David Dobrik Debate, FREE BRITNEY, Ben Shapiro Calls In - H3 Podcast #235


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  • ava
    ava14 timer siden

    AB is so out of pocket for this...he could’ve just stayed quiet too.

  • ava
    ava14 timer siden

    this...did not age well.

  • Sarah Hillman
    Sarah Hillman2 dager siden

    just here 2 months late to say fuck u ab

  • fan
    fan5 dager siden

    the fact that ab who admit hes not even an avid viewer of david dobriks vlogs thinks he knows better than the girl who was literally in them is so fucking funny like... what an idiot

  • Mario Hanna
    Mario Hanna6 dager siden

    add time stamps pls!!!!!!

  • adam hachey
    adam hachey8 dager siden

    Wow ab really embarrassed himself

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark8 dager siden

    "How are we gonna get out of this?" Just do WHATEVER TF the government tells you, no questions asked, so we can get back to normal Are you fucking serious??? 😑😑😑

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark8 dager siden

    LMFAO Ethan crying about Joe Rogan saying he isn't taking the vaccine is fucking hilarious. Just get it and YOU'RE GOOD RIGHT?!?!? WHY TF DO YOU CARE IF SOMEBODY YOUVE NEVER MET GETS IT OR NOT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Samuel I
    Samuel I9 dager siden

    But the moon landing IS fake

  • Jamie Crozier
    Jamie Crozier9 dager siden

    Pro tip: if you say “I’m not victim shaming, even if the numbers aren’t in your favor, still come out with it”, and it totally erases the fact that you just victim shamed and demonstrated the reasons people are scared to come out about their SA experiences!

  • McKenna
    McKenna10 dager siden

    If joe Rogan was actually concerned about “how long the vaccine lasts” and “how effective it is”, he would just do the research to find out. He’s not actually concerned about those things. He uses the mere QUESTIONING of those factors as his reasoning for not getting it. When the answers to those questions are readily available for him to go find out. He’s putting on full display the fact that he hasn’t even taken the time to look the answers up. And then using that ignorance to make unjustifiable decisions in front of millions of people that are influenced by him

  • flipflapflop


    10 dager siden

    nah he's too busy smoking weed and making money off of platforming terrible people to care. i watched his podcast a long time ago back when he mostly had comedians and stuff. the last few i watched he's just always obviously too high to even try to debate the other person properly.

  • McKenna
    McKenna10 dager siden

    I hope people can learn from AB’s annihilation. Theres so many people that think like him. There’s always a “but” after everything they say. There’s way too many guys like this. Even when Hila explained to him, he refused to change his opinion

  • Bailey Sanderson
    Bailey Sanderson11 dager siden

    Almost 20mph over and he thinks that's chicken shit??

  • austin brewer
    austin brewer11 dager siden

    There is too many people on this planet and there need to be a purge......thank you covid for saving us

  • flipflapflop


    10 dager siden

    @austin brewer it's a pandemic, not a widespread purge or something. completely different. it should be killing actual terrible people. we don't need a purge of disabled or old people. we need a purge of the people who are failing running society and not working towards helping others, just themselves.

  • austin brewer

    austin brewer

    10 dager siden

    @flipflapflop lol its not eugenics, its common sense.

  • flipflapflop


    10 dager siden

    @austin brewer OH my bad. Didn't realize u support eugenics.

  • austin brewer

    austin brewer

    10 dager siden

    @flipflapflop when there's a purge you dont kill off the young and the new, you want the old and worn so you're left with people that have the most life to continue helping the planet. It this not obvious

  • flipflapflop


    10 dager siden

    @austin brewer rich people can afford to survive Covid and rich people are generally terrible. it literally missed trump because he could get his weird ass treatment stuff. i also don't think kids or old people or disabled people deserve to be purged for something they can't control.

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark12 dager siden

    Ethan doesn't know Caillou?!?!? LMFAO wtf

  • Mark Mark

    Mark Mark

    10 dager siden

    @flipflapflop 🤣

  • flipflapflop


    10 dager siden

    i would never let my child know that whiny lil shit exists lmao

  • Merrewyn
    Merrewyn12 dager siden

    Hey AB - they are being told ONE SIDED because the other side must have something to hide.

  • Merrewyn
    Merrewyn12 dager siden

    It’s hilarious that AB doesn’t have the same energy all the time on the podcast.. as in like ready with clips etc. lol. He’s not the best at his job. WP&L of course.

  • Merrewyn
    Merrewyn12 dager siden

    Oh wow. Bye bye AB. Just caught up on this drama. My perspective of you just TOTALLY changed. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Ali
    Ali12 dager siden

    I love Hilas response to all this, she’s so articulate and tuned in

  • James Christian Jr: The Rising Phoenix
    James Christian Jr: The Rising Phoenix13 dager siden

    Hila at 14:38 Our Queen!

  • James Christian Jr: The Rising Phoenix
    James Christian Jr: The Rising Phoenix13 dager siden

    Ethan RIGHT OFF THE BAT: "you know Trisha's gonna murder you, right." AB: Brushes it off. Trisha: Over night BURNS HIS WORLD TO ASHES!!

  • Laughing Often
    Laughing Often13 dager siden

    AB IS a SIMP..... for David!! I can NOT wait till Trisha SHREDS him UP!!! Which she does very well w/ just her words. ✌️

  • Samantha Tycz
    Samantha Tycz13 dager siden

    because you have a parent that's a lawyer or have two parents that are lawyers does NOT mean you are a lawyer. AB is hardcore bias here and most of what he said can be summed up to him saying, "it's all jokes." 0/10 from me

  • A Z
    A Z14 dager siden

    baffled at how confident ab is as he destroys all of these victims stories as if he was there or knows anything about these situations. all of his excuses and “reasons” are so ridiculous, just the definition of victim shaming

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama14 dager siden

    In the case of Joe Rohan and the vaccine, I completely agree with Ethan about achieving herd immunity, and I think Joe is stupid for “looking like a pussy” being the reason he won’t get the vaccine. But other reasons need to go in to account why someone wouldn’t get the vaccine. Herd immunity can still be achieved when only 96% of the population is immune to make up for those who don’t have it. I am someone who lives in a low infection rate state and I am a germaphobe, so I, my significant other abs immediate family have been able to stay covid free since the beginning of the pandemic. However, I have virus and weather-changing induced asthma. Meaning if I were to get sick from covid it would most definitely kill me due to it infecting the lungs, which would trigger an asthma attack. I would die from asphyxiation in as little as 3 minutes. A big reason I will not be getting the vaccine is even if I have a destroyed/ deactivated covid 19 virus injected, my immune system will react the same way as if it were a live virus. I do my part for society, I only leave my home for essential reasons such as grocery shop, doctors appointments and picking up medication. I wear my mask everywhere, regardless. I have already been advised by my pulmonologist that I could potentially have symptoms that could land me in the hospital, and looking at how my body has reacted to other vaccines I’ve had in the past. Though my dr has recommended that I get the vaccine, everyone in my immediate family plans on getting the vaccine and most of them already have. My significant other has gotten the vaccine to ensure he does not infect me. I understand how important getting the vaccine is for normal people but there are other reason why a person cannot get the vaccine and I want you to be aware of that. I felt incredibly offended when you insinuated that people who don’t get the vaccine are just selfish and don’t believe the virus is real. You may never see this comment but anyone else who happens to read this, there are people in different circumstances so try to be aware of that. Thanks and much love ❤️

  • Sydney Britt
    Sydney Britt15 dager siden

    I feel like I'm just a kid, I'm younger than David, only two years older than when he started on YT and I would never, ever do what he did. Can't call him a dumb kid, he's been alive for a while

  • Jeans Dontbe'stingy
    Jeans Dontbe'stingy16 dager siden

    1.25 x speed up makes them sound normal.

  • Zilah Ktz
    Zilah Ktz17 dager siden

    Nobody gave AB the memo on Trisha it seems lmao... Trisha is always right even when she is wrong. That's her motto, also Trisha can shit and judge on everybody but don't you dare do it to her or she will bust out like a toddler with a shitty nappy and bleeding butt cheeks.. also.. opinions? what are those? How dare you have an opinion that differentiates from Saint Trisha.. do better AB.. ;)

  • Samantha J
    Samantha J17 dager siden

    That wasn’t actually Ben Shapiro right

  • flipflapflop


    10 dager siden

    it was the real Bean shabebo

  • shame on you
    shame on you18 dager siden

    I feel like people forget Elon Musk is just rich like having a degree that was paid for by mommy and daddy doesn't make you a genius lol and he has never proven he was smart other than "achievements". Every other thing he says on twitter is blatantly wrong and he's only popular as a memelord bc the ppl that worship dudes like that are also the types to lack the critical thinking skills to see why everything he says is so wrong......

  • Hali Burke
    Hali Burke18 dager siden

    I came back to find out what AB said to make people so mad. I'm 16 minutes in and I was already thinking, "Yikes". I didn't realize he's responding to things this whole episode..... I don't even want to know now cause that's a huge bummer.

  • Hann Myers
    Hann Myers18 dager siden

    big nick’s whole career started with himself making jokes about his disability. when the vlog squad along with other creators collaborated with him, they felt it was okay to make jokes as well because that’s basically what he is known for. no ones gonna know you’re uncomfortable with something unless you speak up.

  • hartlei's vanity
    hartlei's vanity18 dager siden

    Why is AB up David's A? Lmao??

  • Angie Hurtado
    Angie Hurtado18 dager siden

    haha I watched the Snyder Cut and it was SO GOOD

  • Eliza Brady
    Eliza Brady19 dager siden

    Are we just going to ignore Ben Shapiro’s comment about horse breath 😭

  • Wrandi Davis
    Wrandi Davis20 dager siden

    Please tag the impersonators you have on the podcast in the description!

  • shame on you
    shame on you20 dager siden

    Honestly I wish ppl would question the concept of a conservatorship in general like yes in extreme situations something like that makes sense but it's basically built to be exploited and that's not an accident society just has a lack of understanding of disability and mental illness (and we also just seem to hate old ppl too :/)

  • flipflapflop


    10 dager siden

    i think they're important but i also think it should be mandatory to prove that it's is absolutely still necessary every year or so. they should also be able to fight it since currently you cannot have your own lawyer or someone is appointed to you by the person who is trying to do the conservatorship. if you're rich they should not be able to do whatever they want with your money while you're unwell. it's so frustrating. it's just a really messed up corrupt system currently.

  • Lils
    Lils21 dag siden

    1:00:00 this is literally an snl skit 😭 I love it

  • anthony d
    anthony d22 dager siden

    how was this only a month ago...

  • Paola Rivera
    Paola Rivera23 dager siden

    Love the way Hila talks and educate everyone on the abusing subject. ❤️

  • Plutonium B
    Plutonium B24 dager siden

    AB's opinions just age like MILL

  • Xx jah
    Xx jah24 dager siden

    People forget the fact that even if u got vaccine u will still be a carrier!!

  • Pretty Kitty
    Pretty Kitty25 dager siden

    AB probably would have stuck up for Bill Cosby if he was a fan of Cosbys.

  • independent thinker
    independent thinker25 dager siden

    Bear Mace would fend off pesky papparazzi

  • N Penttinen
    N Penttinen25 dager siden

    With peace and love, fire ab.

  • Michelle Murphy
    Michelle Murphy25 dager siden

    Damn Hilas not holding back with AB go her

  • Nadia Villalobos
    Nadia Villalobos26 dager siden

    Seriously?! Doing a podcast with our husband? loveeeeee

  • ava grace
    ava grace27 dager siden

    All because you become friends with people doesn't mean you stop asking for their consent and how they feel on topics or content they're putting in videos. AB's argument is just dumbfounding. LOOOOOL 😆

  • cangrejo sucio
    cangrejo sucio27 dager siden

    1: antidepressants and sugar are making you fat and depressed.2: Respiratory infections are one of the primary causes of death by illness and have allways been, covid is not gonna disappear just by vaccinating, you can still get the virus and transmit it while vaccinated.

  • RobDM
    RobDM27 dager siden

    "She cheated on him" Ethan: " No proof of that" Well shit what happened to VICTIM BLAMING????

  • The Odd One 111
    The Odd One 11128 dager siden

    Wow that Ben Shapiro impression is SPOT ON😂😂😂.

  • Mandii
    Mandii28 dager siden

    Was this a Ben Shapiro impersonator???

  • Kori Marie
    Kori Marie29 dager siden

    I’m just saying.. R Kelly had a “loyal” group too until the people realized they were being abused. Maybe we should take a step back and think. Hell.. even after the R Kelly documentary, he still had 2 loyal woman but sometime after they realized they were abused. This is a dangerous argument..

  • Gabrielle Hartman
    Gabrielle HartmanMåned siden

    That has to be a fake Ben Shapiro 😂

  • Sittingatstalemate
    SittingatstalemateMåned siden

    AB, to his ain't it. Educate yourself on SA

  • olv OG
    olv OGMåned siden

    Joe Rogan is what happens when himbos go bad 🤢

  • shy tho
    shy thoMåned siden

    Didn’t even know that about Netflix Japan

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah RoseMåned siden

    David’s videos are soo extra. I can’t get behind it. Hmmpf. Kids, again. Always the kids.

  • cykeman1
    cykeman1Måned siden


  • Nina Gabi
    Nina GabiMåned siden

    I get he comes from a lawyer family but... that doesn’t mean just seeing both sides and blindly defending. It’s seeing the evidence presented and looking at it logically.

  • Nibsti
    NibstiMåned siden

    Hila is more badass than Joe Rogan will ever be

  • Tiffany R
    Tiffany RMåned siden

    I think every segment of this show has pretty much proven that when certain people reach a certain level of success/wealth/power, they’re detached from reality and are willing to do anything to keep their power going. David Dobrik, Jamie Spears, and Elon Musk are variations of the same breed of person in my opinion; just at different stages in different fields. Like clearly so ready and willing to use people and dismissive of anything contrary to their thought process.

  • Holly Sanchez
    Holly SanchezMåned siden

    bruh this ab dude needs to stfu you don’t know anything about the topic smh 🤦‍♀️

  • Tiff ABC
    Tiff ABCMåned siden

    Give ab a break just bc he disagrees y'all are like "righteous vultures" if he's wrong hes wrong move on get over it.

  • ReaptheWhirlwind
    ReaptheWhirlwindMåned siden

    19k sheep

  • ReaptheWhirlwind
    ReaptheWhirlwindMåned siden

    Hila yeets palestinian kids

  • klyper
    klyperMåned siden

    No cap: In context, how does it look to shame AB's take on a nothing-burger comedy channel drama, but you straight up libel Joe Rogan and Elon Musk in the same hour? AMA

  • Faith Allison
    Faith AllisonMåned siden

    Please make H3 mugs and put on H3 merch site!!!!

  • prmaguiar
    prmaguiarMåned siden

    LOL @ literally the dumbest people on the plant (Ethan, Hila and Dan) shitting on Elon fucking Musk

  • Jennifer MacKinnon
    Jennifer MacKinnonMåned siden

    Fake fake shapiro lol

  • Faith Allison
    Faith AllisonMåned siden

    I'm such an Hila simp like everything she says is so articulate and she's so funny. Love her so much. Smart and beautiful!

  • ReaptheWhirlwind


    Måned siden

    Hiya sounds like she should take english classes

  • ReaptheWhirlwind


    Måned siden

    You mean you refuse to acknowledge that she popped a palestinians kids head into a red mist while serving the IDF.

  • Slice of Life
    Slice of LifeMåned siden

    57 in a 40 speeding ticket is not a chicken shit ticket. Thats almost 20 miles over the speed limit. Not to say I don't do it.

  • afmeister
    afmeisterMåned siden

    Ethan: who cares about how much subs he has dont hate on his channel Also Ethan: WHAT EVEN IS THIS REACTION VIDEO THIS IS STUPID WHATS THE POINT

  • Amy Morley
    Amy MorleyMåned siden

    I used to really like ab but now he just seems like a really bad person goin blah blah blah. Trish is my girl okay no one can contradict her ok?

  • Loay Taher
    Loay TaherMåned siden

    Have you ever been abused is the equivalent of have you ever been raped? Like go make some original content instead of dragging people.

  • Meme NN
    Meme NNMåned siden

    Elon Musk is overrated as an intellectual.

  • ReaptheWhirlwind


    Måned siden

    all "intellectuals" shoupd be put in camps and used as free labor

  • gabesaurus22
    gabesaurus22Måned siden

    im so impressed by hila holy shit

  • ReaptheWhirlwind


    Måned siden


  • Faith Riggs
    Faith RiggsMåned siden

    “He didn’t say no in David’s defense”. I’m gonna scream. If it’s not a yes then why are we even talking rn.

  • Faith Riggs
    Faith RiggsMåned siden


  • Faith Riggs
    Faith RiggsMåned siden

    Not AB defending abusive cycles

  • Faith Riggs
    Faith RiggsMåned siden

    Not AB saying he tries to see the good in people

  • Lana Freeman
    Lana FreemanMåned siden

    AB has no fucking idea what he's talking about. The blatant disregard for people who have been put in mental and physical abuse. He is so obtuse to the idea that this man he's never met should be acting like an actual man and not a f*cking abusive teenager.

  • lara zaia
    lara zaiaMåned siden

    Can we stop talking about AB and start talking about Ethans rendition of Up by Cardi B

  • cynjim88
    cynjim88Måned siden

    I agree that Brittney situation is really messed up but why hasn’t the rest of her family like her mother stepped in. And why wasn’t she or the rest of her family part of this documentary they didn’t have anything to do with it there might be things going on behind the scenes that the public is completely unaware of obviously she does need mental help but I don’t agree with her father controlling everything

  • gooz0mbie
    gooz0mbieMåned siden

    Jeez ab confirming his moronic self yet again

  • Hoodman129
    Hoodman129Måned siden

    can’t stay I stand by AB but Ethan and Hila are notoriously bad at receiving new info so it’s impossible to get any understanding not just agreement

  • SMouse Booth
    SMouse BoothMåned siden

    I'm not on either side. David is obviously a shot head. But fake news Trisha is obnoxious and obviously lies about a lot.

  • SMouse Booth
    SMouse BoothMåned siden

    Stop the china virus propaganda

  • Lorenzo Ricci
    Lorenzo RicciMåned siden

    Oh god Ben Shapiro IS SO HILARIOUS can't believe he's serious, no way, this podcast needs to have more Shapiro segments where they ask him his opinions on different "outraging" stuff

  • Rich Mattson

    Rich Mattson

    Måned siden

    it's a fake Ben Shapiro.

  • Mountain
    MountainMåned siden

    Clout is one hell of a drug, Seth needs to take accountability for participating in these jokes/videos but David needs to take responsibility for creating this toxic environment and allowing for Seth to be assaulted

  • Jilliad
    JilliadMåned siden

    and even if seth consented the second time, that doesnt cause ex post facto consent. he did not consent the first time end of story.

  • SSstormwalker1
    SSstormwalker1Måned siden

    I stand with AB

  • Slug boi
    Slug boiMåned siden

    a current US trend: every time someone becomes the richest in the united states, they usually treat the people who keep it even running like trash.

  • Rachel Ann
    Rachel AnnMåned siden

    H3 TEAM PLEASE READ PLEASE READ PLEASE READ on Netflix there’s a new show “I care a lot” & it’s about conservatorship & hella fucked up but I think this is what britt’s dad is doing to her. Totally relatable. Watch it!!!

  • Emily Czech
    Emily CzechMåned siden

    When the episode first started I thought "oh hila looks so good today!" wtf insecurities/bad days just suck huh

  • Marius1 Kahre
    Marius1 KahreMåned siden

    why does bne voice sound s o weird

  • destiny Leon
    destiny LeonMåned siden

    Damn this Ab guy is not settling with me right. Disgusting. People like him are the exact reason why victims do not come to light with their experiences.

  • Arjun Parmar
    Arjun ParmarMåned siden

    H3 podcast fu*king sucks

  • Emily Williams
    Emily WilliamsMåned siden

    It’s literally always “I’m not victim blaming you should come forward buuuut...” like no just stop there

  • xFoREVerUnbound x
    xFoREVerUnbound xMåned siden

    Anything other than an enthusiastic “yes” is a no.