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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.


  • Aamar Culbreth
    Aamar Culbreth3 timer siden

    I think this episode IS SOOOO entertaining

  • Kayla Tahoe
    Kayla Tahoe3 timer siden

    nicotin and food -= life

  • Abby Careyyy
    Abby Careyyy3 timer siden

    Things for Ethan to enjoy recreationally: fresh air, sunshine, beautiful scenery, amazing movies&stories, walking barefoot in the sand ❤️❤️❤️ honestly daily meditation is a great tool in shifting your mindset - which is the key to becoming healthier ☺️

  • AnnabelleXD
    AnnabelleXD3 timer siden

    Fkn wendys laugh 😂 gets me every time m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m sounds like a car starting

  • Loba Étoile
    Loba Étoile3 timer siden

    I usually avoid this podcast because I dislike Ethan's humor and sometimes he says things I find cruel... But he did a good job here, I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Dylan Payton
    Dylan Payton3 timer siden

    Comment section ain't the same without Clsire

  • Dylan Payton
    Dylan Payton3 timer siden

    I swear I can't tell if its Dan or James Charles when I hear the "YEY-UH YEH-UH YEAH"

  • Rubul Rose
    Rubul Rose3 timer siden

    wasnn''tt the first ever video on youtube like.. plane footage or something? I may be wrong but I thought it was just plane footage

  • Celicia Kinlow
    Celicia Kinlow3 timer siden

    Every now and then Trisha sounds like Lola from Big Mouth, and its so satisfying for some reason

  • Chellsaay
    Chellsaay3 timer siden

    Ideas for Ethan to stop smoking & snacking -instead of weed, cbd. Just relaxes you, you don’t feel high/paranoid -walking. Not so hard of a workout & good to listen to podcast, meditate, get outside -instead of vapes that have nicotine still in them there’s companies like therippleco on insta. They are like vapes but no nicotine

  • Jess Flower
    Jess Flower3 timer siden

    NO ONE OPENS THE DOOR FOR A NATIVE NEW YORKER (Please I wanted them to watch that.)

  • Sydney Palenik
    Sydney Palenik3 timer siden

    Trish is so supportive with food and i love her for it

  • Melissa Aponte
    Melissa Aponte3 timer siden

    Why is trishas laugh the absolute best

  • Magnificent MakeupDesigns
    Magnificent MakeupDesigns3 timer siden

    It’s so ugly when she tried to shame parenting skills to a Ethan and Hila . Sounds like Shane to me subtle shaming .

  • Mad K
    Mad K3 timer siden

    So im at work watching this and im in literal tears at the spinning segment and my coworker walked in and thought I was having an issue so I was crying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kianna Luna
    Kianna Luna3 timer siden

    I swear that Windy might have IBS, because I can have some wild noises coming out of me sometimes as someone with IBS. I've definitely had to squeeze my cheeks together in public to save everyone's sanity.

  • Jow Double
    Jow Double3 timer siden

    I miss posty, truly the good ol days.

  • Lauren Cuellar-Mayoral
    Lauren Cuellar-Mayoral3 timer siden

    Trish’s drink....oh maaaaaannn

  • Adriana x
    Adriana x4 timer siden

    Drinking on lexapro smacks. I drink 1/2 of everyone else and feel just as turnt. Alcohol lasts so much longer

  • Kianna Luna
    Kianna Luna3 timer siden

    EXACTLY :) cheaper bar tabs than everyone else too

  • Mats Carroll
    Mats Carroll4 timer siden

    I want to see another content court

  • AnnabelleXD
    AnnabelleXD4 timer siden

    YeEhyeaaahYEahhhhhh womp womp woooomp 🤣 cannot get this out of my head, really is terrifying

  • T-Sin
    T-Sin4 timer siden

    Steve Harvey is from West Virginia, but moved to Cleveland after his teen years ;-)

  • Shaleena Marie
    Shaleena Marie4 timer siden

    When I saw that video of James Charles “ singing “ taste it actually ruined the song for me & I couldn’t listen to it ever again 🤣🤣

  • Masin Markert
    Masin Markert4 timer siden

    1:25:00 y'all not cool with everyone but the guy who raped someone 😂

  • Halie Swords
    Halie Swords4 timer siden

    Ethan not knowing about laying edges 😂

  • Faria Marie
    Faria Marie4 timer siden

    Ethan finding no joy in life but food makes me feel less alone.

  • SpookyScarySkeletons
    SpookyScarySkeletons4 timer siden

    56:36 not only did she make fun of Jaoquin Phoenix’s cleft lip but she also insulted every single person with a cleft lip, myself included. What she did is exactly how I’ve imagined myself to look to other people my entire life, ever since like the first grade. When she does that on television, it reinforces in my mind, as well as the minds of all other people with this unfortunate disfigurement that we are different from everybody else. That hurts so much and constantly weighs on my mental and has been something I’ve wrestled with since some of my earliest memories. What she did on television was the exact same thing bullies would do to me in middle school. The world would be better without Wendy Williams in it.

  • Trent Burbish
    Trent Burbish4 timer siden

    I thought the podcast had gone downhill, but this is one of the best episodes ever.

  • Katy Woo
    Katy Woo4 timer siden

    Just love your friendship and chemistry. And fuck everyone, Trish can watch and not watch as much anime as she wants. As an anime fan i'm most happy that Trish is growing an interest!!!

  • jeorgejopez
    jeorgejopez4 timer siden

    With peace and love to the winner, If my brother were still alive, he’d have won that beat contest for sure 💯💯💯

  • Ivan
    Ivan4 timer siden

    Hila is dying this while episode

  • Clayton Panipinto
    Clayton Panipinto4 timer siden

    I mean, to be fair, the guy that got murdered is the victim, not the guy who got “embarrassed” ...

  • Liz
    Liz4 timer siden

    cool so Danielle Bregoli still sucks for her cultural appropriation and use of AAVE + trying to appear and act black. People used her as a kid, told her to keep "acting ghetto," wrote her songs, produced the heck out of her, and they made huge profits. If she didn't act black she'd be nothing.

  • intrntgrl
    intrntgrl4 timer siden

    -let me hit this 🎂

  • Emanuel Salas
    Emanuel Salas4 timer siden

    I eat when watching fremenies!! Love it and trisha should be ride or die for Ethan!! I am glad she brought up Bhad Bhabie.

  • thegratefuldane
    thegratefuldane4 timer siden

    The "Ok, Googles" are really killing me here 😅

  • Cassie DP
    Cassie DP4 timer siden

    HEAR ME OUT! TRISHA AND DAN VS ETHAN AND ZACK Rock and roll trivia TEAMS on frenemies Works so good because trisha doesn’t like zach(doesn’t know him) and ethan and dan always be beefing each other lmaooo

  • Lyric Murray
    Lyric Murray4 timer siden

    Omg he has a dog name Alfredo and I have a cat name Fredo I love it

  • Bloodelf Blooper
    Bloodelf Blooper4 timer siden

    please tell me they made a sound bite of wendy williams saying "its OKAY" after her tea spill clip

  • Oscar Valladares
    Oscar Valladares4 timer siden

    When she said she knew korean why did I know she was gonna count to ten in korean

  • Kaitlin McComb
    Kaitlin McComb4 timer siden

    As a person with too many issues I would love to see Trish make an anxiety book.

  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph4 timer siden

    Anybody know the difference in the payed subscriptions for this channel?

  • Just Away
    Just Away4 timer siden

    How come Hila is not in the thumbnails anymore. We are MAD

  • Salmon FloatingUpstream
    Salmon FloatingUpstream4 timer siden

    How can there be dislikes on this beautiful amazing story !

  • Dayna Lau
    Dayna Lau4 timer siden

    Someone pls do an Ethan laughing compilation 🥺

  • The Mighty Jaboc Con
    The Mighty Jaboc Con4 timer siden

    The ride the girl was spinning in at the end, thats what the ride does, You make it move that fast by controlling the wings, its actually fairly difficult too so, its all totally intentional, we have one in the UK.

  • honeybee
    honeybee4 timer siden


  • MH TV
    MH TV4 timer siden

    Quem mais veio pelo Flow na entrevista com Matheus Ceará?🤣🤣🤣🤣 like ai

  • vienna may
    vienna may4 timer siden

    i pray this never ends

  • Austin
    Austin4 timer siden

    The curtains and the table line up so well

  • Joky Joe
    Joky Joe4 timer siden

    Peace and Love to Ethan's trainer, we love that he is getting active and healthy.

  • Wendyzgod
    Wendyzgod4 timer siden

    how many cigarettes does ethan smoke a day? and ethan needs to get past the paranoid stage of weed

  • creative ameena
    creative ameena4 timer siden


  • RhianaJay
    RhianaJay4 timer siden

    Awesome episode, so many laughs, thanks y'all ❤️❤️

  • Gotenham
    Gotenham4 timer siden

    Bad take on the Dr phil stuff

  • Luke Vermeire
    Luke Vermeire4 timer siden

    Ethan’s grassy knoll and his gassy hole.

  • Lilli
    Lilli4 timer siden

    Can we stop pretending these adult male NOlocalrs are behaving like this because they’re “kids with too much money and power”?

  • S G
    S G4 timer siden

    is jake paul the suicide forest guy that's repulsive

  • Mrs. Factions
    Mrs. Factions4 timer siden

  • S G
    S G4 timer siden

    people love making fools of themselves omggggg

  • Orri G
    Orri G4 timer siden

    Everyone on this podcast is so babely. I can't decide between Dan, AB, and Hila for hottest crew member.

  • Laura Hamilton
    Laura Hamilton4 timer siden

    Omg I thought it was baby from dirty dancing when I seen the thumb nail 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  • S G
    S G4 timer siden

    ethan i dont hate you, just hate trash pitas lmao she gets me angry. Weight loss is the worst! (-:

  • Dashlyn Heinrich
    Dashlyn Heinrich4 timer siden

    I so love this look on trish. This make-up and hair. Yess

  • Mrs. Factions
    Mrs. Factions4 timer siden

    I hope Jake gets completely cancelled this year

  • Mrs. Factions
    Mrs. Factions4 timer siden

    Like Jaystation

  • Jenny J
    Jenny J4 timer siden

    im addicted to this podcast..

  • It's Your Dad
    It's Your Dad4 timer siden

    I don’t know jacksfilms but he gives me the sly douchebag vibe 🥴

  • laurengabrielle18
    laurengabrielle184 timer siden

    Question: if i originally downloaded honey with shane's extension does it still benefit him?? and can i switch it if so😅

  • Sammantha 1234
    Sammantha 12344 timer siden

    I love how the entire episode Ethan is just shitting on kids between 1st and 5th grade 😂

  • Jesse E
    Jesse E4 timer siden

    Everybody ZEN

  • Sovadea
    Sovadea4 timer siden

    "Dr" Phil is not a practicing doctor. it's all just for TV and has been since 2006 at least. He's signed to be on the show until 2023 its f ing gross. Cancel culture itself may be one of the worst on the internet but for god, sakes let's actually get rid of the absolute sleezebags like DR PHIL. Not to mention, I studied counseling, didn't continue on much more than 6 months of psychology as I wanted to go back to my fine art studies and go for an art therapy grad diploma instead. This show alone is crossing so many boundaries, such as consent, conflict of interest (practically showing the public a "session"). It's all for tv anyway for his side. Little to no communication and so much manipulation. That's all taken just from the show coming on when I'm sick from school. This fool is stretching his "competencies" thin like a glad wrap/Ceram wrap, all around the USA. This is just watching from Australia, so many things get under my skin, I couldn't imagine. He's a classical fraud. The disgusting excuse of a "therapist", if you can even call him that.

  • Has Goodles
    Has Goodles4 timer siden

    Honestly, what you guys are doing is heroic, keeping the heat on this creep. NOlocal banned me for life, LIFE, twice in the past three months. For comments. And I don’t engage in dialogues with anyone, I don’t swear, and I don’t bully, I barely have a social media presence whatsoever. At the time I was commenting on Dr. Drew’s channel about Covid, as my uncle died from this, last year, and I had some information I thought could be useful. This was it. It blew my mind, and to think THIS person, could be left with a platform to spew whatever, knowing he is clearly preying on kids, just makes my stomach turn. But why would NOlocal cast a net that would flag ME, while this predator is able to continue? I’m a nobody. Why would they even care?

  • iloveyousomuch
    iloveyousomuch4 timer siden

    Who tf is Hila please someone explain me this whole thing

  • g o
    g o3 timer siden

    Oh yeah and Hila is Moses sister as well

  • g o
    g o3 timer siden

    Hila is Ethans wife and Theodore is their kid he’s 1 year old I think:))

  • Joky Joe
    Joky Joe4 timer siden

    Are the cops onto James Charles yet?

  • 9TH AND C On insta
    9TH AND C On insta4 timer siden

    The reason James only seems to go for kids is because anyone his own age or over knows he’s just a cringey, bullshit-tiktok-er

  • Lady Thumper
    Lady Thumper4 timer siden

    Much love to you both and your family's ❤💜❤💜❤💜❤

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey4 timer siden

    This was so cute

  • Aquatic Dragon
    Aquatic Dragon4 timer siden

    Would buy the notebook. Would buy.

  • Gee Niel
    Gee Niel4 timer siden

    There were 2 pooters... in the assy nole

  • Pingu The Tsar
    Pingu The Tsar4 timer siden

    Ethan should binge watch Vikings that’s some easy joy