

  • L O
    L O26 dager siden

    holding ab accountable was great, he really did seem like he was interested in being educated on the subject. love trisha but she has to chill like don't kill ab when david is still around girl priorities lmaooo

  • MELT
    MELT26 dager siden

    I wanted to rewatch this to better understand everything going on... scrolling through David’s videos from 3-4 years ago even the thumbnails of people hands or mouth on girls chests makes me uncomfortable so I can’t even imagine what Seth went through making that video... I can’t imagine kids watching that type of content and thinking that’s even remotely ok.

  • RobDM
    RobDM26 dager siden

    Ffs AB. Your an adult. You don't need a bunch of rabid kids telling you to kill yourself. You said it yourself. Your parents are lawyers. You understand that shit doesn't hold up and that its completely normal to look at things from different perspectives. As long as you don't prevent the person in question to say their piece.

  • RobDM
    RobDM26 dager siden

    Great. The fans have done more damage to the dynamic of the H3 podcast than anything said about this prankster guy.

  • Kayla S
    Kayla S27 dager siden

    Actually someone else always fixes my car

  • Jadyn mcadams
    Jadyn mcadams27 dager siden

    seth is so adorable :( i feel so bad that he had/has to go through all of this

  • Michelle McMullen
    Michelle McMullen28 dager siden

    AB we love you!!!!! This makes me so sad :( I already saw the Seth interview but I had no idea AB said something. We all make mistakes. Love you AB you’re amazing addition to this group 🤗 seeing two perspectives is important but I understand it was not conducted properly. AB and his beautiful wife I wish you nothing but success and happiness 🤗

  • Krista Vaillancourt
    Krista Vaillancourt28 dager siden

    Everytime Seth says more I go to like the video but I already have.

  • GaGazUnicorn
    GaGazUnicorn28 dager siden

    Unrelated: AB is cute

  • Alina Golovina
    Alina Golovina28 dager siden

    damn i feel bad for Seth, but good job for speaking up bro, straight up

  • S̾uͧmͫmͫeͤrͬ Dͩaͣrͬeͤ
    S̾uͧmͫmͫeͤrͬ Dͩaͣrͬeͤ29 dager siden

    Trisha is doing black hand.

  • Jose H.
    Jose H.29 dager siden

    AB couldn’t go off the cuff? Like you reading a script only leads me to believe that he’s doesn’t mean it

  • Gabby Garcia
    Gabby Garcia29 dager siden

    really sorry you had to go through that seth. You, your experience and your feelings are completely valid. I know you will continue to grow and heal.

  • Floating High
    Floating High29 dager siden

    I'm sorry AB. I felt like you were just trying to look at things from other angles instead of blindly making your opinion. We need more of that in this world. Maybe the phrasing wasn't perfect but we are all human dude. Love you man. Fuck everyone coming at you with hatred and malice.

  • Darryl Wayne
    Darryl WayneMåned siden

    Anyone know the episode where AB says a single word then Zach plays the “fuck you AB” sound bite

  • Lea Redding
    Lea ReddingMåned siden

    I would really like to hear from other ex members of the vlog squad... see if David's shitty behavior was directed toward, maybe, Liza or gabbie.

  • Lea Redding
    Lea ReddingMåned siden

    Mama and papa Klein coming in and calming the waters 😌

  • Rachel L
    Rachel LMåned siden

    STOP AB fine as hell ru kidding me

  • MostlyMoody
    MostlyMoodyMåned siden

    I figured out the cure to abusers like David Dobrik. Have a podcast where the guy who lightly defended David apologizes sincerely and then spend two hours bullying and giggling at him while he is getting death threats. Stay classy.

  • Zaqariah Lowell
    Zaqariah LowellMåned siden

    Jason has always made me uncomfortable. Dude is mad old in a young mans game.

  • Bryan Dedon
    Bryan DedonMåned siden

    I don't know shit about whats going on, don't watch David or any of these people and honestly don't care but for her to say people wouldn't do it for clout, is she serious? People do all kinds of dumb shit for clout. People do dumb shit every day, a lot of them lie about shit all the time and victim hood is raised up over everything in society today. Theres a shit ton of people in this country trying to be the biggest victim. Like I said I don't have a clue what happened and I'm not calling them liars but people will make up shit and claim to be a victim to get attention. It works. And way too many people say belive all victims no matter what.

  • Brian Cunningham
    Brian CunninghamMåned siden

    AB just has a different view on the situation. He did nothing wrong.

  • Rxe
    RxeMåned siden

    Damn. Seth is so well spoken,

  • sam tuns
    sam tunsMåned siden

    H3 podcast = hating 3verybody podcast

  • lisa mercer
    lisa mercerMåned siden

    The barbers right , if you have a ponytail in to tight it gives you headache , I see her logic even if it was wrong

  • lisa mercer
    lisa mercerMåned siden

    One question 🙋🏼‍♀️ he said he lived in Atlanta and then said he lived in Arizona ? Did he just say it wrong ?

  • lisa mercer
    lisa mercerMåned siden

    Has someone emailed the jerky people to confirm what was what ?

  • lisa mercer
    lisa mercerMåned siden

    I know for a fact the sidemen pay all the people for camera work and pa work , excluding models , I think ? I can’t be sure on that ? And people they collaborate with who do it because they get a lot subs from it and they would pay them if they got cut

  • Franco Hodel
    Franco HodelMåned siden

    Can’t believe people can’t even have VALID opinions anymore without getting hate .. this world has gone to shit .. heart goes out to AB for being the ONLY smart one in the show and I think Dan knows this too he just plays the liberal game better .. this is so sad

  • KEK
    KEKMåned siden

    Seth pullin the "I ALL ALONE CUZ SKIN COLOR" -.-we are all human, nothing more. Same as everyone. Stop that crap. Every race gets ragged on.

  • KEK
    KEKMåned siden

    SJW's all over'

  • nessa brewer
    nessa brewerMåned siden

    Nah I think AB deserves the heat, he made a mistake and he deserves it, it’s a show of character. He upholds people like David and he’s incredibly ignorant and arrogant. However, David deserves more heat.

  • ViceBeast
    ViceBeastMåned siden

    Don't trip AB, Its part of being in the spot light. Don't let this bring you down. Also Ethan, don't give AB the platform to be purposefully controversial and then rip into him for being controversial...that's kinda shitty, fupapa.

  • akirebyrne
    akirebyrneMåned siden

    When Seth says that he had to make a split decision between being the angry black guy or just play along with the joke just broke my heart. There’s layers of how fucked up this single moment was and David literally just thought “this will be funny”. Exploitive is a good way to explain it, but I think David really was seeing people as props for his videos, consciously or not.

  • IAmTheGib
    IAmTheGibMåned siden

    Gotta love Seth continuing to chase clout. "He's a victim, he's so brave" Nah he wants clout and you're all falling for it. This cancer culture, and generations is full of pussy's.

  • maxiemus5
    maxiemus5Måned siden

    People can be upset about multiple things at the same time... you don’t have to focus on one issue and not another. Singlemindedness is so common and sad.

  • Reyna Chatman
    Reyna ChatmanMåned siden


  • Mariane Sacramento
    Mariane SacramentoMåned siden

    I feel like people who question Seth's actions after the pranks (such as saying he doesn't care or that it wasn't a big deal to the point he would do it again for clout) don't really understand the clear patterns of victims of s.a.

  • Kelly McGinnis
    Kelly McGinnisMåned siden

    I feel so bad for AB

  • B. Loren
    B. LorenMåned siden

    This is great coverage. I'm shocked that more ppl aren't talking about this. He could have filed a report. This is wrong...

  • redrider2020
    redrider2020Måned siden

    Lol this is hard to watch that ab guy having to bite his tongue and spew bullshit just to appease his boss and his fans views. He approached everything exactly how a good defense lawyer would. If this played out in court he would have crushed the prosecution

  • prmaguiar
    prmaguiarMåned siden

    What has this show become? It used to be so lighthearted and fun. Now all we get is gossip, drama, hate, cancellations and Ethan & Hila spewing ignorant rhetoric and absolutely OOZING arrogance and sanctmony.

  • Slice of Life
    Slice of LifeMåned siden

    All these "wheres the Frenemies" comments are ticking me off. Why are y'all complaining about that and not the injustice of what the podcast was about? Jesus y'all