David Dobrik Is A Bully & Gorilla Glue Gone Wrong - H3 After Dark #22


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  • Blessed one
    Blessed one9 timer siden

    Big NIK!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lindsey Taylor Mitchell
    Lindsey Taylor Mitchell2 dager siden

    i never watched the vlog squad or david but i really like nick. i didn’t know who he was before this. i’m glad he got out of that toxic environment

  • 444 valenciascherrys
    444 valenciascherrys2 dager siden

    jimmy 💕🌹

  • y yg
    y yg5 dager siden

    dude with the face workouts got injections. why would his chin grow bruh

  • y yg
    y yg5 dager siden

    I can't find the don't mess with the pack tiktok anywhere :'(

  • y yg
    y yg5 dager siden

    I feel like I just got cursed watching the russians

  • Quartzy
    Quartzy5 dager siden

    Literally had to skip the gorilla glue woman LOL

  • Stephen Wilkerson
    Stephen Wilkerson10 dager siden

    Dan and Hila saying china 1:45:05

  • no 1
    no 113 dager siden

    Its no community it's just a fetish lolz

  • no 1

    no 1

    13 dager siden

    Also called trash fetish. I kno bc of deadwing dork. Turn it off when hila dont like it i b agreeing w her.

  • no 1

    no 1

    13 dager siden

    Yes i knew it before it got looked up!

  • no 1
    no 113 dager siden

    Man the "homie not covered in paint" was covered in orange paint 😆

  • no 1
    no 113 dager siden

    Ian, i moved out at 16 and my relationship with my dad (family i was living w) improved very much. Good luck.

  • no 1
    no 113 dager siden

    Yes i heard the girl was in pain, in another vid she was in pain when some1 was trying to help her hair :(. i hope i dont hear about some kids on tiktok start some glue challenge (which ofc wouldn't be her fault)

  • миа !
    миа !13 dager siden

    bad bad BAD idea

  • Jackson Ueland
    Jackson Ueland18 dager siden

    These non watch people don’t get it

  • Jeremy Logsdon
    Jeremy Logsdon20 dager siden

    Zach wanting to do anything for a Rolex is gross to me.

  • CayMACC
    CayMACC20 dager siden

    Big Nick spoke on this so well I remember when he would make jokes about them and I always thought they were fucked up I was kinda confused like isn’t that your friend ?

  • kfc667
    kfc66720 dager siden

    The word is not 'cult'. The word is 'clique'...By the way, the joke about Alex shooting up the place was on camera (we all know). Also, everyone talks bad about everyone behind their back. It's called being human

  • emily davitt
    emily davitt21 dag siden

    They literally made an episode of victorious and they used gorilla glue and that was a few years ago 😂 I know from that show to never use gorilla glue

  • florina skenderi
    florina skenderi22 dager siden

    When do they talk about the david drama?

  • notsara
    notsara22 dager siden

    aw, poor nick. I know where he's coming from. I think he's just trying to mellow down the situation :/

  • Marakami Sadaneo
    Marakami Sadaneo23 dager siden

    Oh man, that Sunflower's revenge channel is... Pain Especially since they're Singaporean I feel extra weird.

  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang24 dager siden

    The belligerent wilderness wessely stamp because eyeliner cytologically provide sans a befitting owl. unequal, enormous goose

  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica Messica27 dager siden

    Imagining Tessa going to the nail salon to drill her hair sent me 💀💀💀💀

  • AssBurgerWaifu UwU
    AssBurgerWaifu UwU29 dager siden

    I know I'm a month late but I'm disappointed to see a severe lack of comments related to the Russian mafia snuff films/tik toks at the beginning of the video lol I paused the video and one of those dudes is definitely not okay...is this for real? 😆

  • Slice of Life
    Slice of LifeMåned siden

    12:02 my favorite part of the whole podcast

  • tslchayo
    tslchayoMåned siden

    big nik just another fail wanna be rapper/singer like seth that didnt get no where and no trying to talk shit on david for a little bit more fame

  • Michael Ashton
    Michael AshtonMåned siden

    David is a master manipulator and even the ones he is manipulating in his friends group joke about it literally calling him “a master manipulator”. I get they were friends for awhile but David definitely used him. The crazy thing is he still defends him. Either he wants to get back to filming with them or he is scared. He isn’t even close to as bad as Charles Manson but his followers also were defending him for years after he convinced them to do things they didn’t really want to do

  • Thomas Richardson
    Thomas RichardsonMåned siden

    This show has lost its edge....pretty boring content just watching shit. Ethan is just playing it too safe for me in this snowflake cancel culture....see you in a few months guys

  • Chris Zarow
    Chris ZarowMåned siden

    Clout chase

  • Tori Grimm
    Tori GrimmMåned siden

    So does Dan count them in twice? lol

  • IKingJuILieN
    IKingJuILieNMåned siden

    Clout chasers

  • Tori
    ToriMåned siden

    Bring Gucci flip flop on the pod cast

  • Jdebk
    JdebkMåned siden

    much love for big nik but i still fucking love David 🧎

  • The God Emperor of Mankind
    The God Emperor of MankindMåned siden

    How the fuck did he get lvl 400+ on DS2 lmao

  • Zoe Craig
    Zoe CraigMåned siden

    big nic seems nice

  • Zoe Craig
    Zoe CraigMåned siden

    big nic seems nice

  • chris bis
    chris bisMåned siden

    I enjoy h3 podcast but I feel like it ha became the cancelling podcast. I wish there was original content like there used to be. Now it just feels like every video they try and get fellow youtubers cancelled. To me it seems so lazy and boring.

  • Lonit
    LonitMåned siden

    hahah that clip from Hasselt Belgium, alléjong xd

    QWERTYMåned siden

    Twitch not paying you sounds illegal.

  • A Jc
    A JcMåned siden

    Nick a real one

  • Lana Freeman
    Lana FreemanMåned siden

    Celines been sleep walking for years.....she’s got several disorders and always really clear about moving through life chill and with purpose

  • Cervantes
    CervantesMåned siden

    “I feel like David used my situation for content”. Nick literally 90 percent of your vine content was you making fun of your situation. It’s sad to say but that’s literally the only way you became famous on anything. Some stuff David does could be seen as wrong. Like the make out thing yeah that was wrong. But David took all of these “characters” from vine and put them all in a video together. Nick was the short guy. Zane Heath were the funny drunks. Scott is the depressing guy. Todd is the “hot” dumb guy etc etc. David is the director and these are the characters in his vlog

  • dirty dan
    dirty danMåned siden

    idk abt the sleep walking girl or how real she is, but ik my grandparents used to have to barricade the doors because my mom would sleep walk out into the yard

  • Kenny _Hernandez
    Kenny _HernandezMåned siden

    56:08 big nick

  • Fatima Khaleque
    Fatima KhalequeMåned siden

    They need to talk about the constant bullying on Jonah, also there is a video of Josh tazing Jonah for a video. David just stands there and joins in on the action. It's very disturbing. it literally makes me cringe.

  • Alexandra Pappas
    Alexandra PappasMåned siden

    I love big nick😭I feel so mad that I used to support David sm!

  • Mariana Torres
    Mariana TorresMåned siden

    I think that was human trafficking. They’re painted and have their head shaved so if they run away they’re easy to find.

  • Suamein Palacio
    Suamein PalacioMåned siden

    What’s up with David and bullying people named Nick lol

  • Mujtaba Ali
    Mujtaba AliMåned siden

    I believe what big nik says but I take what Trisha says with a grain of salt

  • Art By Megan B
    Art By Megan BMåned siden

    Maybe she was embarrassed before and then she realized it would get her some funny reactions.

  • Deon Mckinney
    Deon MckinneyMåned siden

    Im getting a feeling that these interviews are going to prevent David from vlogging again

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMåned siden


  • Marcus C
    Marcus CMåned siden

    Kinda obvious how hard they were pushing big nick to try and prove ethans agenda

  • 1POINT5
    1POINT5Måned siden


  • Kixclusive
    KixclusiveMåned siden

    Scotty is the Fucking Man!!!

  • Wetlook Allwam
    Wetlook AllwamMåned siden


  • Jocelyn Muzquiz
    Jocelyn MuzquizMåned siden

    Go to all David’s friends accounts rn and say “GET OUT” like the movie 😂 that would fuck with the internet

  • melia luss
    melia lussMåned siden

    Big nik was contradicting himself the whole time , such an unreliable person to ask for info on the vlog squad , HE DID THIS FOR CLOUT.

  • mariaaa


    Måned siden

    @melia luss back up your claims then if im really not paying attention

  • melia luss

    melia luss

    Måned siden

    @mariaaa u obviously weren’t listening then

  • mariaaa


    Måned siden

    he wasn’t contradicting anything but how he felt about david, which is normal for victims of abuse to do

  • maddie
    maddieMåned siden

    ugh poor big nick man

  • AnwerPolo
    AnwerPoloMåned siden

    yall really look for anything man. DD obviously makes jokes and stuff about him but at the end of the day its all banter and I'm sure if the people around him told him to stop he would. not a fan of DD or anything

  • Jordan Gk

    Jordan Gk

    Måned siden

    Trisha literally had to get naked for him to not film her and he STILL continued to do so. There are some many times ON VIDEO that she communicates that she is uncomfortable and clearly wants him to stop

  • Kei Rio
    Kei RioMåned siden

    Man, look at these guys in their 20s lmao

  • Rebecca B
    Rebecca BMåned siden

    This is crazy

  • Desmond Culp
    Desmond CulpMåned siden

    Please stream dark souls Ethan

  • Good Music
    Good MusicMåned siden

    1:50:41, that's two The Weeknd videos there 2:02:58 that's one man who looks like the weeknd

  • loot
    lootMåned siden

    she most be the dumbest person ever

  • Enumber


    Måned siden

    Big brane

  • Kaykay
    KaykayMåned siden

    So he feels his career didnt grow while in the vlog squad. When he finally went to David with his concerns, David apologized and no longer filmed him out of respect for his feelings. Why not VERBALLY tell him he didn’t mind still being in the vlogs without the roasting. I can’t completely feel sorry for any of these people because now a days all these kids are motivated by “likes” and “followers” etc. They leave their dignity in the gutter and then complain.

  • erin kerner
    erin kernerMåned siden

    So this is trisha's same complaint about david. David made fun of him for his height and calling trisha names, which im not going to say.. why people follow david is crazy to me because he's so corky and his laugh is so forced and annoying, from the couple of video's i watched.. i don't understand it... what do you think about with they did with trisha? I don't think that happened but talk about me me me lol are you serious? How can he not see they have the same complaint lol

  • Meme NN
    Meme NNMåned siden

    Can't believe some people still spend so much money on watches haha. I haven't owned a watch since 2014. "You want a watch that costs $12,000, but looks like it costs $100" perfect comment lol.

  • Stars
    StarsMåned siden

    big nick need to stop lol crying aint a good look

  • Stars


    Måned siden

    @Jordan Gk ok lol

  • Jordan Gk

    Jordan Gk

    Måned siden

    Too sensitive? Since when is validating your feelings and sharing your experience too sensitive? I pray you aren’t met with the same energy your putting out when you’re in a bad situation.

  • Stars


    Måned siden

    @Jordan Gkcry about it lol the world is TOO sensitive

  • Jordan Gk

    Jordan Gk

    Måned siden

    It’s gross that you’re shaming people for crying. People have feelings and they’re allowed to express that. People are so about people speaking up for abuse and depression but shame people when it’s someone that they don’t like. GROSS

  • Makujah
    MakujahMåned siden

    If furries are a product of kids watching anthro animals on cartoons and then some percentage on em growing up with this affecton, then I could see how Tom&Jerry classic pie-to-the-face slapstick would evolve into a fetish of itself. Not judging btw, I watched Tom&Jerry a lot too: who knows, I might get into it

  • wilma johansen
    wilma johansenMåned siden

    David also donates all of this money, cars and other expensive shit to justify the fact that he uses his platform to bully people, so that people can say ''Yeah but he's also like a really nice guy'' just because he flaunts his wealth. He's really manipulative, honestly.

  • Jessica busick

    Jessica busick

    Måned siden

    ⁵5⁵⁵⁵⁵55⁵t5 54

  • Connor O

    Connor O

    Måned siden

    It’s not donating a car if a sponsor pays for it and then you make money out of the video of it being given away

  • Nerte
    NerteMåned siden

    Zack has an IQ of melted butter. What a dummy.

  • Nandini Khatter
    Nandini KhatterMåned siden

    scotty was one of the few who supported him and now scotty is the one going through the same stuff where he's often told to kill himself as a 'joke', guess it's all clearing up now

  • Alan DeGraw
    Alan DeGrawMåned siden

    It’s a fight club

  • CandidlyCapricious
    CandidlyCapriciousMåned siden

    Big Nik has this bright positive energy, it’s really nice too see he’s grown spiritually and it seems to have really found himself.

  • Joey Diaz
    Joey DiazMåned siden

    Black people are intelligent.

  • Ellen Fuller
    Ellen FullerMåned siden

    I used to sleep walk, and I would talk normally and go sit in the living room and "watch tv".

  • Estrella Hernandez
    Estrella HernandezMåned siden

    I'm so happy I found this channel I never get bored with you two

  • Panie Waldku
    Panie WaldkuMåned siden


  • I Petkova
    I PetkovaMåned siden

    Big Nick have big time problem speaking about something behind himself

  • Anna chandra
    Anna chandraMåned siden

    sleep walking girl did a video with her brother where they’re both sleep walking and interacting with each other and that pretty much confirmed to me that it was fake

  • S L
    S LMåned siden

    It takes more courage and strength of character to leave a cult like situation like that than to remain in it .I don’t doubt that theres a lot more people in that group now that are feeling the way he did ,even the people that made fun of him but they prob have such low esteem that they cant leave that toxic situation so they continue getting by, by either being nasty like their leader or just being a punch bag just to make money or otherwise. Its good that Nik had the strength and self belief to remove himself from that group especially at that low point that he was at.

  • B Knox
    B KnoxMåned siden

    This chick looks like she does not want to be there lol

  • Cloudnerd
    CloudnerdMåned siden

    Zach I also appreciate high quality heirloom things! You are not alone! Lol

  • RoyalScum
    RoyalScumMåned siden

    make Zach sing and play on guitar creedence clearwater revival

  • Emily
    EmilyMåned siden

    Honestly hearing Nick talk about his time with David reminds me of Lance Stewart. Like it always seemed he was constantly making fun of Nick and belittling him. I don’t watch Nick’s videos so idk if he ever addresses it

  • Cae Bae
    Cae BaeMåned siden

    When Im shocked they didnt know what WAM was XD

  • Skylar Mason
    Skylar MasonMåned siden

    Ok the "Good Luck Ethan" and "Thank you, Keemstar" exchange from the beginning of this episode was genuinely funny.

  • Silent Cyanide
    Silent CyanideMåned siden

    David makes his "friends" look so dumb in the vlogs and then you see them outside of that and they are actually pretty intelligent people

  • Peak Idiocy

    Peak Idiocy

    Måned siden

    Look at Dom. The vlogs play him like a “drug dealing weed smoker stud scumbag” but in his video about him leaving the vlogs, he was collected and nothing seemed wrong. He did say that he wanted to move on with his career and the vlogs weren’t painting his rep very well.

  • Hailey Day
    Hailey DayMåned siden

    can someone comment the time stamp of ab talking please

  • L calle c.
    L calle c.Måned siden

    Code mikooooo

  • Waiata
    WaiataMåned siden

    David and Jason think sleeping with underage girls is ok, buying underage girls alcohol is ok, listening to people's intimate moments is ok, racism is ok, sexual assault is ok, making fun of people's disabilities is ok, using people's biggest fears against them is ok, not paying your friends/employees is ok, if you choose to continue to follow them then that's what you stand for.

  • incognitorat 805
    incognitorat 805Måned siden

    is ethan really starting to stream? I really want to see some dark souls gameplay. please do it on youtube so that I can watch the stream later. It is hard for europeans to watch streams when we are in different time zones

  • Milli B
    Milli BMåned siden

    Hila looks great. The hair suits her so well

  • L E X I.
    L E X I.Måned siden

    That Kenneth Copeland laugh is so fuckin funny lmao

  • Gloria K
    Gloria KMåned siden

    Big Nik conducted himself so well in this. Congrats to him on his growth and doing what is best for him. He deserves respect and no one should be treated differently because of things they cannot control.

  • Briii Rosado
    Briii RosadoMåned siden

    Zack is basically the Jason of H3

  • Kyle
    KyleMåned siden

    The painted dudes and laying in hay and shit is fucked up. Why is that guy laughing so hard aboutbitjin the background. Fucking demented bruh.

  • Some One
    Some OneMåned siden

    I wonder if this guy was aware of the comments they added in editing. They just went in and were like "make it creamy, tall, and humiliating."

  • Some One
    Some OneMåned siden

    I love Hila soooo much. She so neat